How to measure your boobs correctly, no more a results!!


Hi girls i just tried this out and its the most accurate sizing method ive come across on the net before!

1. Measure around your rib cage, right under your chest where your breast crease is taking care to keep it straight all the way around. Add 5 inches to an odd number and 4 to an even number, ie if it says 27inch than add 5 that makes you a 32 band.

2. Now measure one boob from one end to the other, you are measuring your cup size so measure from where it starts (near the armpit) all the way around til you get to the end of the boob imagine its a bra cup so armpit bit, across your nips to the cleavage, like a semi circle or arc.
If you are 9.5 as a guide you will measure a full C cup.
7'=A 8'=B 9'=C 10'=D 11'=DD 12'=E 13'=F and so on!

Sam xxx



I measure 9" so that makes me a 34C which is what im wearing after having 410cc unders! you can imagine im not happy!!


Not convinced...

That is an american website. Their C cup is a D cup over here I think and so on.

I did it and I come out a C cup according to them (so english D?) When I measure the traditional way (difference between band and boob measurement) I am a 32E. I have 405cc ultra high profile.

I was a 32dd when I had 310cc high profile...

Thats my pennies worth anyway! xx




hey you know what that would make sense as loads of people out there are classed as a D but they look bigger!!

thanks hun!

sam xxx


Oh my god!!!!!!!

Hi i measure 19 inches across my boobs so what size would that make me?????????


Hiya hun

i got it from www.implantforum.com/size.html scroll down to near the bottom of the page and you'll see it xxx


What site!

Hi ya, what site did you get it off, thanks


I tried it


i no its early days for me but thought id see what i come up with..
i measured a 34e.
i no i had a 34 e bra on other day and was to tight, i just think it depends on make and shape of bra, as there all cut different...

but i measure a 34 e and i actually think i look that size..

i had 460cc hp overs.. they are starting to get a nice shape now so hope i dont go up much bigger really...


Hiya stacey


i think its more of a guide but its the closest to accurate guide ive seen online. sure some bras come up big, others small and your right about the cut too, might be a different size in plunge bras as opposed to full cup bras

aww bless yeah i know yours are gorgeous!! hehe thats a good size but remember your a little swollen and wearing a 34 soon as your back in your 32's they will be even lovlier

sam xxx


I disagree


That method of adding 4" or 5" to your rib cage diameter is outdated and wrong. It comes from the days when bras had no elastic.

For anyone in doubt as to their bra size, I suggest a trip to bravissimo. I am amazed at the fit- for the first time in my life my bra no longer rides up at the back, and I no longer need to 'wiggle' the front of my bra during the day (!).




see thats the bit i didnt quite understand as when i measured under i was a 28 and although i do wear 32's they are loose, and if thats where the band actually goes surely that means im a 28?? confused now lol! dont think im a 28e, maybe a 30e xxx

I cant find a bravissimo anywhere near me which is such a shame cos ive heard their measurements are brillinat and they cater for the smaller back and bigger boobs xxx


Me too..


I'm also 28" rib diameter, and was measured years ago in M&S as 32. My bras always rode up at the back, and although I mentioned this to each fitter, they always shrugged as if they couldn't help.

I was fitted in Bravissimo as 28 or 30 band. As you don't have one near you, why not order some Bravissimo 'brands' (ie the ones they stock) from Figleaves and try them at home? I have bought several Freya bras, all different styles and sizes (about 8!!) and kept 1. Figleaves must love me!

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