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I have 2 kids aged 7 and 5 an they are my world. I was with their dad for 9 yrs but although a fab dad had a lot of issues he would not face up to and in the end we finished last yr. I have been with my current boyf 7 months now. I think I love him (after the ex I think I have trust issues!) I am 3 wks pregnant and I am booked for a termination next Wed. I am self employed, I get no maternity etc or time of, after having my we girl it was hard. My boy has little work (building trade) At the mo I am in the house I shared with my ex. He pays the mortgage instead of maintenance. My kids have had a horrible yr and we are only getting over things nw. I wanted to take them on a good holiday this yr. I cant afford this baby, I have no house for it, I will be totally fecked with work, I work 5 or 6 days a wk and 2 late nights. I did feel bad last wk and cried but today I think Ive accepted it. My boy would love it but I know if all ends its me left with them. My ex doesnt help that much and I dont have any family support either. ~I told my boyf that the reasons to not have it, we will work towards changing and when the time is right we will try for a baby. I am a soft person and I m scared of feeling guilty for ever but atm I feel it is the only choice. I want my kids to have a good life.


So sorry for your situation

I feel so sorry for you in your situation. I am sending you a pm. Take care and let us know how you are doing. xx



aww thanx hun. I nearly feel worse cause I am a mum and am doing this! My 20s were spent scrimping and saving and having nothing trying to build up a business, my house. I am now 31 and life is ok, comfortable. Though things like Xmas was a nightmare! I am dreading the clinic, I had ordered the abortion tabs over the net but I now feel it is too big a risk to take them. I also dont want my partner to hate me but if this splits us up then I suppose we werent meant to be anyway. Im not a very maternal person either, tho I love my own, babies dont do anything for me, Im not 1 of those people who are just born to be a mum. Yes, Im trying to tell myself its only a blob at the min but Ive worked out my due date and I hope I dont go to pieces then! Horrible situation to be in, would wish it on my worse enemy. Im glad you as a mum in similar circumstances have been ok xx x


Stay strong


Its because ur a mother u know wat lays ahead and are being practical..another issue is the children will have diff dads, this is an issue with me as i grew up with 3 siblings,nond of them saw their dads and i saw mine weekly,it was hard on the others. If i were u id sit down and with each positive think of a negative. For example, new cot and pram vs a holiday with ur children in the summer. uve worked so hard, u wont be ruining anyhing but life goes on hold for a child. Id hate to see u make the wrong choice hun whichever way u decide i will be here to chat if u need me. I know Im edging towards an abortion but think thats my voices i was hearing myself,mine was only 4 weeks ago. Love and light to you xx


Do it for yourself only

hi Hun, i'm not gonna tell u what i think u should do as its a big decision and one u should make alone. however i will tell u what i done. hope it helps.
so i had a beautiful daughter with my partner and we had issues so he thought another baby would help. stupidly i agreed and wen i was 7 months pregnant (with a baby i didn't want) we broke up. my son is now 3 and the resentment i felt towards him is still there but very low (sounds horrible, i know!) then i went uni, had a fling and got pregnant. i was going to keep the baby then thought no way i cud keep it. uni + 2 kids + single mum = not fair. so i had an abortion and don't regret it one bit.
the way i c it is that u have so many cons for keeping it they outweigh the pros, if u and your partner split u may feel resentment too. the fetus is a mass of cells FORMING, not yet formed (for all u haters) a child,so don't not do it due to guilt. i hope u choose whats rite for you but under no circumstances feel pressured into anything. u can change your mind right till they put u to sleep so keep your app till your sure and if your not, re-schedule. i wish u all the best, apologies for long essay! xx

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