Patrick mallucci or rajiv grover? - has anyone had ba op with either?


Has anyone had a BA with either Patrick Mallucci, Rajiv Grover or Adrian Richards? I'm a total newbie to this and have been thinking of getting a BA done for a while but too scared and finances not sorted until now. I have consultations with Rajiv Grover and Adrian Richards coming up but not sure whether to try Patrick Mallucci too? The hefty consultation fee for him is putting me off and I'd really appreciate if anyone could help or give pointers about each of their experiences with these BA surgeons?

I'm a 32b and want to have a natural look BA but still want a bit of a boost to be in proportion and look curvier.


Ba implant type? questions

Thanks ladies,

Sarahhoney, did you have Round implants or Teardrop ones? Also, did you have the Allergan Natrelle (Softouch or Responsive?), Nagor or SIlimed ones? I really want to have round implants but want them to look very natural and I'm concerned Rajiv Grover is more inclined to push for the Silimed and teardrop implants. I have a consultation booked with him in July.

Patrick Mallucci is at the Cadogan clinic but I don't know of anyone who's had a BA by him, and not seen any before/ after pics.


Ba implant type? questions


Hello again,

I've got Silimed tear drop implants and as I understood it is the only brand to have FDA approval in USA and CE approval in Europe for both tear drop as well as round implants.
Apparently they have a lower risk of rotation than any other brand and also come with a life time guarantee against rupture. Allergan and mentor have both approvals for round (i.e. USA and Europe) but not FDA approval for tear drop in USA. Only Silimed has both approvals for round and tear drop. I enquired after the recent PIP implant panic...
Dr Grover did suggest that tear drop implants would be the most suitable as I was aiming to achieve as natural look as possible and perhaps better suited for my body shape.
He advised and explained in detail what the visual effect both types would achieve. However, he completely left it up to me to make the final decision.
Again, I am extremely pleased with the result and would not want any different.


Hi sarah


sorry to bother but i am in a real dilemma, went to see RG last week and i was looking at anatomical implants... they feel quite hard... do the actualy feel natual and soft once they are under the muscle?
thank you for your help


Patrick mallucci or rajiv grover? - has anyone had ba op with either?

I had BA done by Rajiv Grover and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself! I took time to choose adequately experienced and qualified surgeon and the fact that he promotes a natural look and is the President of British association of aesthetic plastic surgeons (BAAPS) convinced me to book a consultation. It took very little for me to make the decision for he came across as very honest, professional and did not try to push me to commit to anything I would not be comfortable with. Now I am the proudest owner of the most beautiful breasts! They suit my body shape and they look so natural. And if I ever decide to have another surgery i.e. face lift, I will certainly contact R. Grover again

ps I was your size prior the op..



Mallucci is one of the founding fathers of Mybreast. I don't know if he still performs surgery for Mybreast though, but it might be worth calling them and asking. It would save you money, consultation fee is only £25.

I didn't have my op with Mallucci, though I did consider him. I had mine done with Simon Withey, his collegue and another Mybreast cofounder xxx


Thank you

Thanks consuela,

I can't seem to find before and after pics for Mallucci, but have seen Rajiv Grover's BA work and Adrian Richards before/ after pics too for BA. Mallucci has a really high consultation fee £200, which if I add up all costs with other consultations will be a lot to fork out.

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