Do overs drop too?


I had 300cc overs almost two weeks ago and after a load of angst about what size to go, I can't help feeling I went too big. I'm sure the post-op swelling must have gone down by now and I've got giant boobs! They look nice from the front, so we're not talking Victoria Beckham or the like, but from the side they look very odd, bit like a pair of salt and pepper shakers LOL! Very globe like and rounder at the top than normal breasts.
All you overs girls, do they "drop" like unders over the next weeks and months or do I have this strange "stuck-on" look forever?


Yea they will drop eventually

Hiya, i had my BA done last march. i had 375cc overs and went from a 34b to a 34E!! mine looked stuck on for months and they were really hard! .. people could really tell that they werent real.. unitl approx 8 months after! and although my boobs are huge, they have really dropped into place! they look natural now. ..apart from when i lay down on my back - then they harden up and u can sooo tel im fake hahaha! they will drop in time luv, and u will love them!!! xx




I had overs 10 weeks ago and they have changed loads since i first had them done - so definately do not worry. They are looking really nice and natural, are really soft (although harden a bit when im on my back) and lovely and pert. I have 250cc in one and 270 cc in the other - so a little smaller than yours, but not much. Im sure you are gonna love them, just give it a couple of months

Mary xx



I had 300cc overs on wednesday and I FEEL massive but don't think they look too massive I'm 4"11 7st10 -what size are you now I'm filling my 34C Bra I think its probably because we are used to having nothing and its a big shock xxx


300 overs


Just wondering how big you actually are? I know every bra is different but I was a 32b to start and am now a 32d. I had 260 overs 3 weeks ago with Transform and altho I love them, I do wish I had gone for 300cc. (surgeon did rec. 3 sizes, 260, 300 and 340) Think it may be boob greed tho, as some days my boobs look huge to me - especially mornings!!

Cos am only just 5.1" and under 8 stone I didn't wana look top-heavy - hence why I went with 260 as I thought 300 would have looked too big on my frame. God if I 'd gone for 340 I woulda bin a Jordan in my view! haha.



hi yeah mine did I am now 12 weeks I have just put my pics on picturetrail if you want the password let me know. The difference from 8 weeks to 12 weeks on pics is quite dramatic the way they have dropped




Just seen you pics and they look great. Can see why your'e pleased. Roll on the summer!!!

chris x




hi there.. is it poss to see yr pics??
i had high profile implants 7 weeks ago..would like to see the change they go through.
thanks so much...xx




Dont worry, im 9 months post now and they do drop, just give em time, i thought mine were massive at first but im used to them now x


Great thread!


Hi All,

Just found this forum and I'm so glad I did! I had my BA done on the 13th of December and got 250(l) 230 (r) overs through Harley. This question was bothering me too! Do they soften enough to feel like almost real boobs?





Yes they feel firmer but mine are very soft now(squishy soft,lol)


Hi sandy


Thanks for that! great to know they'll be less 'stuck on looking'!! How long did it take you to get to the squishy stage? Mine are softer than they were, but wouldn't say jiggle if I ran lol!

Thanks )




To be honest i cant quite remember, probably about 3 months maybe, all i remember is the first time i ran and they bounced lol, it felt really funny, i couldnt wait to tell my hubby when i got home ha ha x


Can't wait!


So I've a way to go before they're perfect That's really good to know! I'm a tad impatient lol! I know the minute they start bouncing I'll probably be on the phone to my OH if he's not there when it happens!!!!

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