Help! unhappy with my 210cc breast implants !!!!


I have just got 210cc implants in.. I wanted a very natural, non fake look. I got that but I am stil so flat? I believe I have made a hugeee mistake and should have went up afew more CC's just to be on the more bigger side yet natural. Did I make a mistake. I am wearing a 30c Bra After-op. I am a size Size 6 also and 5 foot 1.

I have already tried on a few tops, 1 day after Op with my sports bra on and I seriously am not happy. I actually look FLAT! With clothes on, yet without they do look OK. even thought I was a 30aa BEFORE this I still wanted abit to show wearin clothes, look abit womenly without anyone noticing I have had something done. (Please not I was wearing Chickent fillets so noone will know the difference) NOW I believe I will have to wear padded and push-up bra! This is not why I had got a boob-job, I wanted to never have to wear a padded bra yet stil look more womenly!

Please anyone who believes that I have made a correct decision please let me know! I am actually in tears typing this. I have spent so much money yet have made a mistake!

I believe I will be a 30B. Yet do not know if It will be a small or large B.

ANYONE who has breast implants which are 210cc's please help!!!

I am actually so unhappy, maybe it is to early to tell but even so...


Give it time

People have said it enough already but just give it time - you are not that far into your recovery process I imagine and time is a great healer - sports bra's are meant to flatten your chest for when you exercise, so don't worry about this. I think you need a bit of reassurance from your surgeon and his support team to make sure that you are healing well- can you make an appointment or do you have one coming up? This can be a great way to get things off your chest and get some answers to your questions.


Give it time

People have said it enough already but just give it time - you are not that far into your recovery process I imagine and time is a great healer - sports bra's are meant to flatten your chest for when you exercise, so don't worry about this. I think you need a bit of reassurance from your surgeon and his support team to make sure that you are healing well- can you make an appointment or do you have one coming up? This can be a great way to get things off your chest and get some answers to your questions.


Not happy either

I got mine done in 2011... Naturally I was a size A I could even fit into AA and always needed push up bras! I looked like a little boy! So finally I went in and got mine done... I told the doctor to go as big as my body would let me. I am 5'7 115 pounds. When I was in surgery he could only fit 275cc that was as big as I could go. Well now, I STILL need to wear push up bras.. I have NO cleavage and I took flat too. I am now a Large B! And I noticed when I flex or bend over they start to have that ripple look to them! I am super un happy. I went with saline though. When I can afford it I am planning on getting them redone. I think if you are naturally small that you have to get more than one surgery to actually get the results you want since the skin is already stretched from the previous one that now there is enough room to add more cc's. I have seen people get up to 800ccs! But I have been watching a lot of plastic surgery shows and I think next time I am going to get the gel silicone and go up to 400ccs. I want to be a large C or small D. I want to be able to wear a swim suit and show that I have cleavage and not look like a boy... And when I tell people that I got a boob job they don't believe me cause of how small they are! It sucks cause I paid for nothing!


Sad by my size

I had 335cc unders 7 months ago. I am so sad that i am only a 30c. All my friend say that it is too small. I wanted big big breast. I feel that it is my fault as I asked for a c at the consultantion. I didnt realise how small they will look.

A lot of girls say the implants drop and fluff and look bigger but its been 7 months.

Is anyone in the same situation and what did you do?


Hiya... i had 275s 4 years ago i was a 32a once the settled i was a 32D very natural looking. . Give them a chance to settle an fluff before u get too upset. I thought the same thing . I did wear push up bras to enhance my cleavage but if u wanted the natural look thats good .. xx


Getting bigger implants?


we are filming for a beauty series and looking for girls who may have had breast augmentation and are now looking to go bigger?

I would love to hear your story.

melanie.loudonsack@endemoluk.c om


Getting bigger implants


I dont know how long ago this was but I just recently got breast implants and feel they are to small. I was so excited to get this done I wanted bam in your face boobs and got average.


Miss stacey langford


Hi, I'm 2 weeks post op now and really unhappy with size



My sisywrinlaw qould be interested im this she had hers done amd is umhappy with size. Still wears padded bras an covers up i will get her to enail you xxn


Wish i had gone bigger than 210 cc

Hi Bubbles. I had my ba done 2 weeks ago and also had 210cc silicone implants put in and im 5"2 and measuring a 30c. I feel exactly as you did. Please tell me how you got on and if they changed shape and size over time? Did you have a revision?
Thank you in advance.



So sorry you are not happy,but they do change for the better honestly,and sports bras do nothing for you,they do flatern you,i have just been for tea with the girls from work and we were talkng boobs,i have had a ba and another girl has to,this is what she said to me,we are both a size 6 i had 206 unders hp,dont know what size she had but they are a lot bigger than mine,she thinks she has gone to big,she cannot get dressers to fit her at all,she said with mine i can go braless and they look great,she feels as if she has to wear a bra all the time,i can get a fab cleavage with a bra so i have the best of both,in nice dresses i can go braless and use boobie tape to keep them in place,she cant says they feel to heavy,so you see we are all different,i love her boobs they realy are fab,but shes gutted because of the cloths thing,at first i thought maybe i should have gone bigger but now i love tham sooooo much and really had so little breast tissue it might not have been possale to go any bigger,it reallly does not matter about measurments its how they feel and look on the person,when you see how much they change im sure you will feel different,chin up hun and happy healing Anne x


Time is of the essence bubbles

It's WAYY too early to tell what the eventual outcome will be. Give it a few months and I am sure you will begin to see many changes with your boobs.

These things take time .... we need to be patient and give them time to settle into the breast pocket .... Just try to be patient bubbles ... I know it's difficult and also a little bit disappointing too ... but given a couple of months I think you may change your mind x


Me too

I did the exact same thing and am so unhappy. They look and feel the same as before. I need padding so you can see them through my clothes. I am so disappointed. I am also angry with my surgeon for not advising me better. I asked him if the scares would be hidden in the fold and my breasts are so small you can still see the scar on the breast. I really don't know what to do. I don't want too risk surgery again.

Have you spoken too your DR ?



Dont be upset hun,they change a lot,i had 260 high profile unders and they changed so much i am now a d cup,and i didnt expect to be more than a large b small c, they will change and i bet you eend up loving them,and sport ras do flatten you,im a size 6 and just 5ft good luck hun,it really is early days xx


34dd/e breasts


I had mine done 2 years ago i had 260ccs on each side but i now wear 34dd/e bras used to wear 32b/c bras im so pleasd



you sound exactly like me! I hoped I wouldn't need to wear a padded bra ever again but i still feel fairly flat without one and I am measuring a 34C/32D but they really only look a B to me, I didn't have 210 cc , but I had 230cc which is n't much difference and you are a smaller frame than me, I got what I asked for but just expected that size to look so much bigger!!! If you are early though you will feel much better in proper bras than the sports bra they don't really do much for you and I have grown to love them theres still that little feeling I should have gone bigger but like you i wanted to be natural so maybe bigger would have comprimised that

Give it time=)I think its because our expectations are high and even though this site has been very helpful and spoke to a lot of nice people it made me compare too much and made me unhappy with what i had.




Hunny dont beat urself up for not going for the 230cc - 20cc of a difference is nothing at all, It honestly wouldnt have made much difference I dont think. What u need to remember is your surgeon recommended this size for u as they obviously believed it would give u the result you were looking for. Dont forget it is still early days and they will change ALOT over the next few months and im sure you will be happier with them in time. Try not to be upset..mybe speak to your surgeon about your feelings and see what they say? xx


So unhappy with my breast implants

hi i had breast implants. put in nearly 6mths ago 220cc. im completly in bits now the swelling has went down im near bk to the size i was before my op which was a small acup. a size bcup bra is to big. im so angry from what iv seen an implant must be alot smaller once its in i had mine done behind the mucsle why do they have you put the implant in your bra could they not tell you now thats not the actual size you,ll be you.ll be smaller. for a while i thought the 220cc was gona be to big. i have 5yrs aftercare what im trying to find out myself does any1 no if im so unhappy and was,nt told certain things before hand can the clinic help me in any way i just wasted 4grand i don,nt have another 4 to correct this.


Hi bubbles

I, like you, want a natural look and am getting anatomical hp on Friday. My surgeon won't commit at all to a size because of my small frame, he wants to wait and see what looks best on the day. I found this really strange as everyone on here knows beforehand what they are getting. However, since then i think it's pretty sensible of him because had you not commited to a size he might have gone bigger. I think a 30aa to a 30c is fantastic, that's 4 cup sizes. I bet when you remember what they were like before there will be a big difference. I have been told that I will get a full B cup or small C and would be delighted with a C cup. It doesn't matter that you will need to get padded bras. I expect to have to do that too. But i'm quite sure you'll get a much better effect than before. Post your pics before and after and I'm sure you'll get alot of positive feedback anbd you'll start loving them. x




Hi I found your post of a forum about when you had your boob job I'm a 30aa too and my surgeon told me I'd be a b/c I'm just wondering what size you turned out and what size cc you had I'm so nervous my op is in 11 days! X

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