Abortion planned and im not coping too well


I have just found out im pregnant last week and I have planned to have an abortion my first appointment is 7th feb. I got pregnant whilst I was on the pill. The reasons behind the abortion is that I already have three children, I got pregnant when my partner of 10yrs was having an affair. We are not sure what is happening with our relationship never mind bringing another baby into the world.
But as soon as I found out I was pregnant I felt love for it, I really dont want to have an abortion and cant stop thinking about it as my baby,holding my baby, caring for it, my first instinct was to protect it. I cry whenever I think about it, but at the same time If me and my partner dont work things out I will be raising 4 children by myself, I dont think I can do that alone, also I suffer with depression have done for years so I am worried about how the abortion will affect my mental state.

I dont know if im going to regret the abortion for the rest of my life, I feel terrible whenever I think about it.

With my first son I planned an abortion but couldnt go through with it and I wouldnt change my descision in a million years, what if I am making the wrong decision?



Hi Aban3, it seems like you have probably answered your own question. You already love this baby and know in your heart you will feel the same way about him or her as you do about your first, and about all your children. You may face challenges ahead, it won't always be easy, but as a family you and your kids will face the world together and you will do just fine. Hope this doesnt sound idealistic but it's just that from your story I can really tell that you will be happiest with a decision to keep your baby.

Sincere best wishes to you, and I hope it works out with your partner and with all your beloved children. Peace!


Abortion support

I fear I am probably to late to discuss an abortion with you however my name is Ruth and I offer both pre and post abortion support for women who are suffering mentally regarding this issue.

I suffer with post abortion syndrome myself having had an abortion last year and set up a support group online to help me deal with this and in turn I currently help many women with the mental affects abortion has.
I run a 10 step program post abortion.
If you would like to contact me for any support and advice then please do so on


Ruth x


Listen to your heart!

It sounds like you already care for this baby. Im sending you a private message, please read it and I hope it will help. Take care.xx

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