Going from dark to blonde hair!



I did put a posting on here the other day that seems to have disappeared??

I have gone from dark to almost blonde. My hairdresser done a full head of highlights three times in a short space of time to lighten my hair but its still not as blond as I wanted it. I decided to change my hairdresser as my hair has now gone so dry. I went to Tony & Guy and they said they would not recommend putting anymore highlights through the length of the hair but they could do the roots as its new hair.

Has anyone else gone from very dark to light blonde? if so is your hair in good condition and what do you use!?

The other problem is I use straightners on my hair which does not help, can anyone recommend any good conditioners or moisturising products I can use on my hair?

Thank you


Hot oil treatments

I am going from dark to blonde also (like platinum) I am about 1/2 was there now but my hair is also very dry because of it. I was told to use deep conditioners and hot oil treatments once a week. Good luck!


Video and information

I actually have naturally black hair and manage to dye it to bright platnium without damaging it.
I have a few videos on hair care products etc,
my channel is
Check it out, you might find it helpful xx


Bit late but...

I had dark brown dyed hair and had highlights on it twice and it ruined my hair, if you sleep with conditioner on 2/3 times a week it should put moisture back into it


Re: bit late but...


Yes, you are right. If you sleep with conditioner on 2/3 times a wek it will put moisture back into it


Reply to usa31

dear fellow member

i used aussie miracle its not cheap about £5 a bottle in the Uk but cannot ask for better unless you wish to be bald please use this try ebay if they dont have it where you live


Colour remover

HI. i've tried taking the colour out of my hair with colour b4 but when i then re dye it a brown colour it automatically goes black. i've since used colour b4 the other day and will use it again this weekend. i now have a dark blond dye that i'm going to put in when i take the colour out. has anyone tried this and if so,, what was the result?????? cheers.


Re: going from dark to blonde hair!


I read your post on sofeminine.co.uk, and I think Tony & Guy are right. You should not have anymore highlights put in. Or, your hair will be damaged. Or, perjhaps break off. The best conditioner I use is Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Cream by Queen Helene once a week, and any Pantene Pro-V treatments conditioners daily. I hope this helps. Let me know how it turns out. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



Hairdos ...

I was a natural dark brunette.who went from Brown to blonde about 10 years ago.Have a look on the colour shelves or conditioners in SDs and you will find the conditioners that come with the packet hair colours like recital available separately to buy.
I find these very good indeed !! Obviously a regular cut helps...




Been there!

ive been dying my hair blue black for the past 5 years, until recently when i decided to go blonde! i started off with a full head of foils but they went yellow/orange because i had layers of black colouring in it, especially on my ends as i have long hair! i couldnt afford to keep getting full heads so i went to a different salon and got a bleach bath, then the hairdresser put blonde dye in it. for a few days after that my hair was really fragile and dry on the ends, but i brought a shwartzcopf leave in conditioner (make sure it restores dry/damaged hair) and i also use a purple shampoo by DeLorenzo Novo silver toner 3 times a week..i leave it in for about 20 mins and it gave me an amazing colour! and as for my damaged hair..i use an RPR conditioner for dry, damaged, bleached, and chemically treated hair. i leave it in for about 5 mins and my hair is amazingly soft and smooth, people can neva tell that ive put my through so much stress (with the bleach baths and everything) because my hairs in really good condition. its just the 1st few days after dying it that its a bit dry. goodluck with your hair & i hope this helps!


Been there too!


you should have had your hair stripped of colour first.your hair need not have been damadged. seek advice first at a respectable hair dressers.you need to prepare your hair before you change the balance. bleach bath is not the way foeward. xx


Re:going from dark to blonde hair

Yes, I have gone from dark to blonde hairs. I lightened my hairs to blonde. I used <a ="http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/clairol-born-blonde-lightener_ 1_27456.html">Clairol Born Blonde Lightener</a>. Clairol is really effective and contains a rich blend of conditioners that protect my hair leaving it silky, soft and easy to manage.


Hi there, im new to the forum and i came across your post.
I myself have experianced this alot!
My mum is my hairdresser and it totaly isnt your hairdresses fault! It's down to your hair, How dark were you brown, Black?? Your hair takes a while for it to take lighter and due to u putting so much bleach on it and lifting serium it's bound to go dry (trust me) lol.
The best thing for you to do is to leave it a couple of month and do conditioning treatments on it either 2 r 3 times a week.
I personaly just use any conditioner doesnt matter.
What you need to do is when your in the shower put your conditioner on as normal and leave it on,or if u dont wont ur hair to be too wet dry it with a towel and then apply the conditoner but whatever you do apply it when it is wet lol or it will not have an affect.
After doing this comb through it and leave it on all night then wash it off the following day you should see it feels much softer. When u start washing the conditioner off dont worry about putting shampoo on again just rinse ur conditioner out.
When straightening your hair just be carfull and use heat protection it doesnt really matter about the name of the poduct they all do the same thing.
If your still considering going more blonde leave it and keep repeating this for a month or two then gradualy build up =]
I have got impatient before when i wonted to go lighter and my hair broke off =]
Good luck x


Reply back'

I'm a 16 year old teenage girl.
This might sound shocking but i have also had the same problem with straighteners.
I kept using them too much and it sindged all my hair.
i went to the hair dressers and they also said it was in bad condition. So, i would advise that when using a hair straightener, use a hair protection spray. It will protect the hair from the heat. I use Tresamay hair products. (there the best). & it worked. my hair is not sindged Or anythink.

& also when you straighten your hair Turn them down so there not on such a hot heat.


hey yeh i have gone from dark very dark to blonde and i think it took maybe 6 months it takes along time but tony and guy are right u should never bleach ends of hair again unless hair is in healthy condition, hairdresser will tell you if it is in a good condition. Its a very long process going from dark to blonde but over time it will look great it will look not so great if you do not straighten it in between having the bleach done, as long as you spray on a thermal protectant on your hair before you blow dry and straighten your hair also what i found was amazing which made my hair really healthy was using de lorenzo instant reconstructant great stuff!!! i would spray that on every time i washed my hair . ps i am a hair dresser and when i was going lighter i think i got my hair foils almost every 3 weeks sumtimes 3 - 4 but i never got tips there to risky and very hard not to get bleach on the already blonde ends , foils take alot longer but there much more better for your hair and they will get closer to the roots if you get the right hairdresser. hope this helps!! treatments also are a must!


Healthier hair

I have dark brown hair..

3 years ago i died it to a very light blonde.

Heres a tip when getting your hair died get a tint with a touch of silver added & only have foils every second time you visit the hairdresser this will help with your hair being dry, and give the hair time to recover..

My hair was like straw it was snapping off it was hideous!!! The best product is VITA 5 shampoo & conditioner & VITA 5 CPR phase 1. If it is too expensive opt for the CPR it retails at about $20.00 AUD a bottle and you only need a very small amount. I guarantte you if you use CPR every time you wash your hair you will have healthy hair in no time..

I also straightenede my hair as well, i use to wash then blowdry then straighten!!! If you have highly died hair & its dry, never blowdry then straighten. Wash your hair put CPR Phase one in it chuck it in a ponytail to prevent it knotting whilst you are a sleep and straighten in the morning....

Make sure you only get foils every second visit & go and buy VITA 5 CPR Phase1. My hair got to the point where my hairdresser wasnt going to touch it now its back to its healthy shinny state.

i found a great website;

http://www.hairstylepro.com.au/vita-257/vita-5-frizzy-hair-260/cpr-phase-1-creme-150ml-986.ht ml


I had black hair... now 613 that is bleached lightest blonde for almost a year!!!

my 1st hairdresser struggled using highlights and tint etc etc... each time i went i ask for lighter but each time disappointed. hair was orange or yellow

then my ex said go to his friends salon cos ther good.... in kendal lakes district tho

omg i was transformed... now ppl at work calls me blondie, theyr convinced im natural blonde. im chinese but everyone now think im from sweden or poland lol

all they did was put the special bleach which is CONDITIONING my hair actualy felt better condition...then they put a toner on to take the yellow away...

i had full head not highlight

i can try post b4 and after pics you will be amazed

they are fantastic so it worth visiting them... expensive tho... £100 each month or so but worth it

however ask them not to put toner on the ends each time as this has dried and even broke my hair... note this is result from the stupid 1st hairdresser... she put that much stuff on but the roots of my hair is good condition...

i went back to highlights //she put some lowlights ...last visit but i miss the platinum blonde so i am hoping i go back to what i been having for last year...but only toner on the roots each time

if you want thier number contact me but only if you live local or nearby
seriously i went from black to baby blonde!



Being a hirdresser myself i would never recommend having highlights in a short space of time.

You should give it at at least 6weeks before you have anymore highlights especially if you are going from dark to blonde.

My hair was black and i now have it light blonde. To get it this way it took me around 6 months as i would let my hair settle before i had my next set of highlights done. This is why my hair is in such good condition. People think this is my real hair colour!!
I also used 'S Factor' hair products which are made by Bed Head.
Their products are expensive but you will see why when you use it.

Hope this helps


Brown to blonde

hey i have very very dark hair and am now blonde

what i did is used just a normal bottle of blonde dye from the shops over my hair to lighten it, it only lightened it abit, so then i used a 2nd bottle, so its slightly lighter. then you need to use a deep conditioner for your hair as it gets really dry you can get this from beauty stores like sallys. then i went and brought my self a bottle of peroxide and BW2 Clairol Bleaching Powder - i got told its the best for dark hair to blonde - you'll need someone to help you apply it as you have to do the whole tinfoil thing. keep checking it till its ready wash it of use products like shimmer lights shampoo to help tonn your hair. also to stop breakage and dryness use another deep conditionering

and that should do it long process but its a good result and quicker as highlights take forever! xx


I feel your pain

i know it seems almost impossibe to not straighten your hair but you can make ur hair straight without a straightner just on the days you dont really need to straighten it by doing the following

using quality shampoos and conditioner
i recomend a sukin conditioner its made in australia all its ingrediants are extracted from plants and it gives your hair a more healtheir and use a conditioner that is specially for damaged died blonde hair i use the sunsilk one

it would pay to go to a hair dresser to get hair restoritive spray it wil set you back about $20 you use it after you wash your hair you towel dry your hair lightly then spray wait 10 minuted then rinse thoughroughly making sure you part your hair in different places as you spray fro root to tip

wen ur using your hair dryer face it down on your hair by holding it above your head it will make your hair str8 also use another treseme spray the purple top you out it in before using the hair dryer and to make your tios appear less damaged the purple lable resoritive str8nong gel duz the truck



i am dark haired and me and my friend really want to go blond soo badlly !!
do you advise a iferent way as you sed thta ruind your hair
.. as for the conditionars .. i find to keep my hair silky is MARK HILL
they are the best for me

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