Has anyone tried tattooing eyebrows?


I'm getting a bit threadbare in teh eyebrows, adn I'm scared of ending up with eyebrow pencil all over my face. anyone tried tattooing?


Has anyone tried tatooing eyebrowa

Getting your eyebrows tatooed is great. Pick a color that is close to your natural eyebrow color. You need to draw them on with a eyebrow pencil for the tatoo artist. Make sure the artist has had positive feed back or recommendations.



I never tried tattooing as i don't like it.


Heidi worman best (history will tell you this)

Some of my posts on here are 7 years ago!!!!! I used and still use Heidi Worman, she is the best.

I just posted on the makeup forum, its full of new people promoting some not great work.

Heidi does the towie girls, and loads of celebs, I would go to someone trusted if I was you, whoever you go to, they must have lots of history, not just cheap.


Eye browns tattoed

i did my tattoos in Portugal, it was painful but worth while, as i had no eyebrows, but 2 wks later i had a verruca coming out right in middle of th tatoo and its growing.


Heidi worman

Heidi carried out mine some time back, she is the best.

I must agree with you Kimmy, this forum was really good years ago, but now all is I see is fake goods, passports and silly links selling stuff, what a shame.

Karen xxx


tattooing is great, if it is done well. So it is very important to choose the right specialist and salon. http://www.pissedconsumer.com/browse-reviews/beauty-salons.html


Eyebrow tattooing heidi worman

She is the best, mine were carried out some time back, her number is 07707 122000.




Yes I have had mine tattooed for the last 20 years. Because the skin regenerates more quickly on the face, you do need to have them redone about every 2 years, but so worth it. My lady is very reasonable and great. She is based in Southampton. PM me if anyone wants her number xx


The right skin care products


Know how to keep your skin does not.There are a lot of skin care products.


This forum

All Is I see on here now is stuff for sale, creams and other stuff just web links to spam, ive been posting 5 years, what a shame its gone like this x


Luks like a good idea

never tried till now but want to try it out once ... i tried sleeves .. well thats for whole body or hands :PP


+1 heidi worman did mine too

+1 I have had Heidi Worman carry eyebrows out as well, very nice lady, she is the best at permanent makeup IMO in the UK.


Eyebrow tatooing

Hi Me and my friends have all had it done by a girl called jillian, she is really good, she also done 2 of my pals eyeliner and they love it her phone number is 07901654110



This used to be a good forum, now people just come on here and paste a link talking about something that has nothing to do with the original post.

Yes eyebrow tattooing is good if done right xx


Personally no

Personally no
I like to use soap and glory
Archery works wonders
http://snowshadowbeauty.blogspot.co.u k


Bad advice


Keeley, this is really bad advice and I hope that people dont listen to you, as a nurse this is what I used to deal with all day, you should never go to a tattooist, for eyebrows, the reasons are this.

The depth of the needle is nothing like the same, migration and depth in this area will cause a blue black look, why do you think there is so many problems?

people see blue black eyebrows and they are stuck with them, laser is the only way to remove them.

The amount of carbon in the pigment is not correct for facial work, permanent makeup is safe, you are pushing people into something that is wrong for facial use.

Semi permanent makeup is excellent if carried out by the right person, no decent body tattooist would work on the brows.

This is the worst advise I have seen in my life.


Nurse Prescriber


Hi i went to see heidi worman in the end karen, good advice


Thank you all for the good advice, I made the trip to see Heidi Worman last month, she's lovely.

Uber pleased with my new eyebrows now!, they are looking great.

Thanks x




Maybe it is bad advice but how can anyone justify the price of a beautician doing semi permanent tattooing when you have to go back every year or two but with me every few weeks. I have been to three different beauticians and my eyebrows have come out the same. They should not be allowed to charge this much and the worst part is I did not get some of my money back or apology they just wanted to keep charging me to get it done again. I agree it is not a good idea to go to a proper tattooist but when there is people like me out there who is not happy and desperate then they going to think about it. I been told what would be done if I go a head even though I told them I just want a thin line so it gives me a guide to putting my eyebrow pencil on. I have been ripped of so many times by beauticians and this unjustifying price in this semi permanent make up even proper tattooist thinks it is not right and said women are being ripped of even though it is a different way. They think beautician should not be allowed to charge that much and I agree. I apologise for saying go for a proper tattoo and my advice is don't do it at all. I have not had it done but I am thinking about as I am so unhappy and depressed but it does not mean anyone else should follow suit as this process is something that as to be thought about and also the very last resort. U need to try other things first.


Hi keeley


I am glad you are not going to a tattooist, I think it's hard to judge the cost as there is cheap equipment and cheap training, I have had my makup done by Heidi Worman, there is lots of people on here going back 5 or 6 years who have used her, she is not a beautician. I know that the training can be 10 to 15 thousand, and a lot of people go on upgraded training every year, the best machines are 4000, that is without any products! I looked into doing this many years ago, but was put off by this, there was cheaper stuff but it's not good. You would then need special insurance, licences from the council, products, marketing, rent, electric, I am sure someone could spend 30,000 on this, the lasers we use are 80,000 to buy, we can rent these.

I will have to have a re touch every 12-18 months, but I like a soft nice look so I'm prepared for this, Heidi Worman is superb, but I have seen other work over the years, it does not come close.

My Botox clients pay around 300/350 for three areas, they will only get 3/4 months out of this, it's the correct way it is, if you want something sometimes you have to maintain it, I hope this helps keeley.


Nurse prescriber


Eye brow tattooing

Yes. I have had mine done 3 times. Although one of the occasions they needed to be corrected. I love love them. The girl I Iuse to do my eyes, under eyes and lips is Julie Ross julie.ross53@ntlworld.com

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