I've got horrible big areolas!!!!



I know this might sound silly but its a concern for me... i have really large areolas and its just crossed my mind that while looking at everyones pics, i've never came across anyone who has the same horrible big circle around their nipples like me!! Has ANYONE got the same problem as me and had a BA...how will these look? will they stretch and look ridiculous??? HElp, pics and info please



Oh my dear, please don't worry!

Hi, I am a man, and a Dr., and I want you to know, you have NOTHING to worry about, quite the contrary! I have seen many nipples and areolas in my life, not only professionally, but in my personal life as well! First of all, you are in the norm, because the majority of the women I have seen have larger areolas, whether their breasts are big, or smaller. Personally, I LOVE big areolas, the bigger the better, and most men I have ever discussed this with agree! I have been with many women in the past, and any time I saw a woman with big, or even huge areolas, I got totally turned on!! Please, you should feel blessed!! Hopefully, you have a LUCKY man who is enjoying those wonderful areolas of yours!

Dr. Daub


Op tomorro

Hi hun i am having my op tomorro, and although my areolas arent massive they are still bigger than adverage, and im dreading them getting even bigger! We shall soon find out though i guess xx



gdluck rosie804 for tommorow look forward to hearing ur story xxxx




Thankyou!!! Not long now, up early for breakfast before 6am!! Nerves are kicking in now xx



i have the same problem as u lol im actuli having a nipple lift and having mine reduced ... but i have read that girls like them more after surgery because they look more in proportion with the breast so i wouldnt worry ive looked at alot of before and after pics and its true they dont stretch alot and always look better xxx


Don't worry

It's all good


I have the same issue

Hey did you ever get an answer about the large areolas? My are also rather large and I would love to see how others adjusted.


Im still shy

I have large areolas too and it makes me quite self consious at times.
Alot of guys love them but Im still thinking about surgery, the only thing holding me back is my fear.
Does anyone have before and after photos so i can see what the guy with the knife will do to me?
Gemma xx


I know the feeling


My large areolas make me very self conscious too. I think they look hideous. They're better looking when I'm cold because they sorta shrivel up and look smaller, but at times I can barely look at myself because they disgust me so much. My guy loves them and previous boyfriends have always complemented me on my breasts but I just have no confidence

Unfortunately I don't have before and after photos because I haven't been through surgery. I went to my GP about getting a referral but she said it was something that wouldn't be allowed on the NHS because it's purely cosmetic and I just don't have the money for it at the moment. Part of me would love to accept my body, but I don't think that will happen until I have surgery

There's some good before and after photos if you visit the Aurora Clinics website and look up areola reduction. You might also want to look up tubular breasts also because sometimes large areolas result because of this too.

Hope some of that helps!


Thank you for replying


Although I am very conscious about them, seeing that so many other woman have large areola and they're just as self conscious as I am has made me feel a bit better.
I'm the same! When I'm cold and mine shrivel up I think they look alright, not good but alright.
I would rather love my body for what it is than have surgery to try and fit in but I often end up ignoring someone who might be interested in me so I don't have to show him my boobs. Stupid I know...
Gemma xx


I could have written that myself


It is at least reassuring we're not the only ones, but still doesn't help that I want smaller areolas and that's not gonna happen without surgery. But the thing is I don't really want surgery, I suffered from anorexia, although am recovered 5 years now, but as you can imagine my body image was and still isn't the best, so I wish I could get over this. I've also done the same with guys who have been interested in me - I've ended it before we became intimate so I wouldn't have to show them my boobs. But now I'm coming round to the view that if they don't like me because of my boobs, they're not worth my time!


Big areolas look sexy

Hi there big areolas look very sexy they really turn me on, would love to take a peek


To all the guys ...


I know you probably think you're helping by saying you love big areolas, etc. but at the end of the day we're disappointed with them, and it doesn't matter if other guys like them, it's whether we like them ourselves.


Is not to help but...


You might be unpleased by your areolas but you got to understand that theres a higher purpose to the nature of your areolas.


Magnificent big areolas!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Eipvci0dVZ4/T5suMo7wt9I/AAAAAAAAA0c/hcSA9wrwmXc/s1600/Girl%2BWith%2BNice%2BSwollen%2 BTits%2Band%2BLarge%2BAreolas. jpeg



I think you shouldnt worry about your areolas, as a guy i can ttell you, the larger they are the better.


I'm in the same boat too!


I just came across this post because I was going to make a separate post about exactly the same thing. My breasts aren't that big, they're a 34C / D but I have huge areolas too and I've hated them since my breasts started developing! Past BFs have actually been very complementary about them and one was a bit obsessed with them, but I hate them!

I've been thinking about surgery for years but don't really want a BA, as I feel like my breasts are the right size for my frame. I've read about areola reduction surgery as a stand alone operation - not as part of a BA, breast reduction surgery or breast uplift surgery and was wondering whether anyone had had it done?


Big areolas #1


If there was a heaven, I wish that there would be hot girls with big AREOLAS!


Big areolas #1

I LOVE WOMEN WITH BIG AREOLAS! #1 ... I don't like women with small Areolas...they look like Men. A hot woman has big breasts, big areolas and for added bonus big nipples. Slender waist, big hips and plump buttox is excellent as well. Last but not least long legs and hot feet.



Hiya, mine was big too n I had an uplift with implants n then nthey looked small straight after and all a sudden I didn't like them for being small cos that looked ridiculas on my new bi9gger boobs. Now everything has settles they back to normal and I'm glad too. Pm me if you want the password to my album so you can see my before n after pics xx

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