My skin burns from face cream- why?


I have used the same face cream for a few months now, but recently i tried a new exfoliator, and my skin became very dry and tight- also felt very bumpy. Now, when I use any facial wash- no matter how mild- my face burns. My face also burns from my beloved moisturiser....Does anyone know why this is, and wat can I do to rescue my skin?


Wow, it shouldnt be like that, awful results. In this case, as everybody says, you should stop using the exfoliator. By the way. how many times a week do you use the exfoliator? Maybe you are using it too much and your skin has become sensitive and you are eliminating all the natural oils and leaving it without protection.

Try leaving it and using only a soft cleanser, tonic and moisturizer, all for sensitive skin, at least until you feel better.



Hello blossom hill,
May be you have really very sensitive skin. Some time and it can also depend to your cream, which type of product you are using. If you have allergy with all the product then you have to consult with your skin specialist about these problems. I think there is a problem in your Exfoliator.


Seek professional advice


You have reacted to your exfoliator as it it too harsh and it has de-sensitised your skin, so you are reacting to your other products. Without be able to see your skin I cant reccommend a particular product. I would reccommend that you go to a reputable beauty salon or clinic to get advise on what professional products that would be suitable for your skin. The skincare from the hight street shops may make it worse, as there is no guidance on which one would be good for you.



Skin burns on cream application

Your skin is perhaps sensitive and you are using a wrong type of application for your skin type.


Due to expiry of cream

hmm...i think so it will be expired...bcos sometimes same cream do react in another way...



hi have you tried using organic products? The harsh chemicals in normal products can irritate your skin with prolonged use. But if you need a quick rescue treatment this vitamin serum may help restore your skin http://www.naturesbasin.com/organic-facial-serum-skin-drop-p/multivitamin-s0991154.htm


Reply to face burning

you should probably stop using your new exfoliator


Better way to exfoliate


Stop using what are currently using, instead use a natural muslin cotton face exfoliation cloth (you can buy these relatively cheaply online, e.g. safai skin) and use only water for the first week.



hi, i think your skin has turned sensitive. i could not use anything, as even simple products did this to my skin. eventually i wen t onto md formulations, and use the cleanser for sensitive skin, and buy the moisturiser too. it is more expensive, but after a few days, my skin calmed down after years of trouble, using all sorts. i realy have tried everything prior to this, and found this to be the answer. if it works, dont change it..

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