Anyone had breast implants from the pountney clinic?


I had breast implants done at the Pountney Clinic in Hounslow 11 years ago. I am trying to find out if PIP implants were used, but unfortuniately the company is no longer in business. I have tracked the surgeon down and he doesn't think they used PIP implants but can't be sure. Has anyone else had breast implant at the Pountney Clinic and do you know what type of implant was used? Thanks for any info.


Pountney clinic

I also had silicone implants in 2000 and have been told I have micro leakage now so must get them replaced - The doctor asked if they were PIP due to the deposits of silicone in my lymph nodes - does anyone know where I can find out?
Thank you


Pountney clinic

I had implants in the 90s the surgeon was a guy named Jordon, I was hoping that you could tell me if you had any more information as to whether they used PIP implants or not.


Breast implants from pontney clinic

I had breast implants from the pountney clinic in 2003. They were Nagor GFX silicon gel filled breast implants provided by Nagor Ltd (http://nagor.com/). There are signs that one has ruptured though I don't seem to be feeling any ill effects, so I have been trying to recontact the poutney clinic and came across your message.



Hi I had implants at the Pountney clinic and decided to get them re done 2 years ago after having them for 13 years as I was told they only had a 15 years shelf life in them. I was told by my new consultant from somewhere else that I was very lucky as the implants exploded when she removed them and that no one should keep implants for more than 10 years! you have had yours for 11 years so I would definately consider getting them replaced. Also I do not think the PIP were issued way back then? But even if they were I had no issues.




I had a beast augmentation in 1993 from the pountney clinic so my implants have been in 21 years and I'm getting all kind of health problems. My breasts are not even and I'm having pain in my armpit and Awful muscle spasms. Joint pain which is pretty debilitating as well as pins n needles. I have a doctor appt at end of month But feel generally rubbish. Been told tht the nhs won't help me but I really want an mri scan I'm very worried. Don't have the cash to get them out as my circumstances are very different now to 21 years ago.


Pountney clinic


I too had implants round about then and I have no way of knowing if PIP were used or not. Please let me know what you have done, as I need advice too.


No luck on implants..

..bit i had two rhineoplasties done at The Poutney about 15 years ago and havin problems too..didnt realise theyd gone out of buisiness..so not much chance of any help from them..its all wrong when you pay such a lot of money as well..good luck with your search..



Hi there - how did you track down the surgeon? I had implants at the Pountney clinic in August 2001 and can't find any paperwork with even the name of the surgeon on it and there is no letter on my medical records. Appreciate any advice as recently had an mri scan and was told they weren't ruptured but there are "significant folds" in both. NHS not planning anything further but in my opinion they could only fold is there was leakage as they were pretty solid from what I remember when i was told to jump on one at my consultation! Thanks.


Poutney clinic


Hi worried111, i just remember who did mine, though cant find any paperwork and i actually dont remember them giving me any..anyway i just googled him..he is living and retired in the states. I went to my GP as i have noticed one breast is larger than the other which i dont remember significantly...he is adamant i dont need a referral there are no lumps so no leakage... I dont believe it.. so in a few months when i can afford it im having them replaced anyway.....hydrogel was supposed to be the safest option i was told...but they i foud out recently are produced by the same french company as the pip implants.....


To charlottew6

PIP implants were not in use then but I too have implants from pountney clinic bath road hounslow over 11 years ago and today had an ultrasound at west mid hospital isleworth in the breast care clinic. Both of them are ruptured. You cannot tell by look or feel but i have been unwell since last summer with various symptoms.The left one has leaked within the capsule surrounding the implant and the right on one has leaked out of the breast tissue which can be harmful. The consultant said if they have been in over 10 years they will have leaked so insist on a referral! I told him that my GP insisted they were fine and thats when he said that he is a breast specialist and it is still difficult without an ultrasound to tell if there is a leak.


Update on pountney clinic

I found my surgery paperwork, it was in a box at the back of the garage - don't ask!! The notes confirmed that I had Nagor not PIP implants, so my surgeon was right when he said he thought that was what make he used during his time at the Pountney Clinic, at least in my case.

I also had a scan this week at the hospital - my GP referred me as I was concerned. The scan showed my implants are fine, no ruptures so i'm obviously very relieved. I really recommend going to your GP and saying you feel a lump or bumpy area as they have to refer you and you have to be seen within two weeks by the hospital. The nurse at the hospital was so nice and really sympathic to the situation women with implants are in. She said if I was ever concerned that my implants felt different to go to my GP and get referred again for another check up.

She also confirmed that if they had ruptured the NHS would be prepared to take the implants out, but not replace them. If you want a replacement then you have to go privately. I have seen that some clinic are offering reduced rates to people looking to replace PIP implants.


Re - poutney clinic

IN reply to your mention of breast implants at The Poutney Clinic. yes i had implants and concerned to hear today that YES the did use PPI implants and i have tge hydrogel they informed me about 12 years ago were the best. I found out today they were removed from the market 5 years ago as deemed unsafe !! not sure how i go about this now...please reply Dr Carson did mine.


Re - pountney clinic


How did you manage to find out what your implants were - do you have your notes or did your surgeon know? I am having a scan tomorrow to check if ruptured, but I don't think they will be able to tell what type of implant I have. If they have ruptured then i'm not sure the next step? Even if they haven't, I hate the idea that there is something in my body that potentially shouldn't be there - just wish I could establish definitely what implants I have. Will keep you posted after tomorrow.


Re -implant info


Hi Charlotte,
In answer to your question quite by accident. I was sure mine were in no way related to PIP ..i went with my daughter who is thinking of having implants to a very reputable surgeon this morning. I mentioned to him i had hydrogel ones placed at The Poutney Clinic he raised his eyebrows and said they had got into trouble ??? and were no longer operating and did i know those implants were made by PIP..i was shocked when he went on to tell me that the implants i have were banned 5 years ago and they were deemed unsafe and prone to leakage and other probs. I havent had any probelms but was assured by the clinic they were the best and most expensive option. So im guessing if they used PIP for mine they must have been using others from the same company. I am really annoyed and now have no means of contacting anybody so not sure where i go from here....



Pountney clinic - pip implants


It's all making sense now. Surgical Medical bought Pountney Clinic, then they closed in 2008. I reckon they knew the liability they were in using the pip implants and so dissolved the company. I had mine done in 2007 and my left breast implant has ruptured (dec) and I am still trying through my GP to get this mess sorted out. I'm so stressed knowing that this has leaked and is now in my body. My left part of my chest is sore like it is bruised to touch. My first implants were made by Nagor and lasted me 19 years! I only replaced them as I thought I had better. (No problems). These pip ones has lasted only 5 and one has ruptured!!!! I am left wearing my bra at night for support, feeling sore and wondering what the hell is it doing to my body?

Has anyone registered with a pip compensation lawyer?


Poutney clinic - implants


I think you are right....Dr Cason who did my implants at The Poutney Clinic has emigrted to America in Nov last year i read and is facing been struck off the list of cosmetic surgeons here in the Uk. None of it bodes well...im sorry to hear about your situation gosm im panicking as i had mine done in 1998 so really need to get a scan done asap...i havent registered with a lawyer dont know if there is any point as i had a discussion with a surgeon who said implants should be replaced at least every 15 years and i guess im near that....there is really a lack of information for pople like us whose clinic does not exsist anymore and im unable to located any medical notes.....very frustrating !! it think the EU should be responsible for their error in judgement and correct information gathering as they approved the use of these implants in the first place....


Pountney implants


Here here! The NHS are saying removal of pip ones will be free, but you will have to pay for any replacement. As clearly we cannot go back to our clinic, the only options are NHS or private. I will hound my Dr until I have an appt with a surgeon. I am in pain and it scares the hell out of me. Plan B - I have arranged an appt this Friday to go private, but quite frighteningly they said the earliest to operate after an initial consultation is 8 wks!
The content of the PIP implants is more liquid and can affect the armpit and lymph node. This rupture happened to me in Dec. This is ludicrous that I have to wait another 2 months. Each day I know there is a problem. I have chest pain. It actually hurt me to put the car in 5th gear today. Surely it will just escalate?

Anybody with any helpful advice?

ps I always thought Mr Casan was a brilliant surgeon - with breasts, not so good with ears and face lifts. For the latter reason, that is why someone is trying to strike him off. He went to the States to retire, so he probably doesn't care anymore. I wonder if they really knew that the implants were poor grade? They were cheaper for them to buy them. They must have done....


Pountney implants

i have made a little progress today. I have contacted PALS (Patient Advice & Liason Services) within my Primary Care Trust. I contacted them by email this morning and i have already had somebody call me back to advise me that they are making enquiries and will contact me back later today.
Hope this helps and will keep you posted and let you know if i am successful in finding out anything else.


Pountney clinic - breast implants


I have found out today that pountney clinic was bought by a company called Surgical Medical. This company was dissolved in 2008. I'm trying desperately to get hold of my notes from Highgate Hospital where I had my operation in 2007. So far no luck. One of my implants has ruptured, so regardless of whether they are PIP or not, I need them removed. HELP! Where can I go if the clinic is no longer there? Back to my GP? If anyone has any info please say. Thanks.


Pountney implants


My GP had the letter informing them of my surgury but it didn't specify which implants were used. Good luck with PALS, hope they can help. The surgeon I had was Mr P Y Graham and when I spoke to him last week he said he was 99% sure the Pountney Clinic didn't use PIP but I would really like to be sure.

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