Melanotan 11 (tanning injections)



I am taking melanotan II and have been for a while will i have to stop this after my op or even before

I f you have never herd of it its the tanning injections



Your query is not clear about melanotan 2 tanning injections

Hello Melissa,

You can use melnaotan 2 product according to your need. If you're using tanning injections then it is permanent solutions for you. You can use this regularly as required. In other cases if you are going to other options like tanning spray or powder then you can leave it after the fulfilment of your need.

In your case you should stop the tanning injection as your wish.



I would like some advice on melanotan. Please email me on amyalexander169@msn.com


Using mt sine 2008

Hi i have used MT since 2008 and since i hated the sun due to very bad exp as a child it was the only option for me. I used to burn through factor 50, now i dont hide from the sun and go a lovely colour. Some side affects but nothing major, sickly for about 20 min and dark spots on my lips but i dont care, they make my life so much easier and now i can atully enjoy going abroad. Id be happy to discuss this further in private. The sun used to ruin me, now i love it! I dont take them all year just in the summer :0) i used to also suffer acne and have some mild scarring on my face. When im tanned i need hardly no makeup so again it makes m life much easier. I hope they legalise them, i really do xx


Hey babe

Im sure u kno the risks involved with them so im not going down that route, i used to do them myself. But the only thing i would say is to stop taking them a couple of weeks before ur op because your wounds will take longer to heel if u dont. I had a cut before & it took foreverrr to go away! Xx



just like to warn people off the tanning injections as i got skin cancer off them


Hey chick

Yes deffo stop taking it!! I took it for awhile bit made me not as dark as i would have hoped but my moles went black some people i know litwrally looked like they had been to jamaica for 6 months!! Jelous!! Xxxx


Bad news

i had these about 2 years ago and they kill your immune system. They was very popular where i live they was all over the papers. i had a cut on my leg that didnt heal for about 5months. So i would realllyyy recomend that you stop taking them b4 your op!
A friend of mine caught viral meningitis from being on them. If i had of known all the bad things about them back them i wouldnt have touched them!!


Oh my god!!

Hi Girls... reading this i am really concerned!
Being tanned is great, unless you have flawless porcelain skin then everyone looks better with a tan however.....
Melanin content/ production of certain skins can be attributed to evolution of peoples indiginous to certain regions, primarily to offer protection from the sun. This is why darker skins originate from hotter places in the world- evolutions way of protecting from the hazards presented to pale skins (e.g. sunburn etc).
Those who have less melanin, or less ability to produce melanin are at greater risk from skin cancer (as a result of UVA rays) this is why medical bodies warn those at most risk of sunburn to avoid the sun and use correct SPF cream etc etc. It has been proven if you burn as a result from exposure to the sun you are at greater risk of skin cancer.
This relates seriously to these tanning injections. Obviously its great to just be concerned with what you look like and live in the short term...until you get told you have skin cancer and could die!!! The FDA has not approved these injections and all concerned should take this as a HUGE WARNING!!! these injections are NOT SAFE!!!
the concern is over the unnatural stimulation to melanin production in order to darken the skin and that this may be found to cause cancer. Cancer cells are, put simply, mutations. Obviously changing your natural skin colur paermanently in this way is in itself; MUTATION.
these injections are not approved and relatively new and as such the risks are not yet known, please do your research before taking these injections girls and weigh up if you want to be tanned that badly that you are prepared to be a potential statistic if they are found to cause cancer. Is tanning worth death????
Its like all injectable drugs gained illegally, there will always be casualties who will provide the statistics to form the "against" argument, as is the case with anabolic steroids and more recently (and more horrifying) growth hormone.
Health has got to come first surely? xx



hey, could i have some info please.. really intrested!!!


Melonatan.. yes or no..??

Hi Ladies

PM me if you are interested in knowing more about melonatan 2



Tanning injections


do you know were you can buy tanning injections from ??x




Hi Catt

Im using the melanotan 2 spray at the moment but still need the sunbed weekly. Im thinking of going over to the injection but theres just so much confusion about it i dont know where to turn! If you could help I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time,

Sandie xxx




Can you get it via your GP?
I suffer from Polymorphous Light Eruptions(an allergy to sunlight that appears in the form of a red skin rash) & have researched & found out that these injections would change the compostition of my skin so I would not get the rash.
Any help would be great


Melonatan 2


Hey i seen ur message that u rote on the site back in may. im very interested in usin the injections but i would like to no how safe they are.. i wouldnt have a clue on how to go about usin them. do u have to mix them urself? im quite pale n would just like to go a golden brown i dont want to go black as i think it wouldnt look natural. is there a specific way you use them to get ur desired colour? were do u purchase them and how much would it cost. i would be very greatful for as much information as possible.

thanks alot






Please can you give me some more informaton on this melonatan stuff.
Where is the best place to get it?

Please reply to my email address: lucycorlett@yahoo.co.uk




Melanotan yes/no


Please could you send me info on this as im really interested, would like as much as possible and gd supplier too.thanks




Hi hun
i have friends who have had these injections for years, and im really tempted to try them, im confused on how it works, do i only go on sunbed once a week etc??
your advice would be great


Where u get that at hun?

i used to take the tanning injections but i got them from my ex so i no longer know where to get them. could u tell me what site to go to? please and thank u


Please help


I've just read ur post Reg: melanotan ll, I realy realy would love to start using it,
i've found a few places i can buy it from,
But nothing say's about how u use it, I've been told u have to mix it yourself is this true?
AND if so is it hard to do? I'm not worried about an injection, and i know there are places to get needles from,
I'm just not to sure on the whole buying it mixing it thing,
I'm so sorry for just jumping in an asking you all this but please help me





hi would u pls tell me where i can get melanotan injections from pls im having trouble getting them many thanks megan

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