So its booked


So iv booked the consultation. My partner isn't happy and pretty much left. We're going to talk more tonight. But is it normal to 2nd guess yourself? Deep down I know its the right decision. Everything about it is wrong. But I feel bad for partner and I want to know how to support how he's feeling. He thinks il be a murderer and playing god. Just wish it would effect us like this.


Angiemac is right on!

Betzy, Angiemac has a good suggestion. Talk with your bf. If he wants you to have the baby, but you dont want it, then why not have the little one and let his father take care of him? I know of a girl who did this. She wanted her boyfriend to pay for an abortion, but, instead, he paid for her doctor bills to have the baby and he took the baby himself. This is a good solution, way better for the baby, at least he can have a chance at life and, you would not have to have responsibility for the baby. Think about it and talk it over with him. Take care and let us know how things go.



hi hun, hope im not too late? whens the appointment? so im not an expert on this but i def say do whats right for you not anyone else. if theres more cons the pros then you know what your doing is right. it would be fairer to regret an abortion rather than regret having a child.
as for him making you feel guilty saying your a murderer, your not! you are stopping a bunch of cells FORMING into a baby. after the 12 week stage the cells turn into a feotus, the feotus does not feel pain till 24 weeks (i believe) and in which case is a baby (fully formed). dont feel guilty for what you decide, but you do need a heart to heart with your fella. he does have feelings too. you both need to put your hearts and thoughts on the table and be honest with each other. good luck!!! x x


10-11 weeks


By 10-11 weeks, a baby has every organ in place.Kidneys begin to form urine, baby begins to mimic movements of breathing. The skeletal structure is formed, nerves and circulation are present. By twelve weeks, the baby can indeed feel pain and has for several weeks.. All its nerves and spinal cord are fully formed. The sex is already determined and eyes, ears and face are formed, showing family resemblances to parents.
So it's not "just a bunch of cells".


Abortion 16 weeks


Lifesforeveryone is right,
I was with my best friend 2 years ago when she delivered the baby she lost at 16+4 weeks and the baby was perfect it would have been a girl as she was fully formed small but perfect not just a bunch of cells,and this can be confirmed by looking at any pregnancy book or just google it, also babys do feel pain at this stage as their nervous system is developed I also know girls who went on to have there baby instead of aborting and not one of them regerted it whereas a lot of girls who aborted do regret it, abortion is permament your partener is entitled to his opinions and beliefs afterall it is his baby too. and if you feel you either cant cope with a baby or simply dont want it would it be so bad to have the baby and let his/her father raise the baby? your nearly half way there now. I had to research abortion for college and was shocked on what I found on late abortions, I think you need to really talk to your partener but he also needs to be listened to as well.

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