Middle names and boy names!



I just recently found out that I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been talking about names, and we have a couple of girl names, but can't really decide on any boy names.

The girl names we have thought about are kylie noelle, audrey lynn and brooklyn. I just wanted to get some peoples opinions about those names and I cannot for the life of me think of a middle name to go with brooklyn. Any ideas?

As far as boy names go..oh wow. I really dont want the traditional names, I want something more unique. The only name I have thought of that I like is Brayden, but again, dont know a middle name to go with it. Any ideas of middle names for Brayden or just boy names in general?



I like these

for the boy i like Joshua Aaron and for brooklyn i like the middle name Nicole


Expecting mommy

i like the name brayden
and i think that michael goes well with it because i am pregnant and i fi i have a boy i was going to name him jayden michael but my cousin is naming her baby ayden and i don't want ours to rhyme but i like those three names and also cayden!! i don't really like brooklyn but i think kylie noelle is beautiful!



my sister has just recently had a little boy.. she went through sooo many names.. she liked quite unusual types of names.. but in the end rounded it down to kai and kane until the day he was born and he ended up being called blake jaidon.. good luck x



Brooklyn Marie
Brooklyn Rose
Brooklyn kate


Boy names

Hi how about Aidan? or Liam? I found out i am having anouther girl. But if it was a boy he would have been named Liam.

As far as a middle name for Brayen how about Bailey?


Middle names and boy names

Brooklyn Renee'
Brooklyn Shaye (SHA)long A)
Brooklyn Jane
Brooklyn Nicole

Brayden Shaun
Brayden Joe
Brayden Lamar
Brayden Cain

Hope these help..


Isabel and callum

For Brooklyn why not Isabel?
I think Brooklyn Isabel sounds rather pretty.

For boys, since you like unique yet traditional
why not:
Callum? I heard it the other day and thought it was quite nice.

Caleb is also both traditional yet contemporary.


Middle name for brooklyn

My name is Brooklyn and my middle name is Suzanne and I have a friend who has a granddaughter Brooklyn and her middle name is Rae so here are a few ideas.


Middle names

How about

Brooklyn Freya/Freja ?


Boy names

Hi..I have 1 son and am currently expecting another boy. With my first son i combined names of family members and the father and came up with Cameron Joesph Blair. With the child i am expecting i decided to include my son in the decision making and he has decided that he likes Tanner Jackson...He also liked the names Brody,Chase,Conner, Brady and Hunter.

For girl names we both came up with Zoe Amber McKenzie if i were having a girl, but we also liked the name Madison. Good luck with your search for names...


"middle names and boy names!"

Hi - i'm expecting my third next year and have spent plenty of time looking thru baby names! Here are some of my faves

Boys - Ryder, Jaxon, Ashtyn, Jethro or Zaiden
Girls - Jorja, Eden, Logan and Seren

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