I have seroma


Hi Girls,

I had a uplift and implants on 29th August and everything seemed fine I was so happy with the healing and the size.
After a couple of weeks I noticed a tiny whiteish coloured hole under my right breast and it was weeping slightly but I didn't worry just thought It was a bit of 'sluffing' and waited until my next HMG appointment to tell them. The nurse took the steri-stirps off and fluids started pouring down my side. She advised that I see my surgeon (Dr.Frati who is an amazing surgeon I really can't fault him so far) so I met him and he actually squeezed the life out of my breast (very painful) until most of the fluid was drained then steri-strips and dressings where put on, I was put on VERY strong anti-biotics for a week which made me VERY ill!! I finished the anti-biotics Friday, then on Sunday I woke up with a pain under my boob like a twinge and a bit more seeping than normal so I rang the surgeon and met them at the hospital. I am now facing more surgery TOMORROW to either have the hole stitched up or have my implant removed for up to 6 months (I think thats what he said) Depending on whether it is infected or not?!
I can't believe all this!!!!!!
Has anyone got any advice?
Or had this or similar?
Please help!




Hi everyone.
After a lot of discussion my surgeon and I decided to stitch up the hole and see if it heals as he does not think I am infected and there is not any sign of seroma anymore. I have until Sunday to do lots of healing and if there is no significant change or my swab results come back that I have an infection, I have to have my implant out for 3 months. So I'm really hoping for once something will go right!
Thank you everyone for all your support, you're all great!



Ur in exactly the same position as me !


My surgeon also decided to stitch the hole up yesterday as i was showing no more sign of seroma. So im praying at the moment it all heals and i dont weep anymore as I will have to have my implant out on sunday for 3 months ...

Its such a stressful time , I cant explain how fed up and stressed I am at the thought of having this impalnt removed so I wish you well and hope you heal nicely in the next few days.

Lotsa love
Karly xxx




I have just Pm you


Hey angel


sooo glad you put a post up!.... i was thnking of you this am and was wondering how you had got on...
sooo glad you didnt have to get your implant taken out! ill be keeping my fingers crossed for you...xxx




Thank you....
Yeah I'm so glad,
Just have to wait and see what happens now but its been ok so far


Keep my fingers crossed for you



I've been looking out for an update from you. Hopefully that will do the trick and you'll start to heal up between now and Sunday and there's no infection.




Thank you.
I have never wanted something more!
I really hope my body heals it up. I really couldn't handle having one breast for three months.




Hopefully that re-stitching it does the job for you!

Get plenty rest!



good luck with everything sweetie.x


Sorry to hear this

Best of luck for tomorrow, i'll be keeping everything crossed for you xxx


Oh poor you! Just want to wish you the very best of luch for tomorrow. Please let us know how you get on, we'll all be thinking about you.
Speedy recovery huni
Carla xxxxx




Thank you everyone!
I will let you know what is happening when I can.
Thank you for all the support


Will be thinking of you


So sorry to hear your problems, I had my BA on 25 August, so only just before you and I know how I'd feel if it was happening to me. Can't offer you any advise but good luck for tomorrow, and hope you'll be able to keep your implant. At least HMG are stepping up to the plate and sorting you out, Dr Frati sounds like he knows what he's doing and he'll do what's best for you.

All the best
Julie x



Seroma is the liquid that is formed after an operation.
The liquid mixes with blood and fills the space around the implant.
He did right draining the area. Seroma is usually cleared up by draining and compression.
If the liquid is not drained then it can build up and cause infection.

If you have an infection then the area would look red and you should have flu like symptoms such as temperature, fatigue, muscles ache, hot and cold sweats?

Removing the implant is not the first choice for anyone but if you do have an infection then this would be the quickest way to help you heal. As antibiotics work in tissue infection- not so much when there is a foreign object/implant there.

He could give you a operation, take the implant out and rinse it. Put it back in and Rinse you and put drains in so that you can under go vigourous rinsing. And of course re-stitch the are.

Good Luck xx



I read that some infections don't always have the symptoms, have they tried putting u on IV antibiotics? you know the ones where liquid goes through the venflon(inserted in ur arm/hand )straight into ur veins? This is meant to be much more effective as it works automatically. They usually put you on this for 72 hours whilst in hospital until the infection clears(hopefully). They should also take a swab to find out if you have an infection or not so they know the necessary action to take. xx




They haven't suggested using IV anti-biotic I thought they might but they haven't.
I'll just have to wait and see whats in store for me tomorrow.
He did a swab but it takes 3 days for results I think he said?
Thank you



Yeah hun mine also took 3 days to come, i would ask them about the IV antibiotics. They could do the job xx




Thank you,
Yeah I knew all of this.
I don't have any symptoms of an infection. My surgeon said it could be a superficial infection though.
I hope this will be the case. I would prefer drains for however long, then having to have the implant removed.
This is all VERY worrying for me and not a nice experience at all...
Thanks again!


oh hun....... dont really know what to say!.... it must be awful for you, ill be keeping everything crossed fot you! poor thing..... xxx




Thank you everyone
Everyone is being so nice and encouraging.
I just hope I get to keep my implant.
Well on the up side its winter soon so it'll be easier to cover up!


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