No period 8 1/2 weeks after abortion


I had an abortion 8 1/2 weeks ago - it was a very hard decision but for lots of reasons I think it was the right one. However I still have not had a period. I have not had unprotected sex & I did a pregnancy test a week ago which was negative. Everything I have read says that a period should begin with 4-6 weeks but might take up to 8. Does anyone have experience of it taking longer than this or have any idea what else might be wrong? My periods before the abortion were very regular. I had a surgical abortion at 9 weeks p/g under conscious sedation. After it I had virtually no pain or bleeding but now I'm worried about what I might have done to my body by going ahead with it all. Thanks


Re "no period 8 1/2 weeks after abortion

I had a surgical termination at the beginning of feb 09, and have a little bleeding every few days since but no actual period. I went to the doctors after 4 weeks because my tests still came back postive, they did a scan but couldnt see anything, Its now been nearly 9 weeks and i havent had a period did a test last week and was still positive but only faint line so am going back to docs on thursday, im really confused because everywhere i have ready most women have bled after wards or had a period not long after, sorry i know that doesnt help answer but i hopes to somewhat comfort that your not alone x


You should call you doctor

I had an abortion also! I got my period right around the time it was supposed to come, But they say if you do not get your period within 8 weeks of the abortion, that you should call your doctor. Your body may not be bouncing back to normal ya know? They may even put you on birth control pills to try and regualte your body!



did you take the anti biotics properly afterwards? cuz i had a dnc after a mscge and i took them and was straight back to normal, but when i had an abortion they made me ill so i stopped taking them and it was about 8-10 weeks till its finaly started. just dont worry cuz that will make things worse go the docs get checked over then relax im sure youll be fine but better safe than sorry. did you have it one of those clinics or at your hospital?



not from here on expecting but came for a noisy, bored out my skin. I have never had a abortion so i really know about anything but felt i would tell you what i would do, i would go back to doctors and ask them about it if it hasnt started by next week. They will be able to give you some advice about it or send you to hospital to get checked over. Sorry i cant be much help.
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