Huge implants........ unrealistic expections.?......what do you think??


OK. Im sure im not the only one who has thought this.

Some of the most respected names in breast surgery . eg john tebbetts have suggested a maximum implant size (he recommends max of 350 - larger in exceptional circumstances. Other surgeons will not implant ladies if they feel that the size is too big - the patient (or potential patient) will then go elsewhere to another surgeon who will give them bigger. Why? Surely the surgeon who will not put a bigger implant in has the patient's interests foremost??

Yet women have bigger and bigger implants (maybe because the nation is generally becoming fatter so they need to be bigger to match increasing proportions? - fact we are becoming an obesogenic society - i digress). Then when these huge mammaries start showing tolls of gravity after a short period - it is not so desireable.

Would a younger lady have huge implants (say a size 8-10 small frame) eg 400g/cc, pre having children if she knew that they may be several inches lower 5-10 years time?

This is not judgemental or critical I am just curious as to why implant sizes appear to be getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER!!

There has recently been a post on a lady who was not best pleased with her results. Her pictures were not password protected. She showed pictures at 3 months and now at 15 months. Her breast looks fine. Very big and implanted but fine. Yes the skin stretched when she leaned forward but have we forgotten that real breasts do have a tendency to look a little like 'udders' when we lean forward. Another critism she had with her breasts was that they were not symmetrical - FACT - very few ladies have symmetrical breasts!! Nobody else usually notices. To the lady whom those breasts belonged to - they looked good - surely wouldn't you expect that if you a) put on a couple of pounds and b) had large implants 500 overs (so only breast tissue for support and coverage) the skin would stretch a bit?

I think it was Tebbets again that said a 400cc might look fantastic at 28 but it won't continue to look fantastic at 38. Surely that is not rocket science. Natural breasts droop and change with time, ageing and gravity. Isn ... therefore realistic to assume that inevitably implanted breasts will change too?

Final comment which has been used on many surgeons personal websites and company sites too ' the perfect candidate for a breast augmentation is one that does not expect perfection' ............ are we becoming unrealistic and ignoring this???

Also Nadiya888 posted some very useful advice about consultations and questions. She had some feedback but it seems people read it and ignore the bits they don't like and therefore think it won't happen to me. The information is out there but are we listening? The key message in Nadiya888's message was COMMUNICATION.



Well suppose i had very large implants 705cc

size wasnt much of an issue for me i just hated the loose empty skin that came after having 4 children, i had my first ba (450cc unders) and was still left with loose skin but this time it was hanging off the front of my implant so i got a re-op and was told 550-600 should fill out the skin it didnt and i woke up with 705cc in, i know they will sag with time just like natural ones and that does not bother me i suppose it will help them feel more real anyhow, and i dont want the scars from an uplift so thats not an option to me im 28 now and for the first time im happy with my body
it doesnt matter whever a girl has small or large implants as long as they can finally feel confident about themselves diffrent people with diffrent stats need diffrent sizes anyway


I agree with nattie

Hi, i had 410g implants in May and im only size 8,and i have to say i dont think mine looked stretched or saggy and im 42! (my pics are on my so fem profile,click on profile and then on albums).Im also having re op to go much bigger because i prefer bigger,but we are all different and want different things as with anything in life.As long as we are all happy with are own personal results in the end,i guess that is all that matters x




Libby... can I just say your boobs look fantastic - so natural!

I agree, it's up to the individual - they're our bodies, afterall.

I had 340s and am so happy with the result, again any smaller and I would have been disappointed as I'm very tall and I wanted to look in proportion.

I'm size 8 and started off with ironing board flat, so 340 was as big as I could go without rippling. If you asked me a year ago what size I would have wanted I would have said 'anything!' but I have 32dd now, and I love them. I would never think they look a dd, but that's the bra I wear, so that's fine by me!

If we all stopped comparing and contrasting against others, then we'd be a lot happier - they're only boobs afterall!

Ella xx




Great to hear another successful story libbyx!! And your pictures look great. What a pair!!

I totally agree that the most important thing is that the individual is happy with the ultimate result!!.



i think 'practicalgirl' should keep her polite digs to herself


Ignoring the minefields.....

hey ya, my ba is in 4wks time and i am wanting bigger boobs, hoping to be a dd/e maybe with 400cc or close to it but i am certainly not ignoring the minefields....its a nightmare the last couple of weeks i am absolutely so unsure of which way to go....i want overs but i worry about getting capsular contracture!!!! I want unders but i worry about double bubble!!!! I really dont know which way to go and i have checked the pros and cons with the diff placements......I am scared of things going wrong but still long to have boobs again after feeding my five daughters and being so empty and hating my boobs. I want to feel curvacious, sexy and womanly again and having my boobs done will do this. I am not worried about them sagging later on, i am turning 44 in december and if my new boobs stay looking good for another 15 years i would be happy. So it is such a big decision, one i have wanted and thought about for a very very long time and i am just hoping that my surgeon will access me, listen to what i want , also to what i am worried about and that it will end in a great result.

tracey xx


Very good luck to you tracey...


feeding 5 girls is a tremendous achievement!!! Good on you.... I fed two... but five!! Wow... they have a great mum....... so Good for you..... I think you have done your bit and deserve to have something in reward. It is a big decision and you said you have thought about it for a very long time so i'm sure if you do your homework and use some of the great advice on here (Nadiya888 put up a great post the other day..) you will have a great result!!!!

All the best and oodles of luck to you



awwww ty


thanks hun and thats what my two eldest daughters said to me.....mum you deserve it!! thats nice to hear. Thanks for your good luck wishes and also starting an interesting stimulating post!!

tracey xx


Hi practicalgirl

Firstly I'd say your friend is very very lucky to have someone with great and practical advice like you. Wish I had someone like you when I went through my BA (I had 330cc) and I had to do it all completely on my own including day of op but I did have a lot of help from here. Secondly what a fab read. Nice to get some intelligent reading (not saying anyone else's threads are not). Just normally read different general topics on this forum.

I also think a lot of girls have high expectations as a lot does depend on WHAT YOU HAVE TO START WITH. Also it's a big factor on the surgeon you have ie more experienced and specializes in one particular field. This is such a daunting journey. Choosing what cc you want is also a dilemma but you don't just have to consider the short term effects but also the long term effects. That was my main thoughts ie I want my boobs to co-ordinate with my body, I want them to look completely natural and I want them to grow old with me plus I don't want them to be too small but bigger than what I had when I wore padded bras with chicken fillets. I'm no spring chicken and I didn't want them to look like my breasts belonged to a women 20 years younger and if I'm lucky don't intend to have another ba. If it's not broken don't fix it. So what if they sag as I get older and I put on more weight. I intend to grow old gracefully with my boobs but I won't go down without a fight and intend on keeping myself well maintained.

Breast augmentation is a wonderful confidence booster for those who have absolutely nothing (or for those with battered boobs ie childbirth) but only if you have realistic expectations.

Also there are some ladies on here who go through absolutely hell and are on their 3rd/4th op to name one Shani39. What's happened to her is diabolical and she needs a lot of support. It just shows you the terrible pitfalls when things do go wrong. I wish all ba's would go smoothly but that is unrealistic.

With regard to size of implant big is not necessary better and all ladies should seriously think not about the immediate effect but the long term effects and also how to bring out the best of your BA. Be fit in mind, body and informative.



So true..... about...........


what we have to start with..... I think that is so valid.... eg.. nipples facing out pre-BA... they are likely to point out post BA........

I think it was also poignant that you commented 'if it's not broken don't fix it.' Whilst there are many ladies who have unfortunate problems like CC, double bubble, bottoming out, malpositioning etc; conversely ladies that have experienced one successful BA and are happy with the results but just want a 'little bit more;' I understand there is evidence that suggests there is a higher risk than initially because further operations obviously require explantation in addition to implantation again.

I'm no spring chicken either so maybe i'm just a worrier!! but well done for all you ladies who already have them..... good luck to those who are getting them..... and to those that are having problems...... may they be resolved quickly and may you all have lovely boobies to enjoy!!



Oh and thanks...


for the compliment too Vicky... I think you did well to make the decision on your own. I hear you had wonderful results so congratulations for you and well done.

Best wishes




im size 8 and i had 410 ad i luv mine any smaller and i would have been dispointed mine dont feel heavy they feel weightless pert soft and firm btw im 35 and they really suit me so dont judge by age !had mine dun last year i wear 32f bras now


Hi nattie


If you 'luv' your 410s why are you having a re-op to go bigger? 32F sounds fantastic. Surely if you went bigger you would have trouble buying bras in G and H cups?

The risk of further surgery doesn't make sense if you luv them honey. Just interested to know why?




.... what sort of jobs do you girls do to afford re-ops?? I think I should change my career direction !!! LOL



... ba forum....... like hoover and vacuum cleaners.... lol


Yes it should be a BA forum...... but it is in fact a Cosmetic surgery forum which is ..... proof that BAs are an increasing trend!! )

You have obviously done lots of research and have either had a BA or are having one. I'm guessing having one.... you deserve to gain good results (as do all the ladies on here) .... ... so good luck if you do..





Hello Practicalgirl,
You are so true when you talk about re-op after re-op, after re-op. This if my very first one after a lot of soul searching with in my own self and not to mention years of researching pros and cons. This is a choice I made, and I needed to make sure this is what I really wanted. After having two children, breastfeeding, and the wonderful age that is always companied with here best friend GRAVITY, I decided to say, YES to surgery. Again, I repeat myself, after years of research and uncertainties I decided to say YES to surgery. I have read so many blogs where very young ladies are getting surgeries from one day to the other, no questions asked, "JUST GIVE ME BOOBS." Don't get me wrong I still ask questions, but my decisions were not done on compulsivity, it took me YEARSSSSS of thinking. I also know that have to to at this with realistic expectations that our breast are not going to be perfect, if we go in thinking that NO KIDDING, I want to have the BEST boobs, OH BOY!! , psychologically, we can be worst of. Like Goldenbrown said in one of her threads, and I quote," I want to grow old with my boobies.",ME TOO!!



How refreshing....


Sol and goldenbrown, I think you words are wise. I also respect that ultimately it is up to the individual. But Sol I do agree with what you said about the serious consideration (I spent almost two years deliberating and trawling through books and info before I took the plunge).

I breastfed my two children and was and ample size before breastfeeding but was left empty afterwards so I too deliberated.. I think the decision is a little more difficult to consider if you have children as the risks seem to be magnified; one has to consider the impact it will have on them in so many ways.

With regard to sharing opinions I was under the impression that was the aim of forums to exchange ideas and thoughts and also to offer support. I am open to critisism certainly, and would welcome the opportunity to explore the thoughts and theories behind it. So thank you for that.

To all the ladies about to have a BA, whatever size, whatever shape. I wish you all good luck, happy healing and great breasts that you are pleased with! Please don't take offence at this thread. It was not intended for that. I just think it is such a shame to currently hear of so many ladies having to undergo revision operations; to all of them I say, I hope, very sincerely that your problems are sorted and that you may move forward and overcome them and eventually have lovely breasts to enjoy.



Hello practical girl


Thank you for the wise response. I absolutely agree with everything you say. I take criticisms well and appreciate a person who does it wisely. This forum is intended for that, as long as we respect everyone here.

I got my two beautiful assets on Thursday and I am still going through some pain. I still ask myself, how can people go through this one, two, three, and even four times? I pray to God that I don't have any problems because I am very happy with the results. Like I said previously I want mine to be for ever and I don't want to go through this again. I did so much research to get this babies and waited soooo long for them, so I am going to take care of them and myself.

And like you Practicalgirl, I am concern with some of these beautiful young girls getting boob jobs at a very young age. Please don't take it as disrespectful for you young ladies reading this blog. I just want to make sure that if you are young and wanting boobs, get informed, do some research, research doctors, ask questions, dig with/in yourselves and see if this is what you really want. Don't act on impulsivity just because your friend has them or because your boyfriend likes big boobs, think about it.

As to you Practicalgirl, you need to be here more often, I really appreciate the wise comments you post.

Thank you,



Well.... to be honest....


either I am seeing it as it is or I need an eye test........ Some of the pictures posted on here post BA are actually of great boobs.... no problems as such... ie no double bubble or rippling... just a bigger version of what these ladies had before which is mostly what you get with a good surgeon and luck on your side..... But it seems these ladies worry about the slightest imperfections that to be honest no-one else would notice (eg they droop when I bend over - they are uneven)... and yet..... the poor unlucky ones who really end up with 'aesthetically displeasing' breasts and infections are the ones that have just cause to be unhappy.

One poor lady recently had a hole in her breast where a surgeon's knife slipped - now that is unlucky...... I think gratefully she is healing now.....

It seems that boobs are analysed more after a BA and that's when we hear 'BUT THE SURGEON DIDN'T TELL ME MY BOOBS WERE UNEVEN.... IT'S HIS FAULT....' We have eyes too!!! We see what they see if we look hard enough. We may not know about BWD and TEPID systems unless we look it up.... but when we look in the mirror before a BA we see what the surgeon sees as 1st consult.

I agree with the measurment thing..... that's a bit scary if they just guess and say 'i think a 450 will fill you up!! scary





Yes I have. i had a complication. I had revision and now I'm fixed. But i waited 18 months to get it fixed - that was my choice because I wanted to be 99% sure it would be and I wasn't prepared to have revision surgery until I felt ++significantly++ confident the problem wouldn't re-occur. I say significant and not definite because in science nothing much is definite......

I believe you are right.... people who have had a smooth run are not likely to use forums. I stopped visiting a forum and am here now because my friend is considering a BA (she has been on her, so i thought i'd have a look).

I have said to her 'yes it's a great thing... but reasearch... research and then research some more.... then deliberate lots before you do it....... perhaps i'm just a worrier.... but I have seen it from both sides of the fence.


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