Can you choose to have a c-section?


i really want a c-section... can you choose to have one?

i REALLY dont want a normal birth if you know what i mean.. also my brother was 11LB 4 and the doc said my baby could be even heavier! as its generic

theres no way i could squeeze out something that heavy!! LOL!


Your body, your choice

I dont blame you at all.

I too, am going to try and opt for an elective section this time. This is my 3rd baby, ive had two vb's and would never want to experience this ever again.

I have an appt with my Consultant in a fortnight's time, so fingers crossed.

Good luck!


You can if you milk it...

If you lay it on thick to your doctor that your having nightmares, not enjoying your pregnancy because of the fear of giving birth naturally or something like that than i believe they'd do it for you.
I've had 1 child (naturally) & swore i'd have a c-section the 2nd time it was that traumatic & my Mum (who was there for the birth) definatly agreed my experiance was bad. Pregnant with my 2nd 1 now & after seeing my sister struggle with her c-section i'll definatly go natural again.
They thought her son was going to be massive he was only 7lb 6. She couldn't hold him straight away, theyfore struggled with breastfeeding, could hardly even walk for the 1st few wks without feeling like she'd rip apart again & the scar is massive!!!! If i was you i'd push for a few hrs, you'll get over it & have higher chance of getting your body back! She still can't apply pressure to the scar without thinking she'll open up again (6 mths later)


Choices etc


Both types of birth have advantages and disadvantages. Whereas it is true that it takes generally longer to recover from c-section, it can also be preferable to the experiences such as the lady who has said she had an emergency one after 42 hours labour + and also ventouse or whatever which failed.

If the c-section is planned and you haven't got psychological issues with it such as feeling like a failure etc, it can be pretty relaxed. Okay, I won't lie to you, there is pain to pay afterwards, but not truly unbearable (at least it wasn't for me).

I wanted the opposite to you, home birth but my baby was breech and large and it was not advisable. I went to pieces but then decided that endangering my child wasn't worth it. I have a friend who had a natural birth which was really trully horrific (but her case is very rare) so I wouldn't want to scare you with horror stories.

Now, with c-sections, yeah, there are risks, but electives, well calculated risks so it is a gamble between going natural and see what happens (could be good, bad or medium) or going c-section and knowing it will be bad in some respects but pretty safe.

I would personally assess it according to your personal circumstances and level of risk. To me if the risk is very high in terms of possible damage to the baby or even very high in terms of having to have a panicky c-section with a baby who is in distress etc, I'll have a c-sec any day. Now, if all is well with my next, I'll try natural (if my chances of delivering without huge tears etc are good).

Now, if your baby is estimated to be that big and you really want c-section you should be able to push (pardon the pun) for c-section on medical grounds. Without medical grounds you are in the hands of the consultant there (unless you go private). There has been a lot of media pressure that has made hospital make women who are pretty high risk try vaginal first to fix their statistics (just so that you are aware).

Now, the cost of private c-section is my experience is a lot higher of what was quoted to you (over £10,000), but when I was advised to have c-section my husband wanted me to have the best possible team and to be as comfortable as possible, so he decided he wanted to pay for private care. We're not made of money or anything but he inherited a fair amount at 18 because both his parents died in an accident when he was an infant and that was his choice (that I was comfortable).

Can it make a difference to go private? I would certainly reccommend it to anyone who can afford it. I know ladies who were scheduled for c-sections and sent home because (as they try to schedule less of them so that the figures go down) they had too many emergencies on the day and that can be very stressful. Also, having to share the ward with screaming babies after surgery, your OH being sent home etc. It definitely was the right choice for us but as I said, it all depends on so many factors.


Why would you want to!!!

I have had two babys, and am trying for baby number three, i was in labour 42hours with my eldest daughter, left pushing for 2 hours was then taken down for a ventouse which failed and i had to have emergncy c/section, that was in feb2005, i then went on to have a baby boy in dec 2005 by elective c/section only ten months apart are my kids, and can i just tell ya hun, my stomach is F**** bcoz off the sections i have loads of loose skin and an apron, i have suffered badly with depression regarding it been tho hell and back,With my daughter i had to have it, but with cal i choose coz i was scared my scar would split, to this day i regret doing it, was the worsest experince ever, i had panic attacks tho out the operation, now like i said trying for baby number 3 and hopefull if god lets me then i will push this baby into this world,



I participated today your site. Thanks everyone


...of course you can

Hi there,

You can choose to have a C-section if you want to pay for one. I looked at the options myself and in the Midlands, the average price to go private is the same if you want a c-section or a natural birth.

£3150. If you are dead against natural then I think it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

I'm going for water birth though as when you have a c-section you are meant to be resting for about 6 weeks after and your stomach muscles take ages to repair (I know three of my mates that opted for the c-sections being too posh to push) when you think something is "the easy option" in childbirth, you compensate for it somewhere else. They all have this little pocket of fat that they can't get rid of no matter how hard they train.

So for me, I'm going "au naturel"!!


I dont really know...

unless there is a medical problem i.e breach/ placenta in the way, i dont think you can opt for one. (unless you have loadsa money and your names victoria beckham!!) i dont really know why people say its the 'easier way' as my mate had one and she couldnt do nothing for up to 3 months, she couldnt even pick up her little one for the first week. where as me i had a natural, though i understand how you feel as i think we all think that at some point,that having a c section is the best pain free way. but its the after care you have to think about.... yeh having a natural birth is painfull, but i wasnt afraid to ask for every drug they could give me!! but 3 weeks afterwards i felt good as new!! well, as well as could be expected with a new born!! x x


Mad to want one?


I've had three babies born vaginally. One at home. It's hard work, but it's very rewarding. After you've given birth, you feel tired, but you don't want to sleep, because you just want to stare at your beautiful new baby. It's new and exciting and lovely. And apart from a little soreness "down below", all you have to concern yourself with is getting to know your new precious bundle, and getting breastfeeding off to a good start.

I have also had major abdominal surgery twice (not for having a baby). The pain and inconvenience, and lack of mobility for such a long time was horrendous. You can't get out of bed for 24 hours, you have a big scar; they don't let you eat for the longest time (or drink for ages, either). The strong pain relief drugs can give you terrible side-effects, and you feel soooo woozy. The LAST thing I could think of doing after my abdominal surgery would have been to look after a baby as well!!

WHO would CHOOSE that?!!!! Yes, people get that because it will make a huge difference to either their lives or their babies' lives (even saving them)- if there's a good medical reason, then it's got to be bettre than making either of you worse in one way or another- but to choose it?

How about waiting and seeing if the baby is going to be huge first? Maybe it won't be? Then you could save yourself the pain?

TM x

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