My boobs are pointy!!!


I know that they will be pointy for a while but they defo will drop down right? the implant in right at the top and its not quite filled the nipple, they are very pointy and i look like madonna when will this drop and then go more rounded?
I have also been getting this feeling when i stretch my arms its like air bubbles in my breast and it makes a creaking noise is this normal?
The whole of my breasts are numb also when will i get the feeling back?
Sorry for the thousand and one questions but please help????
thanks Elise xxxxx


Pointy boobs six days post op...aargh!

I was so pleased to read I am not the only one. I have two cones!! They were a little pointy to start with (not tuberous) but the PS promised me that they would look much more round after the BA. I am going to see the nurse tomorrow...just to make sure that it's normal and that they'll eventually look rounded.

I also can't wait for the bloating to go down - I look like I'm going to give birth to a litter of elephants!



Hi there hun, I remember that feeling that they would always be pointy and high. Dont worry they wont be.

I found my boobs were completely numb for about 9 days I think thats because the skin is so stretched and it was also really shiny, I started to get feeling back at the top of my boobs and bubbly feeling stopped then my skin went flaky which is a good sign, your skin renewing itself, some people also get a sun burn type feeling but I didn't, just put lots of mosturiser on it helps. Then the next stage which didn't last long was itchy scars, this is them scabing over and the skin knitting together another good sign, you can take antihistamines which help with the itchy feeling, also putting ice packs wrapped in a tea towel helps, dont get the scars wet though .All this time my boobs stayed high but became less pointy and more round looking. After this stage when I lent over I got a strange feeling in my one boob like the implant was moving, it was weird but also went quite quickly. At about 4 weeks my left boob dropped but my right boob stayed high so I had odd boobs for quite a while as it took the right time to catch up. I cant remember when it happened but my right nipple went back to normal sensation by about 4 weeks but my left stayed numb. Me cleavage stayed numb and from my nipples down to my scar stayed numb. By about 6 weeks my left nipple was still numb and so to was the bottom half of my boobs my cleavage had started to come back to life my boobs were softer but still firm enough so that it felt weird to push them together. At 3 months post op my cleavage was not numb at all my left nipple began to get a little feeling back but the bottom half of my boobs was still numb. Now I am at 4 months recently I got more feeling back in my left nipple but it's still not back to it's normal sensitivity but I started getting shooting pains in the bottom half of my boobs and all of a sudden the feeling in the bottom half of my boobs is returning. It's not fully back but it's gettting better by the day. My boobs are so soft now they feel like real boobs now. So in the next few months they should regain all sensation. My scars are fading by the day and are just small pink lines now.
You have lots of changes to come and it can take a while for everything to adjust, but I promise you the time goes so quickly, it feels like a few weeks ago I had my op and it was 4 months. Give your body plenty of time to heal and remember everyone is different, what took 3 months for me might only take 6 weeks for you. Our bodies react differently. Remember you have had a major operation and each boob is a different operation so one might heal differently to the other, but they do even out. Take care of yourself and do exactly what your surgeon says and get lots of rest for the next few weeks even if you feel better, you need to heal more inside than you do outside. Eat healthy to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to fix itself and reduce the healing time.



yes omg yes!! mine are so loud, and the right moreso than the left. I've read on the web it can take upto a year to dispel the trapped air so don't worry......HA! its gross I hate it, can other people hear it or is it just you? thats what i wonder about mine.
also mine are quite pointy, not so much as they were last week but I wonder how long it takes for them to drop. have yours dropped at all?? xxx


Hi babe

No need to worry babe, it's perfectly normal for them to look a bit like cones for a while, over the following weeks they will slowly begin to soften and settle into a more natural shape, and you will notice them looking better every day.

Funny noises coming from your boobs, again this is very common and is nothing to worry yourself over, it's all part of your boobs beginning the healing process.

Regards the numbness, it is different for all us girls, it's common for the numbness to come and go too especially in the nipples as the nerve endings begin to re-attached themselves, think about a light bulb blinking on and off when the connection is slightly damaged, it's the same principle. It will settle down in time.

I'm currently 4 weeks post op and still have no feeling in my right nipple but this does not worry me, because I was aware that this can happen and it's a small trade-off for having the big boobs I've wanted all my life. Besides my nipples before my op were ultra, ultra sensitive, so much so that I would jump out of my skin everytime my guy gave touched them and to be honest it was annoying because I wished they were less sensitive, so I love it now that he can give them a good feel and we can both enjoy them!

Just try not to worry too much, and let your body heal in it's own way, and try to be patient babe

Lv Em xxx


Argh that horrid bubbley feeling!

the bubbly feeling is normal. it used to knock me sick. it went after about a week and a half.
i'm 4 weeks post op and parts of my boobs are still totally numb! some of the feeling started to come back after 3 weeks though.
mine have only just started to drop and loose the pointyness. don't worry they will drop and soften. it does take time though.
this forum is a god send for all these little questions!!!!

hope the bubbly feeling passes soon sweetie and happy healing

x x x x x




Your right girls... Im a week post op now and I can tell the difference every day.. feel so much better the pain has gone completely now my boobs are still pointy but i can see they are becoming more circular. I was abit frightened at first that they would be like that forever.. Worrying over nothing ILOVE THEM XXX




omg im getting the bubbling air feeling its gross loool
i fort it was sumtihing bad but after reading this has made me feel better thanks.
as for the pointed look...i like it but also cant wait to c them settle
im in so much pain tho...only 2days post op xxxx

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