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I got my boobs done in december 3rd. 6 months on and the gap between my boobs has dissapeared. My boobs look great in clothes and i have a nice clevage but i am embarrased with no clothes on. My boobs look like a babies arse. I was worried I have symmastia cos i think the area between boobs has lifted. Been back to transform and they said its not symasstia and have offered me revision surgery. My PS said he would move each implant 1.5cm which would leave a 3cm gap. I am worried this is too big and my boobs will go from one extreme to having no gap to fitting a bus between them. I know the gap depends on where the nipple is and at the moment my nipples are pointing east and west.

Has anyone had revision surgery or experienced same problem. Does anyone have a 3cm gap - how does it look????

I cant believe i have to have another op!

RSVP - will be back online tonight after work




Mine is awful!

I have had 2 boob jobs now,. I was a 34a. My first implants were 180 cc!! Very small! But both times I have had a big gap, apparently due to my sternum. The gap now is about 5cm wide and I cannot get a cleavage even when pushed together to hell! I am thinking of having bigger ones put in as I currently have 400cc. I would love to have hardly any gap at all. i think you are lucky as i have a real hang up about my gap. Wanna swap!! lol!! I would look at sites about Semmastia though as that could be an issue, but I aint seen your boobs. maybe ask your surgeon if you worried.



I had my BA on the 11th Feb.When i first looked at my boobs they had a really big gap,but they have since come together a bit.The gap though is still there,and i think a lot of girls on here would tell you they too have a gap.

3cm isnt a lot,and i would go with what the surgeon says.You'll still be able to push them together in a bra again,and honestly 3cm gap isnt that big.

Is he going to do it so your nipples face forwards,cos then that will itself determine the gap for you.

Viv x


Thanks viv


Hey Viv

thanks for your reply, yeah i told him i want my nipples in the centre. I think i am worrying cos i have to get another op and just dont want anything to go wrong. When I first got them done I only had a 1cm gap and now nothing. Suppose it will just take time to get used to have a bigger space - also i think it will defo look better. I tried on a triangle bikini today and my boobs looked ridiculous - look like a bum.

Cat X




You'll be fine.I always thought fake boobs had a gap in the middle anyway.I'll measure my gap later and let you know how big it is.

I'm sure so long as he gets your nipples facing the right way....you'll learn to love the gap whatever the size.You're thinking its gonna be huge and its not.My gap got smaller....so after you're re-op just dont worry....they'll come together a bit.Sure you're next op will be fine....you're surgeons recognised the problem,and its gonna get fixed....

Will pm you when i measure the gap later.

Viv mx



i am from the other extreme had an inch gap before op
now gone down to a coupla of cm

if you want to see my pics- before and after

pm me

kerry x





Don't mean to be cheeky but could I look at your pre and post op photos?

I am looking to get my boobs done in the near future but have concerns around the gap etc. as my boobs (or more appropriately named: fried eggs) are already far apart.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks kerry


Hi Kerry

That would be great if I could see your photos. I am so stressed out and worried about the gap being ridiculous. When I first got op done there was about a 1cm gap and now nothing. When i have a period the bit in between boobs lifts higher and the nurse said she didnt know if it would get any worse. I am defo doing the right thing getting them moved further apart - just worried they will be under arm pits.

Thanks for your advice.

Cat X


The gap


hi i only found this forum yesterday after deciding to book a consultation for my boobs and my fear is that I already have a dip between my boobs its not massive but all the pics I've seen show women as being flat on the bit between (hope that makes sense) so i'm really worried that bigger boobs will really emphaise the dip or that i'll end up with no gap!!

personally speaking I like boobs to have a gap but with the option of using a bra to create cleavage as required. I currently have an 3/4 of an inch gap and figured that it would stay the same is that not the case??




isn't a couple of cm an inch anyway?

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