Anyone just had a BA with Dr Hardy at birkdale - booked in for 23rd & need reassurance!


Yay countdown!


Proper upright defo first few nites! You wont be able to lie any other way! I used to wear primark boost bras and thats what im like now no one noticed at all but I think defo with low cut top or bikini would be so obvious but look fab in bikini so I dont care x


Swab done

And i am now bricking it a week on saturday. MrsR how long has it been since your op? Aren't they supposed to check up on you again at 6 weeks post op? Think I am going to get some Arnica just to be on the safe side. MissJ how do you find sleeping sat up? x


Don't worry !!


Honestly don't worry as its so easier than I thought - no pain as such just uncomfy but you will be absolutely fine. A v shaped pillow is a must - I got one 2 weeks after op & wouldn't sleep without it now! Someone mentioned bio oil for scars but mine aren't noticeable - not long now!!! x


Dont be scared....


Im a wimp dont do the sight of blood or pain but was so easy its fabulous the sleep u get under GA like ur floating its amazing! Yes im coming to six weeks not heard off them suppose il ring next week im not surprised but im fine iv no issues everythins perfect just want to no if can wear real bra they still a bit hard so dont no how they will fit into a real bra maybe thats wot I need! I got v pillow to! Used for around 5 daya but couldnt stand sleepin upright so went to 2 pillows! Only one pillow now and I lie flat or on my side havent rolled on my front yet tho! Sometimes a bit stiff like uv done a work out but nothin u would notice. So exciting for u - I would do it again any day x


I deffo will

Can i ask where did you buy your arnica from? What did you find was the worst part of your recovery? I just can't wait to burn those bloody 2x cup size bras how've your check-ups gone so far? x


Arnica 30c from boots xx


I cant say any of recovery to bad I was honestly shocked how easy all was! Prob not bein able to give baby a proper tight hug was the worst! Day two was so tired! Day three normal out and about just had easy clothes all ready like joggin suits with front zip and vests! Iv had no check up except to have dressing removed everythin looks great tho no worries just waiting my follow up with mr h wheneva that will be who knows as we all no xxxx


All paid up!

2 weeks today ladies! Doesn't really seem real at the minute. Did any of you use Arnica? I think i'm going to get some. Don't suppose anyone got anatomicals? How is everyone getting on? They all been changing for you? How long post op is everyone now? x


Quick recovery


Didn't use arnica as hardly any bruising & scars so small. Just make sure you have a comfy sports bra & v shaped pillow as can be uncomfy at night (even now 2 months on!). You certainly won't regret it - best thing ever!




Yep I used arnica only 5 days pre op and 5 days post not a single bruise or anythin but dont no if u would bruise anyway after this procedure with it bein straight forward!!im 5 weeks po tomoro cant wait to go bak for final check up and get rid of these sports bras! Although the time has flown. Had two recent nites out and although in a sports bra still wore fitted dresses and omg u feel
So confident u will have to keep us updated on how it all goes x


Hate the clinic

Love the surgeon. It's a conundrum i've paid tho and i'm booked in for 13 April so at least that is something. How are you feeling? You healing well? Glad that you're happy with your size i've never heard that you can't get 100% fill if you're having unders tbh. Anatomicals are also known as "tear drop" shaped implants. Instead of being round they give a slope but be warned because they cost £500 more than the rounds x


Measured in m&s...


34d in some bras and 32dd in others depending on shape etc. Over the moon asked to be a full c cup and be made up with small d. Mr h got it spot on. Anyone know when ur post op appointment comes through to see mr h and get all clear cheers xxx


Woooo hoooo


New boobies in time for summer! For such a tiny clinic they are ok! Good and bad everywere for everything u wont be disappointed! Just enjoy the build up and before u no it all done and dusted! Once u have had th done u get the nurses mobile number and its 24hours so always someone to call think post op care decent but pre op bit awful which is strange considering they need to bring business in! I have rang the number few times all good x




Mr Hardy is brilliant, I love my new boobs. I didnt have too much messing around either, one time I rang up and didnt get my phone call returned, but you'd get that anywhere. I had to go in when I had concerns/pains and they fit me in with a nurse the following morning (and nothing was wrong!). The medical staff are great.


Going to go for it

Think i am going to ring up and pay the deposit to secure the date. Jodie said that she would ring up about the fill of the anatomicals and ring back the day after to let me know...needless to say i didn't receive a phone call think the service is absolutely sh*t and if it wasn't for really wanting Mr Hardy to do the surgery i would run a frigging marathon away from them! Luckily i didn't trust for them to find out the info on the fill of the anatomicals (which are 100% fill btw), so i emailed Eurosilicone personally who gave me all the info i needed. Wish me luck for booking x




Good luck! Ha ha u made me laugh - the service is sh#t! That is the truth tho! Mr h is fab his work amazing and the fact he still a well known thyroid consultant at fazak hospital makes u trust him even more - the nhs would have booted him out by now if he messed up! Im nearly 4 weeks and im thrilled got measured for new sports bra 34d yay! I wanted a c at least! Gettin greedy tho thinkin maybe should of got a bit more cc squashed in! Roll on summer low cut tops here we come x




What re anatomicals I wasn't offered these? I always thought that if you had unders you couldn't have 100% fill anyway or maybe I'm wrong I thought that was for overs? X



I have the same issue with the implants having hardly any fill in them and their aftercare does not cover rippling . I have been recommended anatomical overs which i have only just been told today will cost an extra £500 so as much as i really like Mr Hardy i'm not so impressed with the clinic just don't know what to do now really. Also they don't even say what fill the anatomicals are just really don't know what to do now. Mrsr3 i am glad that you're so happy, dry skin is a common problem afterwards from what i've read as well as booby farts x


Birkdale girls

I've just had my consultation with dr hardy and he said I didn't have enough breas tissue to do overs would be unders and that the implants they use are HP 85%fill. From reading up I've heard a few people saying that these implants can ripple more they certainly looked that in the consultation I'm so confused I've had a consultation with dr Clarke and he said he would do overs and the implants he used they don't ripple- they even showed me the implants held up and they look so much better. How can 2 surgeons have such difference of opinion




I had major worries about rippling I went back to birkdale many times but mr h assured me that with under muscle their was minimal to no risk of rippling if they were placed correctly! I tried on the 95% fill aswel which are xhp and their was hardly much differance so I just left it with him and ended up with 85% on the big day! No matter how much u read there is pros and cons to everythin its soooo hard! I have two sisters who paid 4100 for allergen implants at well known clinic and they both have slight rippling around cleavage u can only see if u look close they are both very slim im same so im expecting a bit in future! Unless wot mr h said is true who knows u could spend foreva researching such stress! Good luck on ur booby journey and ballamory wot u goin to do? Wud u try another clinic see if any offer xxx




I think I'm going to book with dr hardy I was leaning towards Transform as they offer a 10yr aftercare but so far no other surgeon has offered to correct the slight size difference I have. He noticed straight away and said he can fix it if I wish. I have one final question about unders. I'm worried about being able to see the implant when you flex your muscles so far this is the only downside I can find apart from unders are more painful. So how many girls who have had unders can say that they suffer with this? I keep fit but don't lift weights but its still bugging me thinking that in certain positions the implant is visible. X

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