Big boobs make me look fat in clothes!


Hi girls

Absolutely delighted to have a chest at last went from 32AA to 32C/D, 27" rib cage and 7st 10lb, 5ft 3". New boobs are heavenly unrobed, but what on earth do I do in clothes, all my tiny skinny clothes look ridiculous with these enormous ... Haven't got a clue where to start as I've been dressing as a flat chested girl forever.

Any tips on how to flatter my figure without looking fat would be greatly appreciated.


Same prob!!

hi there im having the same probs 2! sim ilar stats too you 2
as i was totally flat chested 32a. 5,4 7 stone 5
and now if i wear a baggy jumper it makes me look fat as it just hangs from my boobs! im a 30e now. and im having a nightmare finding clothes lol
so your not the only on hun!


Im sure its your imagination

u wont look fat your just not used to seeing boobs!!
big boobs are supposed to make your waist look smaller so i've heard.


Help available for big busted girls!!!

Hi I dont know if you've heard of Miss Fit UK (www.missfituk.com) but they sell really good clothing for big busted women and not too expensive either. I just checked the website before and they also do lingerie now as well x


Welcome to my world...........but i was born this way!

You idiots..................you moan about small boobs and then moan about having big ones! You all had perfect sizes that fitted your bodies and your clothes. I am a size 12UK and naturally a size 30J and I detest them. Nothing fits, bras cost fortunes and look like sacks tied together with rope. An average bra is £30 and lasts about 6 months before it is stretched out of all proportion. I bought a fitted dress for a wedding from Bravissimo and it cost £59..............now if you all can afford this then thats great, but I certainly can't! I get back aches constantly and sore rashes under my boobs when it gets hot.
I asked for a reduction on the NHS, but my GP said not to make a fuss.............sadly I can't fork out over £5000 for a private surgery, so it looks like I am stuck with them.


Totally jealous muppetgirl


how dare you call us idiots! go away.


By name by nature


Sorry but you know what they say by name by nature! so true in this case,



how can u b a size 12 and fit in a 30j.... r u drunk by any chance???? im a size "8" and wear "32"s... 30.s dont even fit me




I'm not sticking up for muppetgirly or anything, but she could quite easily be a 30j and be a size 12. I'm a size 10 and wear a 28gg, i do have a few 30g's but have to wear them on the tighest hooks but the majority of 30's are way too big for me.

I'm just really tiny round my rib cage and down to my waist then just rather pear shaped, lol, i blame it on my 5 kids!!!

Charlotte xx




thanks for the info hunni xxx




meant to add that i find i look fatter now with big boobs, unless i'm wearing stretchy vest tops, they just hang wrong and make me look huge!!!


Here we go again


lol muppetgirl u are a faker seriuosly get a life and stop calling us nice girlies on this site names grow up ! this is not a playground




Awww! muppetgirly, thats not nice, play fair.

Lots of girls on here have not had breast before, or slight deformalities or have breastfed kids and have saggy boobs, whatever someone's reasons are we are entitled to have a ba and if we see fit, moan about some of the issues we may face after the fact.

Its perfectly natural to have a moan about things, everyone does it ya know!

I'm sorry about your massive boobs getting you down, if your that angry about it then instead of giving us gip you should fight for it, harass your doctor or see another one, write to your mp!! Do whatever you must. Then come here and get some support, there may girls on here that have had reductions that may be able offer advice?

So far as clothes and bras etc... Do you google stuff? Ive looked high and low already for clothes that will suit me better after the op and factored in shopping money in my plans! Ive found lots of places that offer reasonably priced gear for bigger chested women, I dare say 30J is mammoth and I wasn't looking for that size but have a look about, the net is brilliant for stuff like that.

Good Luck

Tammy x


Bravo tammy!


Good response Tammy... you're a real lady xx



Thanks Terrid!

I have good days!


2nd opinion


I really think you should return to your docs and see a different doctor for a 2nd opinion. A friend of mine was a 36G and she had a reduction on the NHS, now a 34C. You need to repeatedly go to your doc about your back ache and the rashes, just keep pestering. He should at least start the ball rolling by referring you for phychiatric assessment. If they agree you need this done for your wellbeing then your doctor should follow it thru. Good Luck mate x x x


Me too

Can never wear tight shirts or non stretchy material unless I wear a size 14-16 which doesn't fit my body which is 10-12 at most. people say wear a waist belt but they look so tacky with F cup boobs over the top of them too much going on! Anything unfitted hangs off the edge of the boobs making me look pregnant as u cant see where my waist is!All I ever really wear is stretchy vest tops its so annoying xx


I know exactly what you mean!

I was a very flat 30B pre-op, had 325cc partial unders and have now gone to a 30E/F and I love love love my new boobs!

But I have loads of flat chested clothes which look daft with boobs , I'm not used to shopping for big boobs - so I will be watching this thread with interest!

I have asked for clothes/vouchers for my birthday next month so I can get some new clothes.



Me too

I didnt find it much of a problem before. Im 7 stone 5ft 4 and had 32DD [pre kids, they have shrunk to some pitiful size now] and planning on getting mine done back to 32DD ASAP. I just wore stretchy tops. I found blouses and jackets an absolute nightmare to buy though because the larger size swamped my waist. [Im a 6-8].



hey you have virtually the same stats as me can i just ask what size implant you had i have mine dont on monday and cant decide.


5ft 4", 7st 10lb, 250cc anatomical unders from 32aa to 32c


I had 250cc anatomical unders and now have a wonderful C cup they look great without clothes. Hope that helps. I was advised to have anything from 215-280cc so I went in the middle, good choice, I've definitely got boobs now, I might have been dissappointed with less.

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