Nose job (rhinoplasty)


Calling all black girls who had a nose job. Can you recommend me a good plastic surgeon in the uk. Were you left with any scars or keloids? Please help, i am considering plastic surgery and am unsure where to go and the best surgeon.



Rhino after sugery swelling

I had my surgery 6 weeks ago. I had a bump, my nose was slightly crooked and I had a long tip. I freaked out when the cast came off and my Dr. showed me my nose in a mirror. The tip of my nose was HUGE! Now....after 6 weeks the swelling has gone down quite a bit but the tip is still swollen as is the bottom portion of my nose. I have been taking Arnica tablets and using the gel to ease the swelling. You can get this at Sprouts or Whole Foods.

The craziest part for me is that my co-workers have not noticed or said a thing. I didn't tell them and my Doc said that this would happen. They know something is different but can't really tell what. People start focusing on your eyes and not your big nose.

We just have to resolve to be patient and soon that $8,000, beautiful nose will appear! Ha!


After rhinoplasty or nose job surgery

The amount of time it takes for you to completely heal from rhinoplasty will depend on a number of factors. The first factor is how complicated and extensive your surgery was. For major reconstructive surgeries, several months may be needed before the person sees the final result or results of the surgery, while a simple refinement may only take 4-6 weeks before the final results are visible.

The first 24 hours after surgery will be the most intense in regards to pain, bleeding, swelling, and bruising. Pain medication and anti-inflammatory will be prescribed to you to help control your discomfort levels. You will not want to move around during this time period, so plan on staying in bed with your head elevated for 24 hours after your surgery.

Asked your surgeon about this.



Rhinoplasty on nose tip

hi i had this op done 10 weeks ago & my nose looks bigger than my original nose, the tip of my nose looks a lot bigger & longer if that can actually be, i look worse on pictures than i originally did, my surgeon keeps sending me away when i go to see him & tells me to come back in another 3 weeks, but i haven't been consulted at all on the post op & how things should be, either way there is no way my nose is going to go down a drastic amount in the next 3 weeks, i wish i never had it done, had anyone had work done on the tip & what was your swelling like & for how long?x


Know your options

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Try 'nose secret' instead of 'nose surgery'


If anyone is considering either having rhinoplasty or even simply purchasing a nose shaping device . my recommendation is that they FIRST TRY the Nose Secret nasal inserts product.

The Nose Secret product is, quite simply, nothing short of AMAZING!!!

This product is very unusual in both that it has such a rudimentary, and easy to use, design AND (best of all) the FACT that IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!

If anyone is even remotely considering having rhinoplasty my advice is that they (save themselves lots of time, money, trouble, discomfort and uncertainly of results, by making the decision to) first try Nose Secret.

The impact of this small device is so incredible that, after having used it, a person may change their mind about having rhinoplasty surgery altogether.

The Nose Secret product is quick, easy, effective, essentially invisible and totally pain-free to use.

In addition (unlike the typical cookie cutter-styled results that are so very commonly found among people who have had surgical nose jobs), the Nose Secret product seems to have the phenomenal ability to provide a customized-enhancement of a persons nose features by presenting (in a mere matter of seconds to minutes) both a more naturally-refined and a more distinctively-designed version of the persons natural nose.

The customized-enhancement and refinement (complete with the ability to even induce an upward tilt of the tip) of ones nose, that is provided via using Nose Secret, results in the user of this product displaying a nose that appears to be a more accurate, uniform, symmetrical and complimentary match with all of their remaining facial features and has the capacity to do so with far less time, money, and uncertainty of results than one would find with standard rhinoplasty surgery.


[[[ ALSO -- whenever their customers TYPE-IN the letters "RENE" inside the coupon-code field at their website -- the company will even TAKE an additional 10% OFF the full cost the order. ]]]


Web Site:


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Please dont forget ..it depends on what you want done...i had an alar base reduction and it completely went wrong...also black skins are thicker so you have to be careful with any amount of tissue taken away...

Some rhino surgeons are experienced with ethnic rhino but some really do not have a clue.

Good Luck


Good plastic surgeon

Hi blytech

I havn't had my nose job yet but i thought i may have some useful advice for you. I had consultations with 2 different Cosmetic Surgeons and i was pretty sure i had found the right one and decided to go with him.

However ive been researching the procedure for months on the net. The same day i'd made my choice of surgeon ( i had 2 consultations with him) i was browsing the net as normal looking at before / after pics etc and i came across Landauer.com something made me call the number on the site and i am so thankful i did.

Not only was i speaking to a plastic surgeon (not a sales person) he also knew the surgeon i had chosen and confirmed that YES he is a very good surgeon but he specialises in Breast Augmentation. He recommended that as this was my face were talking about i should see a surgeon specialisng in Rhinoplasty. He was extremley helpful and got me a consulation the next day with a very exp Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. The consultation i had with him was 10 times better than the other and i felt really confident.

Since my consulation i have been in contact regularly with the Surgeon who sorted this out for me and he has been fantastic in giving advice and answering my questions and is currently trying to sort out my op date for ASAP.

I guess what i am saying is go to see at least 2 Suregons and find one that specialises in the procedure.




Hi there,

Please can you advise me of the name of the surgeon that was recommended I am in the same boat I need someone great to do my nose job?

Thanks so much





i can advise you of the best surgeon i have had of the best surgeons in london do my nose but there was one person who perfected it i have all my pictures to prove it if your interested in seein my pictures and want to know email me deanmichael@hotmail.com


Rhinosplasty (nose job)


Hi melymoo

I went on the Landauer.com site and i left my contact details and a guy called Marcus contacted me and referred me to a rhinosplasty surgeon called Jagdeep Channa. Have u heard of him or do you know anyone who has? Apparently he is BAAPS registered.

Thanks again for your response


Nose job


Hi, i know this conversation is really old but i just found it now whilst searching for black rhinoplasty in the UK. I'm eager to know if you have had it done yet or any other information you could tell me. As you know, information about it in the UK is nearly impossible to find!

Hope to hear from you soon!



Re: rhinoplasty (nose surgery)


Hi melymoo

Thanks for getting back to me. I am very scared as I have seen so many awful rhinoplasties done on black women eg. Lil Kim. The surgeon you are referring about do you know his name as I was wondering if he knew a good recommended rhinosplastic surgeon. The surgeons i have visted specialises in all types of surgery from ba to liposuction.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.



Hey.... I've just had rhinoplasty through Mya with Dr Aslani. I am mixed race, and I had worries about the procedure, such as scarring (as I had open rhino) and also ending up with that horrible nipped in look like lil Kim or Laytoya Jackson lol.

Dr Aslani was amazing, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I told him what I wanted, and then he gave me his opinion, which I then agreed with, and honestly I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon.

I have to say I did so much reasearch before, and the important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your surgeon. I used the lookyourbest website to, but it only seems to plug two surgeons, and I knew when making my decision that there are more than two good cosmetic surgeons out there.

Anyway, thought I would give you a little insight into my experience, as I also had many questions when trying to decide on my surgeon.

Good Luck!!!

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