Finally braved it pics up tubular boobs after pics


Hi only my finally braved putting pics up. I had odd tubular boobs 34 aa and had 340 overs with new crease line etc. I know alot of people ask about this sort of boobs prior to op so thought I would put the pics up. I am now 12 weeks post op they are soft etc no probs. When you see the pucs you will notice more on the left one that you can see where my own crease used to be and because my boobs were so narrow they had trouble opening up the lower part of the boob to carry the implant again I know alot of people ask about this. My username is mumella pm me for pw if you want to see.


Tuberous !

Hello hun im the same just on waiting list for an upfilt and implants, should have it done befoe crimbo. Would u mind pm me so i can have a peek? Thanx xxx


Tuberous breasts

Hi!! I've been searching 'having a new crease made' in google and I came across this post.
I'm 5 days post op today, and I had tuberous breasts too. I've had a new, lower crease made and I've haad 390cc overs. At the moment, my boobs look really weird! They're cone/torpedo shaped, and it's totally obvious where my old crease was. I'm just wondering how long it took yours to settle into your new creases? I'm not expecting it to happen straight away because the skin is tight where my new crease is.
I've had to register here just to send you a message, so I haven't done a profile yet. I'm on Breast Buddies as tanyajade though if you want to check me out, thanks for your help xx


Hi )

May I have a look. i am due to have mine next week. I also have tubular breasts and am having 330cc overs.



can i have a look please



may i see please xx


Can i c plz??


please can i hav a peek?? xxx



Hi there,

May I please have you password so i can take a peek?



Pics please

hiya, may i see your pics please? i also had tuberous breasts and had 310cc but partial unders. not really happy as they are too small and have slight dubble bubble! booo, lol.

thanks x



Heya, can i have the password please? I had my BA the other week and would love to see how ours compare?



Me too please!

Hi I too would love to see....its really brave of you, i commend you!
I am in the process of trying to get a preferal to the plastic surgeons at Plymouth Hospitals as i too suffer from Tuberous breasts....i'm not sure if you had the op donw on the nhs but if you did any advice on how you managed to get them to fund it would be awesome! I know that it is a congential deformity and have had confiration from several surgeons that it is funded by the nhs but lets face it the nhs will wiggle out of anything to save paying for stuff!
Thanks in advance
Lu x


Tuberous breasts


Hello hun i have tuberous breast and im on the waiting list now for the nhs. I went to my local GP and they reffered me to another and then applied for my funding, which was granted staight away. I hope this help hun xxxx



please could I have ur pw,I have slightly tuberous breasts and would love to see b4 and after pics,thanks,Lucy x



you look fantastic! You must be so pleased!xxx



Well done for braving the photos, I know how embarrassing/nerve wracking it is!
You should be really proud of your new boobs, they look great!
Thank you




wow they are excellent! such a good result i bet your really pleased
cant wait till the summer now xx


Wow xx

They look great. Thanks for letting me see. I had 350 overs 2wks ago and it nice to know they do eventually soften up and settle to a more natural position. They actually look bigger on the 12wk pics than they did on previous pics. What size did you end up as? I seem to be a 34d but wouldn't mind if they "fluffed" up a bit. Did yours "fluff"? Some say they do and some not. Anyway they do look amazing. Enjoy them x x




I haven't had them measured again since 6 weeks at La Senza and they are a 34DD bras still fit OK but getting abit too snug so yes I would say mine did fluff but didn't think they would as I had overs but I'm not complaining..lol How are you doinjg recovery going ok


Me too

had my b.a 2wks ago and love to see your results. x


Password please


I too have had a ba last October and had one slight tuberous breast. I had 375cc anatomicals, but may need to have a re-op as I still have a droop, my surgeon didn't want to do a lift he thought it might correct itself but at the moment it hasn't. I am 13 wks now.

Please would you pm me with your password.




Thats a pretty name, can I see your pics please. I'm having my op next wk xx

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