Radio frequency treatment.


Hi, has anyone heard of using radio frequency treatment to treat sagging skin and retone the face? The advert I have says it aids cellulite reduction and reduces the sagging round the jaw line on the face etc. It is very expensive and would like to know if anyone has tried it?



What is rf ablation?

Basics of RF ablation system in medical.Radio Frequency(RF) ablation technology and treatment method is also explained.


Lift wand

Try this, seems to get great reviews and just what your looking for. http://www.amazon.com/Lift-Frequency-Eliminates-Breakthrough-Darsonval/dp/B00H93O97Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400367761&sr=8-1&keywords=lift+wand


Radio frequency

hi there
has anyone got any feedback since the start of this forum?


Radio frequency

i work with a machine called mabel Plus. It reduces sagging skin anywhere on the face and body by producing elastin and collagen immediately and carries on working for up to 48 hours. it also reduces wrinkles and firms skin. On the body it melts fat and cellulite. i charge £30 for your first introductory full treatment and then courses of 3 for £125, 6 for £225 and 20 for £320. www.faceandbodypod.com




Hi Tina,
I'm about to buy one Mabel plus, but the machine has no actual manual, protocol for the treatments, can you tells me how or where I find some kind of treatments protocol of the Mabel plus? I'll appreciated your help a lot! Thanks I. advance!



Radio frequency


Hi...I'm a newly qualified beauty therapist & would love to work with this machine. Can you tell me of any training companies I can do this with and where I would look at to purchase the machine ...thanks


Radio frequency at skin like silk

I did a multipolar RF treatment on my face (i lost quite a bit of weight and had soggy skin with a little bit of double chin...) and had it combined with Eximia endolift. I don't know which one did the job but the final result after 1 treatment was very visible. I signed up for another one next month. The price for both (RF+Endolift) was £50 but that was a special offer in Camden, I am not sure when it runs out...


Rf and endolift


pls can u send me the number of the spa where u had ur treatment @camden tanks


Radi frequency treatment

Yes i am a Beauty Therapist using a Multi Polar Radio Frequency Machine called Mabel Plus. It certainly does tighten skin, by instantly making the skin produce elastin and collagen as a reaction to the warmth with painlessly glides over the eare to be treated. It work immediately and carries on working for up to 24 hours. A course of 3 to 10 is usually all that is needed. I charge £30 for a taster 45 mins session and am probably the cheapest in the country. I am based in Bromley in Kent.


Ita clift


Hi, Are you still offering a taster treatment ?
Also what is the price for a course.
Do you have a price list for various ares of theatment.

Look forward to your reply.
You can email me on :



Radio frequency treatments


Sorry didnt get back to you before have only just seen this post. I charge £30 for your first treatment which is a full treatment anywhere on the face or body. Its then £125 for 3, £225 for 6 or £320 for 10. You will see results after the first treatment. My website is www.faceandbodypod.com is you would like to see more information. Tina Face and Body Pod


Multi polar


hi tina, i would like an appt. 07956277258 geraldine


Multi polar


hi im looking for atherapist who gives this treatment. myself and a freind would love one tomorow sat 7.8.2010
do give me a call 07956277258
thanks geraldine


Radio frequency treatment.

Yes, I've heard of it and I have been using it and giving treatments for the past 3 years. It works fantastically on cellulite and sagging skin.
How it works on cellulite and fat reduction is by heating up the body to a certain temperature so that it actively damages the fat cell walls, causing the fat to seap out and therefore allowing the lymphatic system to pick up the toxins and the fat released and transporting them through the kidneys for them to be excreted naturally.
On sagging skin it will heat up and damage the existing collagen in the skin, which will then make the body react by replacing it with new collagen, and therefore tightening the skin.
The treatment is given between every 3 and 4 weeks with 7-10 treatments reccommended.


Radio frequency


I've heard lots of hype but am not convinced (although oprah winfrey apparently is). Go to internet and thype in does it work......I believe I found something on it and it wasn't that positive (especially considering the costs ... about $2000 here in the states)


Look out for this.


I am not sure if this site covers radio therapy but www.bestnonsurgicalfacelift.co m has a load of information on different therapies.
Many of the scientific things offered sound really modern but cost a fortune and are little more effective than something traditional and inexpensive.

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