Scheduled for a surgical abortion


I am scheduled for a surgical abortion in less then a week, I will be asleep during it, I will be 11 weeks when I have it done. This decision has taken me a while to come to so I am not looking for criticism or being told I am making the wrong choice, and I am mostly interested in hearing from women who have had an abortion. I'm wanting to know how the process went for you, whether you were asleep or not. I was told I would spend about 6 hours at the clinic, other then being in a recovery room for an hour after the abortion I don't know how long everything else takes.



I had a surgical abortion a few years ago this is what happened to me on the day. Once i got there they showed me my bed and asked me a few general questions like any illness i have if im on medication etc it took about 30mins for that and i just waited until the person who was putting me to sleep came and asked more questions, i was then asked to put a gown on and remove all my clothing i then layed on the bed till they were ready to come and get me when they arrived for me as was so nervous i was feeling so sick but they were so nice to me they didnt judge me at all they made feel more ralexed they then put a mask over my mouth and nose and said to breath deeply the next thing i remember was them waken me up and it was all over with i just cried. I was in the recovery room for about an hour then went back to the ward which i just went back to sleep for a bit when i was more awake the got me to eat and drink and to go for a pee as soon as i did all that they said i could go home with some medication all and all it took about 5hours but it didnt feel like that it just felt as if i just got there i hope that helps x

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