Rhinoplasty, does the swelling go down?


Iv had Rhinoplasty done ten days ago and i have just had my cast taken off and I am slightly worried as the tip still looks rather big like it did previously. The nurse ensured me that it is just merely swelling but i am really panicing that the surgeon did not do much to the tip as i used to have a bump in my nose but that has been removed and looks great.
So if anyone has had rhinoplasty could u please let me know how much swelling there was in the tip of the nose so i will know if mine will ever go down

x x x


Me too.

I ha my surgery a week ago for sinus problems but also for a huge bump and, as the doctor called it, a bulbous tip (even thinking those words makes me laugh ). I just got the cast of yesterday and am happy with it but it does look kind of weird. He just straightened it out but the tip is so swollen that it looks like a ski jump from the side and almost a pig nose from the front. It's kinda cute really, but luckily he said the swelling would go down a lot in a month and then gradually over a few months. That's fine for me though. It's still better than it was!


Rhinoplasty experience


Hi alysab1,

I know you posted this almost three years ago but I recently came across your response and am hoping you are still active on this site. I got rhinoplasty and asked for a straight nose, the bump (hook) has gone but the end of my nose seems to curl outwards around the tip making it look slightly curved but not in a pretty way. The tip looks quite fat and sticks out a bit. I had my cast off 4 days ago and am 2 weeks 3 days post op altogether. I was wondering what you think of your nose now, if it was just swelling and if it straightened out in the end? All the best -J


The swelling goes down.

Its now a year on since I had my surgery and in response to my message below all the swelling has gone down. I think after the 3rd and 4th weeks it went down a lot and then it has been gradual. I have been left with a wider bridge but there was a lot of work that needed doing on my nose, but I can say I am so much happier now that I have had my surgery and I feel so much more confident. My nose is not perfect even after surgery but I have had to accept that, as I dont think you can ever get a perfect nose. I am a lot less self conscious though now and I dont worry about people noticing my nose like I used to. The septum has gone back slightly to a bend but I was warned about that.

So I will say the swelling will go down but just be patient. I think it does take longer for the tip to go down and for it to start feeling 'normal' again. So try not to worry and also look after yourself. No one really prepares you for this experience and I would just say try to be patient and give yourself lots of tlc in the process xxx


Your update made me smile - thank you


I came back earlier from having my strips and stitches removed. I had open septo surgery to refine the tip. I also had alar rim grafts to pull the nostrils down and the middle bit pulled up. The nurse did not give me a mirror to show me what it looked like, but I could tell by her face and the student nurse that it looked bad. The nurse just mentioned it is very swollen and will get even more swollen with the warm weather!! When I got to the car and saw my reflection in the glass I was SHELL SHOCKED. I sat in the car for a while completely stunned. My main worry is going back to the office tomorrow and what I am going to say to people I work with. Your experience (except your allergic reaction to antibiotics) is very similar to me....my hose is HUGE. I had this done so i'd feel great on my wedding in October, but now I really really regret doing it. Anyway, I did a search on 'reducing swelling after rhinoplasty' and came across this thread. What you said has cheered me up a bit and feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel Also the clown nose comment made me laugh, as that is how I feel my nose looks like


It does get better


When I wrote the post above it was on the day I had the strips removed and was in complete shock. I felt like a complete freak and decided to stay at home a few days more. 5 days later, I must say I am feeling soooo much better, the swelling DOES go down My swelling has already gone done a lot and I take pics daily to keep an eye on the improvement. I have been drinking pineapple juice and also taking Bromelain tablets (reduce swelling) which I got from Holland & Barratt, whether its a coincidence, I have noticed a HUGE improvement since taking them. I have also been ensuring that I drink 2 litres of water a day. I know how distressful it is when you first see the swelling so I wanted to share this with you. It has certainly helped me and hopefully this nugget of advice will work for you too. Take Care all and it does get better in time. xxxx p.s. if you do a search on bromelain, you will also see forums where surgeons recommend this post surgery.


Try not to panic!

I had a rhinoplasty 9 days ago and am due to have my splint off in two days time. Whilst I am hugely impressed with how painless the whole procedure has been and how little scarring I'll be left with, I too, am suffering from a large nasal tip! My rhinoplasty was to straighten and reduce the tip, lift the septum and de-project the bridge to make my nose appear more feminine. Unfortunately due to taking hot baths, my tape has come unstuck a number of times and I am having to re-stick it every day.. but it did mean I got a sneaky peak!

The bridge looks brilliant, but the tip is large and rock hard and although surgery lifted my septum so my nostrils weren't so obvious, it looks like it's been lowered! without my splint, my nose looks really odd and the nostrils appear different sizes. I have done a lot of research online and every forum/medical site etc say the same thing - swelling reduction is a lengthy process and can take 6-18 months to fully subside. I also saw a picture of someone whose swelling didn't fully disappear until 3 years post op! So I am just crossing my fingers that in the next year, it becomes smaller and smaller and it will be how I want it. Hope yours is recovering well. I heard massage helps.


Don't panic

I had my rhino in 2008. I was panicking I needed more surgery after a month as it was swelled on one side more than the other. It took six months to be perfect if I'm honest.

I know what it's like when they take the cast off and expect you to be overjoyed and you're horrified!

The only negative part post rhino is I now have really open pores on my nose but the size and shape is amazing and it was a tricky job with the top of the bridge and tip being changed.

Good luck ladies. Just be patient


Dont worry

i remember mine lasting a while whilst the incisions were healing. if its still hard in a few weeks and not painful i was advised by my surgeon to lightly massage it. the scar tissue is so much harder then what was there so it does take time. my nose took a year to heal and settle completly but its soo worth the wait and no one noticed but me.
please dont panick though its very normal xxx


Same boat

I am so glad I have found this thread as I am in the exact same situation.

I had open-septoplasty with an ENT Surgeon 6 days ago, I had the cast off yesterday and I think I have gone into total shock. My nose is the right shape but I feel it is HUGE and so obvious like some big rubber comedy nose on my face. The tip looks massive and the swelling between my eyes of the bridge just makes me look weird and no longer like me. I chose this particular surgeon as when having consultations with high street companies the surgeons we'rent too focused on sorting my breathing out and just the aesthetics of my nose. This surgeons prime focus was my breathing and he said he would make the tip more feminine.

I was teased from a child because my nose was very over projected and pointy. Also I suffered a few bangs to it and the septum was deviated, which became more noticeable as I have been getting older, which in turn has been affecting my self confidence.

My recovery post surgery hasn't been to great. The bruising and swelling has been horrendous as he said my nose was so hard to break! He said that once he opened my nose up it was worse than expected, the septum was all twisted and my nose had basically collapsed! So I'm hoping that this is my nose looks so swollen due to the work thats been carried out?? Ive also had a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotics that I've been prescribed resulting in me having to go to A&E as all my face swelled up like a puffer fish, my breathing was restricted and they caused an outbreak of thrush on my face.

Now I'm just left feeling totally disgusting with a nose I really didn't expect to have. I visualised feeling totally elated once seeing my new nose and now I'm feeling depressed and embarrassed. No one prepared me for this at all. Im just hoping after reading all your comments that my nose will reduce and look more normal, as at the moment I dont think I can face seeing anybody as I feel so stupid.


Dont worry!

Hey, just to let you know..im in exactly the same boat! Had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and there are parts for example my profile on both sides looks really good but my main problem was how wide the tip was and it looks exactly the same as before if not bigger! I was told like you that it would go down and i think we really need to be patient.. Ive asked other people as well and they said it takes months..particularly the tip (that takes the most time to go down). I also found out from a guy that he was so unhappy with his nose a month (because he felt the tip hadnt changed size) that he booked to get it done again a year later. Months later he loved it !!!!!! Which means fingers crossed we will have a great nose for our face in time to come..just too soon now!! All the best and keep posted..would be cool to stay in touch and show our progress P.S. What was wrong with your tip??/ What did you want doing?


Hi sophie


Its nearly 6 months post my nosejob. Have to say unfortunately I'm still not that happy with it. The tip isn't defined enough and my nose still looks a little wider than what I wanted. Can't see that will change that much. I've gotten used to it but wouldn't ever think of going through a revision simply because of how unpredictable the procedure is. I preferred my old nose in all honesty. I didn't want much doing with my tip at all apart from a de-projection. It was sharp and defined before, now its just a bit round. Wish I could be more positive. The only lesson I've learnt is don't mess with your face!


More piggy complaints

would be great to hear from anyone that posted on this thread. Did your tips come down a bit and did the swelling subside?
I've had a rhinoplasty a month ago and am really really unhappy with how short and piggy the nose looks. I really miss my old nose and haven't show my family even how bad I look because it will really upset them.


My piggy nose


I had my nose done a week ago and as urs my nose looks very short! I can c my nostrils clearly and the tip of the nose is very thick and pointy. I'm very worried and just wondering if ur situation resolved? Has the swelling gone down ? I know it's been only a week but it's such a drastic change I can't stop worrying. Thanks Mon


Miss piggy


I had rhinoplasty completed on 5/04/11. The piggy look will subside soon. The swelling however will go down slowly daily. I take a pic every day and notice a big difference. but when i look in the mirror I see just a big nose. I takes a full 6 months before you most of the swelling goes down. Don't worry it will turn out fine.

G. Borodkin



Hi there,

How did it go with the results of your rhinoplasty. Are you happy with your new nose? I assume the swelling went down and you can now really see the change. I've had mine done just two weeks ago and have concerns about how it looks at the moment. Mine seem very wide around the bridge, plus the nose tip is really large. It's not streight either. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you. Kinga


How was the final result

I also just had rhinoplasty to reduce the bump and shape the tip but 8 days after the surgery, my nose looks really fat and extremely big and ugly. The doctor tells me it's just sweeling and i must give it time.

The tip looks "bulbous" and does not look like it has been reshaped to have a narrow tip.

Is this just swelling?



i had the same thing done 7 days ago.. i get my steristrips taken off on friday i cant wait... althou i didnt get any bruising apart from on my nose i have a little bit of swelling i think it has gone down alot but i can still notice some... i had lumps on the side and a hump on the bridge, im happy with the result. but my tip looks bigger than it was i dont no if this is due to the swelling there tho tools went inside the nostrels.... so if anyone else has the same wud love to hear if ur having the same worries thanks x


Swelling on the tip of the nose

Hi, I'm really impressed with the top of my nose where the bump has been removed but my mother says the tip looks bigger than it did before i started!!! and I have to agree with her. There is swelling around the scar but its day 10 now and i've had no bruising of problems but I cant see that there is any great difference from the nose I already had!! Does anyone know if it will chage at all or should I be speaking to pc again?


Tip swelling


I can fully relate to these experiences. I had a full rhinoplasty & septoplasty done 5 days ago, and am having my cast taken off tomorrow. I have been quite lucky in that I have had very little bruising & swelling in my eyes & face, except for the tip of my nose. The main reason I had this done was to remove a hump on the bridge of my nose - no tip work. But my surgeon insisted in lifting my tip 1mm, so i respected his professional judgement. Well, the hump is now gone so I'm happy with that part, but my tip which used to be quite pointy & refined, is not rounded & bulbous! And before you couldn't see my nostrils when you looked at me face-on, but now you can and I look like Miss Piggy! Which is exactly what I said to my surgeon I did NOT want to happen! So I'l reeeeeeally hoping this is only because the tip is swollen, and am praying it will drop again once the swelling goes down...otherwise I want my old nose back!
Any of you have the same experience? Does the bulbous tip go away & drop a bit in time?


miss piggy look


i also had the same problem also my nose looked discoloured and very bruised.. So from a distance my nose looked short.

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