Anyone had a boob job from the harley medical group?



I went for my first consultation tonight in Bristol at the Harley Medical Group...to be honest i really haven't done that much research yet and woulld be interested in if anyone has had a boob job with them? Also, as i havent done really any research has anyone got any advice? Also, i am a 34a so really only wanted to go up to a C at the very, very most...but have read a lot about stretch marks on this site...any advice about that?

A lot of questions!



Very bad experience

I have suffered at the hands of the Harley Medical Group directly and honestly wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through with them.
About 5 years ago I had a rhinoplasty with Dr Philip Graham. It went wrong, badly wrong, I was left with a severely wonky nose. I had a revision 2 years later - the HMG wouldn't let me see another surgeon so I had to go back to someone who had made a terrible mess of my face. Surprise and surprise it went wrong again and I was left with a broken footplate hanging down under my nose. They told me to go back to Philip Graham again, at which point I was in tears on a regular basis. I went back, got booked in for surgery and then the week before (after booking a week off work), it got cancelled. I booked in again and it got cancelled again (almost 4 years into the first surgery at this point). Then Dr. Graham left the company. They sent me all over the country to each of their surgeons to find someone who would fix the mess. Most refused to touch it. After raising a complaint with them about the whole carcrash of a situation (and nose) their regional manager Sam sent me what can be only described as a hugely disturbing letter (which I will upload if I can) threatening that If I went to the press they would withdraw their support in helping me getting it fixed (it has to be seen to be believed!!) and that I should be grateful that they had agreed to pay my travel costs....which was later withdrawn.
I imagine if everything works out you will have a positive experience with the HMG but if things go wrong, and I for one am certainly in a place to say, things DO go wrong, you will be left out in the lurch and treated terribly.
I wouldn't send my worst enemy to the Harley Medical Group. In the end I was left with not only a visually very bad nose, I struggled to breathe through my left nostril after the 2nd surgery. I have had to pay thousands to go to a specialist to get it fixed and I still struggle with breathing and, although not as bad as it was, my nose still points slightly to one side.
Do not make the mistake I did and use the HMG. I will try and upload letters I got from them which shows how you get treated when things go wrong to this post.


Nottingham harley medical group - avoid at all costs

I had a nose job with them 3 years ago and am about to have my 3rd revision. I had it with Dr Graham through Annette at HMG Nottingham. They are the most terrible company I have ever dealt with and I would advise anyone to avoid at all costs. They are just after the money and thats the reason why they charge upfront. They have made a mess of my face and offer no support whatseover. I have to call and message annette for weeks before I get any response. Just pleas,e I advise anyone to avoid these big companies and spend a bit more for an actual specialist - if you are getting surgery you would rather pay a bit more than deal with years of problems. Biggest mistake I ever made.


Dont do it!!!

they messed me around, waited for an hour to see the surgeon, the surgeon refused me a week before treatment after giving me the go ahead and i had paid up front. ive been waiting since i was 16. and booked it a month in advance for implants. i saw people in the waiting room who had problems with thier implants. the sureon is very brief and seems quite cold.


I DID! and they were rubbish from start to finish! and now ive ended up with PIP

happy with how they look though but nurse's and aftercare = Atrocious


I no its all down to the surgeon but?

please look at the HMG facebook page, I have pips which were put in by HMG, I have had no problems, but trying to get any after or advice is a nightmare... and as we just don't know what round the corner I have now opted to go with a private sureon and not with a big clinic. The owner/manager of HMG refuses to give out free scan for the 15000 woman who have had ba with them.... just in case he goes out of business...
If you search in this forum there a quite a few conversations about this. Just look at there facebook page.


Hey guys

just wanted to know if anyone has one of them recommend a friend voucher for £100 off treatment? please get back to me ive got a treatment on my birthday x


Dr solomos

hi everyone.
i have had my BA with solomos and i am very happy with him and his work.i defenetely recommend him.
he was very proffessional and he even fitted me with a drip as the nurse couldnt do it.he was empatethic and calmimh and funny.
not at all as he was at the consultation..big fan now
the hospitaland the nurses could defenateky been more proffessional and snassier but in the end its your breasts that are important,not the stuff around it...
i went from emancipated b to stonking,round smooth E!!!
hows that for ay caramba!!!!!
and im loving them,meks me feel so happy and confident...
and boy its fun to get dressed now....

i went really healthy 2 weeks out,no alcohol,fatty food or sugar
lots of fruit and water....
according to my nurse i healed extremely well,had no bruising whatsoever and very little swelling....so well worth the dettox
also get lots of rest after,dont try to get thinhs done,just relax..

anyone want to message me to ask questions please contact me
its real nice to be able to ask someone that had id done,i did and it made me much more comfident for the op
good luck to all girls
proud mama to 2 lovely 34e,s...
and 2 little kittens as of today...
life is fab





Im thinking about getting a breatst Aug with HMG and won deed how you are now?

thank you x




Hi Vicky

I have been searching for information on Breast Implants with the Harley Medical Group as I am having my BA on 20th November and just wanted some general information about the procedure and aftercare etc.

I seem to have come across quite a bit of bad press to be honest so am a little concerned hence the reason for mailing yourself. You sound like you had a good op and are very pleased with the outcome, is this still the case? And could you give me any info about the op and aftercare at all please.

Many Thanks

(excited and nervous)


Feedback on ops with dr solomos please

hiya everyone,im vicki
im due for boob op 14th may with dr solomos
i was happy with everything until i started readinf reviews on surgeon,now im feeling very unsure if i should wait or find another place.
i would very much like to hera from anyone that want to share their experiences good or bad...
also does anyone know of any pictures of his work???
a website or anything?
i did ask my nurse yolanda in chelmsford but she didnt know.
which i found a littke strange...
so im hoping to hear from alot of happy girls with beautiful breastjobs.....
if i go ahead with the op i be happy to share my experience and pics,hope you all enjoyinf the summer coming


Dr solomos


hey hunni did u have it done did u go to solomos im booked in on 7th jan 2011 !! could u tell me your story xxxxxxxxxxx



mark solomos


Hi! I'm having him on saturday after my friend recommended him to me. She had her Ba in december and they are perfect! I knew that she had done loads of research so I trusted her judgement! When I met him I felt instantly that I really liked him. He was warm and attentive and listened to everything I said. I don't want big boobs either just more than i've got! Straight away he picked up an implant and said "This is Perfect for you!". I'll let you know how I get on after saturday!!
Tbh i'm trying to avoid any negative feedback or I won't go through with it!! Ha ha
Good luck, Emma x


Dr solomos


hey hunni can u tell me your story and pics please im booked in with him this year in 3 weekls and wopuld love to hear all about it thank u






hi emma
thanx for getting back
i wish you luck on saturday...2 more sleeps eh!!!!!
would very much like to hear from you after op
i was very at ease with it all until i read neggi feedback,guess its easy to be influenced
i spoke with my nurse and i got to talk with a girl that had her job in march,get back to you with her feedback...
also nurse said that complication can occur and that maybe people didnt foolow postop procedures as they supposed to..
do you know more girls that had dr S???
best wishes


Harley medical group - dr.frati

I've just joined this website purely for this forum!! I went to Bristol clinic today to have my consultation and my nurse was very warm and welcoming, she offered me the oppertunity to go away for a couple of weeks to this about my decision but me and my boyfriend decided to pay the deposit there and then.
I am booked in to have my second consultation with Dr.Frati in January and wondered if anyone on here could tell me what hes like?? I'm quite nervous about it and have spoke to friends who all have conflicting views on what i should have done. One of my friends has told me that she didnt have draining tubes after the operation and this they are unnecessary?? I also was wondering what the difference is in having the implants infront or behind the muscle wall??
I would really appreciate any advice!! I also am a size 6 and was on the pill a couple of years ago, this made my breasts a DD, since then they have shrank. This is the reason for my surgery, i have been recommended 355 implants...
Sorry about the massive post !!

Emma x



I went for a consult with HMG and although I thought they were very professional and welcoming there were a few things that I was not sure about-
Firstly, I had an initial consultation with a 'nurse' (sales woman in a nurses outfit) who was lovely but if you ask me not qualified to give me a proper opinion, she said I would definitely need an uplift. Measurements did suggest I needed a lift but I haven't had one, just had a BA on Saturday and they are looking fab.
Following the initail consultation the nurse siad I would have to pay £500 deposit before I actually had a consult wth a surgeon. I don't think this is a very good system as the surgeon could give you a totally different opinion. I went to see several surgeons before I made a decision on one and the opinions did vary.
I went wth MYA and they have been fantastic and given me exactley what I wanted. They give free consults with as many sugeons as you want and the pc has never tried to push me in to anything. I think it's better to keep you options open like this rather than limiting them especially if you're a bit undecided like i was.
All the best with your search anyway xx


Stretch marks

hi Sue
Dr Rezai's secretary said there is nothing you can do about these and its purely genetic. I think its down to how hydrated your skin is as well - i know loads of people who are obsessed with drinking water and they have none at all and the most perfect skin everywhere. i'm trying to drink as much water as poss but only managing about a pint a day (its so hard when you're not used to it!).
Also i've invested i Trilastin, a very expensive stretch mark cream that helps prevent new ones - i'm using it on existing marks and sometimes they look lighter and other times i think they look the same but i haven't used it for a whole month yet which is when you're supposed to start seeing results.
Also try taking Zinc supplements.
good luck!!!


Harley med group

i am 3days post opp, i went with harely med group and had the sugery at high gate hosp in london.
after i chose them i was a lil worried after seeing sum bad reviews but i had no need to worry all the staff were grate the hosp was very clean and my room was very warm and cozy i felt realy comfy and had fresh water and tea at a touch of a button the food was allso very nice, there wasnt realy any waiting around neither my surgon did a grate job. i had a baby so i allready had sum streach marks on my boobs but not any new ones i went to a full c 260cc as im a size 6 i wanted them to look like they wer mine
emily xx




hi emily
im doing op on 14 may at highgate too
which surgeon did you have?
im w dr solomos
if you used him would you be so kind as give me some feedback plz
i also read negative stuff and nearly called it off...
but also good stuff,very confusing all this breast buisness
hope you are very happy tho
cheers vicki




hi peaches i can't remeber if i've already asked you somewhere else but wat size did your 260ccs take you to? i'm also a 6-8 and have been recommended 265ccs although i said i didn't want to go too big. i've seen pics of people who have 300cc and look the same as someone with 260ccs yet they all have little or no tissue to start with so i'm getting worried! any help much appreciated. x

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