3 weeks post op,swollen, painful, sore, tender, sensitive breast,


Hi ladies! me again!

I'm starting to worry myself because my right breast has been really sore since this morning and now I can visually see that it is swollen and bigger than the left (the left breast was originally the bigger one before the op!)

I know it can be nerves and caused by something called dysesthesia (the internet can tell you a lot), but would there be any other reason? I don't have a fever so I'm hoping that rules out an infection. My scars look fine. Just a painful, swollen, sore, hot boob!

I'm ringing the clinic tomorrow, just in case. I just don't think it should be this bad over 3 weeks post op! Or am I paranoid?



Well that's me home now. And it was worse than I had originally thought. Turns out I did have a seroma and had to go under general anaesthetic again. But they had to take out my implant completely, 'irrigate' the pocket and thankfully were happy to put the implant back in. I was so worried I'd wake up with out boobies again!

So because any kind of tauma can set it off again I have to be bed ridden for a week again and then only light activities for the following week. Which means I probably can't fly for another 3-4 weeks.

And I know I said it before about paying attention to your body and anything that feels 'not right' but also, please take care of your boobies! They think the fluid could have been slowly filling up for a couple of weeks then became too much to bear Monday morning and then just got 100x worse from there. Although this is very rare, it does happen and they aren't sure exactly how it happens like they can tell with infections or haematomas. Most likely a 'trauma' which can be lifting something heavy to a little too moving too suddenly to even sex. (I'm not telling my boyfriend the last one. He'll be afraid to touch me!). I'm not sure what i did as I thought I was careful but sometihng triggered it. So please just be careful.

I'll still try to post my 4 week photo on Sunday as I've been pretty good at posting them. Although I'm wondering how true they are now as the right breast was slowly getting bigger before my eyes and I didn't even notice till it was too late!

ok, sorry for the novel!! xx


Sorry to hear

Hey hun, really sorry to hear this has happened. Sending you lots of virtual hugs and i hope the op tmrw rectifies it, please let us know how you get on x




Totally bummed but glad I made the decision to call them today.

Right when i thought things were getting better I feel like I'm now taking a few steps back in recovery.

I will definitely post how I am getting on. Thanks for the hugs!



hey im just over 2 weeks post op, my boobs hurt more now than they did when i had them done, i went for a check up with the nurse today and she said its probably caused by the boobs settling, but give them a call just in case x


Bad news!!


I went to Transform today and saw the doctor there who immediately knew something was wrong. He sent me to the central london branch to see my surgeon (taking the tube in that pain was not fun!).
Once he saw me he determined I have quite a bit of fluid in my breast but not sure if it's a hematoma or seroma. I have to go to Riverside hospital tomorrow to have the fluid drained with a minor operation and under general anasthetic. Hopefully that will fix the problem. Had i waited it may have gotten really bad. My boob is sooooo heavy right now!! Its so sore to touch and I hope it doesn't get worse by the morning. I'm in agony!

So ladies, if something doesn't seem right, please call your doctor. My case is extremely rare apparently but it obviously happens to some. Just happened to be me.




just goes to show its always better to make sure, hope all goes well and you make a speedy recovery soon x



oh no hun hope your feeling better soon!! goodluck tomorrow xxx


One more thing!

I've just tried to reach for my glass of water and that was painful to do as the area between my boob and underarm felt like a spasm. This sucks!



Poor you, get well soon xx

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