Hair dying!!!


hey i just wondered if people could giver their opinions on this

I naturally have aubeny redish hair colour (a bit like lindsay lohans original hair colour) and for the past few years i had it highlighted blonde, although it only ever looked strawberry blonde, i was either going to dye it fully blonde or go a darkish brown, and i decided on the brown and it looks great but when my roots start to come through, it looks terrible and im starting to get bored of having brown hair, plus im quite pale and it kinda makes me look washed out.
Ive been thinking recently to dye it fully blonde like lindsay lohans/avril lavignes but ive heard that if you have brown hair and want to go to blonde, you have to dye it lighter gradually? and also will my roots look even worse next to dyed blonde hair?

Any suggestions/help will be appreciated!!!!! lol


You will look more pale!

Hi! I love blonde hair, and as you said, I know that you will have to do it gradually because my sister had the same problem and did it that way. Anyway, you mentioned you are pale and it depends also in what kind of blonde you want, but it will make you look more pale


Go go blonde!

I went blonde as a redhead and although your roots stand out, ginger is lighter than brown or dark hair dyed blonde so blonde is actually an ok colour to choose.


Best wishes, IntoTheRed


Hair dying

It affects your hair...


Blonde hair is best

Blonde hair is always popular and always in style. Whether you come by it naturally, or get a little help (as most blondes do, frankly), the lovely shimmer of golden locks looks wonderful on a bride. You will want to be sure that you do everything that you can to enhance your hair's beauty as you prepare for your wedding day
So have a look


Dying hair red

i am a red head like lindsay aswell and i am going blonde. i had my first dye done about 3 weeks ago and to stop the red coming in as much they put a lighter shade of blonde on top. i am going to get my hair dyed fully blonde in a couple of weeks and they suggested getting it done every 5 weeks. but also i wud get it done by a professional cos if you do it by box it will go wrong or might not work if your hair is a rich red colour.


Argghhh ginger

i dyed my hair from chesnut brown to blonde straight away last night and i have gone a light coppery blondish colour and my dad keeps calling me ginger i wish i went to a hair salon and got it done professionally!! although i got advice from my friends sister who is a hair dresser i chose to ignore it and do it anyway. BIG mistake however she sed my hair would of gone orange, though it hasn't. i now have to pay another £40 to get it sorted out. It would have worked out cheaper if i went to a salon in the first place!!! but i will learn from this mistake. aubeny reddish hair is gorgeous!!!! i would stick to it! but if u really want to go blonde..do it gradually!!! xxx


I'm red too!

Hiya I'm 14 turning 15 and I'm a red head too. I found this forum while searching for Lindsay Lohan's hair colour because for my fifteenth I wanted to dye my hair a similar colour to her's in "Just My Luck"- a rich auburn. Mine is a darkish red similar to her natural colour but tends to go too gingery in the summer. I've dyed my hair a semi permanent chocolate brown quite a few times and I only really like it when it fades enough for my red to come through but be enriched by the brown.

So I was wondering if anyone can recommend good colours to use has good tips to help me achieve this look really well.

P.s what do the kids of today have wrong with red heads or (gingers) i mean the amount of stick i used to get for being what they call ginger was and kinda is really annoying. My friends don't care really but when ever someone wants to insult me they call me ginger minger or carrot head and they only saying it because everyone thinks ginger is ugly ( in that way i'm kinda lucky because i'm not really ginger i'm more auburn like lindsay).

Anyway sorry to those who have sat there reading my extremely long message, I just get carried away sometimes hehe!

Love to all red heads,



I tried the sudden blonde change on my dark brown hair and it KILLED IT! It was fried and defenetely not worth it. I still want to go blonde but this time I will do it gradually. I recommend the same for those doing the transition. Good Luck!


Going from red hair to blonde.....

Hi, I know this is a bit late ( October now and you posted this in August) but I have been a red auburn colour for several years now and decided I wanted to go back to blonde ( my original colour years before the grey started intervening!) Anyhow, I went to the hairdressers today after being told by many that it is impossible to change red hair....and Miraculously, I am now a deep brown with maily blonde highlights and a couple of copper tones ( for depth) It looks great and when I have been like this for a couple of months, by Christmas I am told by my hairdresser I can go all over blonde.....So, that's how you do it! Also, the roots dont show when they come out because of the blonde highlights apparently it all intermingles.......Good luck.


I'm a red hed too!

Im a natural red hed aswell, a dark red (also much like lindsay Lohan), and though I recieved many compliments, I also recieved remarks I didnt like as much.I have always wanted to be a blondey but I wasnt brave enough to go all the way and so i decided to dye my hair darker with golden hghlights and it looked great until my roots came through and I feel very insecure inbetween colourings and I was wondering if there is anything atall to help this problem.
any solutions will be much appreciated
thank you


Going darker doesn't work for ginger hair


I tried it once, the roots are so light y comparison to the dyed hair that you look like you're going bald! I'd avoid it!

Best Wishes,



hi, im a hairdresser from australia. what i reccomend to any of my clients in your situation is if they like they blonde but cant cope with regrowth of red hair, dye the hair on partline a vibrant red or one to blend in with your natural hair colour and keep the rest a nice clean blonde. this way you still have the luxury of having your hair as blonde as you like but the regrowth blends through well.



Does any of you know Nanokeratin hair treatment?


Re: nanokeratin


Yes, I use Nanokeratin Hair treatment regularly. It is fantastic. My hair has never felt better



I think you have to bleach out your nattural colour first to go blonde, which is really harsh on your hair.
Auburn is beautiful though, stay natural!


The same problem!

I've got the same colour as you (like lindsay lohan), and i wanted to dye my hair fully blond too, but my hairdresser didn't want to because he said it would damage my hair, as i had to lighten them totally. so finally i dyed them in red and you know what? that's much more original, so total fun!!!
take care


Blonde hair



can anyone help me i have medium coloured blonde hair and have my hair highlighted about every 3-4 months.
However, since being in the sun this summer it has turned very fair and left me with more noticable roots, i was considering buying a home highlighting kit to cover the roots what do you think???

plez help can't decide


Home blonding


Well, blondebabe, I realy advise you not to avoid visiting your hairdresser. Badly blonded hair - an awful sight))

kiss from Russia)




no, no, no! dont use hair colour yourself. 9 times out of 10 it wont go the colour you hoped, can ruin the hair also. next time you go to your hairdresser ask them to add a few darker highlights along the hairline like your natural colour to break up the blonde and blend regrowth.


Need advice also


I have naturally blonde hair but as I've gotten older its started to come in a little darker. It's starting to look kind of dirty so I want to dye it. But I'm not sure if I should go with the old blonde or go with the roots coming in.

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