Mya cosmetic surgery


Considering having breast surgery with this company, going to see a surgeon called Mr mahrdi on tue, has anyone had any procedures with mya?


2 years ago

I had my op two years ago and I'm so happy! I was with mr. Kazazi. The scars are almost invisible and I've never had the slightest issue (although that could be just a matter of good luck).


Im seeing mr mahdi on tuesday!!!!

im 4.30... what time r u.x


Lol i should have looked at the date....



Mya definitely

Hi Hun

I went with MYA on 13th May with Dr Adamo best thing I ever did. I am 5 weeks post op tomorrow, haven't had any pain and my scars are perfect.

I have enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish, so professional and helpful. A first class service would definitely go back. It sounds mad but I will be sad when the whole experience is all over.

Good Luck Rachelxxx



I've got a consultation on the 25th june at mya in birmingham and was also wondering if anyone had had surgery there i'm going for tummy tuck.


Mya surgery

I have and it was the best thing I have EVER done!!! It has been a year now and I am so happy with my boobs, they feel and look absolutely real! People at MYA were so helpful and nice. It was an unbelievable experience and if I ever need a surgery again, I would definitely go with MYA. DEFINITELY!!!


Mya cosmetic surgery

I had mine with mr mahrdi yesterday, hes really nice! I felt really comfortable with him, got my op on 8th June! Im so excited!!


I did!!!

Hey hun

Had my BA With Mr Kazzazi on 28th March....WOW!! I am so so thrilled with his wsork. I loooove my new booboes. Everyone at MYA were great from start to finish. Had my 6 week check on on friday, saw patient co ordinator and surgeon and everything was fine. I'd def 100% MYA to anyone!! xxx

Love Cara




hi i want to get my boobs done and i read some where you can get £150 of if some one refers you.And also the person who refers you gets £100,so i was thinking could you be the person to refer me and u can get £100.if not thats fine thank you




thanks for replying, im off to see a surgeon on tue and am very excited, heard nothing but good things about MYA, so glad i chose them now, cant wait to get my new boobs!x




ive got my first consultation at mya in manchester this saturday! please let me know how it goes! which clinic are you going to? xx




went to sheffield to see mr mahdi about enlargement and uplift, surgeon made me feel really at ease and im really confident hes going to do a good job. Cant wait for my new boobs!!!!




I have been to 2 other companies and Mya was the best out of the three. I go to the Bristol clinic and my pc is lovely! I also saw Mr Chatarasak on Saturday and he is lovely too. Booked a BA with them for 7th July yippee 22 days time..



Which implants to mya use?


Hiya girls,

I'm still looking around for the right company/implants/surgeon/price - my head is swimming!!!

What type of implants do MYA use?





implants including cui, soft touch, responsive, mchan. the commest being allergan cui.


Breast reduction with mya


Just had my consultation today in Birmingham

I have a consultation with Dr Singh on July 9th, anybody know of him?



That is worrying as I am supposed to be having my surgery done 9th with Dr.Singh in London!! I hope MYA haven't messed up.. they don't seem very organised at all!!


Dr singh


hi i have heard BAD THINGS ABOUT HIM! he is a fan of giving huge breast implants with bad scars!! read this


hope this helps xxx


Dr singh...no bad words about him...


I have had two consultations with Dr Singh and he has done nothing but reassure me and comfort me. I did hear he likes big implants but this could just be a complaint from someone that had him n its got out of control. It's down to the patient and what implant they want, not what he wants.
I was recommended a 410cc by him for a DD which I think is perfect.
I am also seeing Dr traynor this Monday at MYA to get a second view.
Everyone at MYA are lovely. My patient coordinator feels like my friend ha ha saddo lol. They do nothing but make you feel at ease...would highly recommend MYA! Xxxx


Dr trainor..mya


hya just saw ur post and wondering how it went with dr trainor i went for a consultation with him last night and thought he was brill, really professional and knew what he was talking about. ive booked in with him to have it done on 3rd november! i also want dd and he recommended 340 or 380cc? im a 34 a/b now. whar size did he recommend you? xxx

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