Any one take micronor mini pill?


Hello, i really need help, my Dr just advised me to come off of the combination pill i was taking (microgynon30) becuase i had put on weight whilst on it. He gave me Micronor but i am really scared about taking it, i have read horrible reviews on it, is it likely to give me acne ? I also hate the fact that you will nevere know when your period is, what other good contraception could i use if not this or does anyone take it ? Many thanks



You can buy micronor here without a prior prescription if you do their online consultation Validpharmacy.com


What i have to say is looks lengthy but i hope you can find patience to read it.

What I have to say is looks lengthy but I hope you can find patience to read it.
I have just s started taking micronor. And recently started experiencing breakthrough bleeding. At first I was accepting and understanding that changes will occur because I have introduced different levels of hormones into my body system.
When the bleeding didnt stop for almost 4 weeks I became a bit worried. So I turned to online forums to see how other women were reacting to this pill. (Of course you cant totally credit what information is floating through the internet.) But every review I was reading was so negative and honestly scary. Other than breakthrough bleeding(which seems like an obvious side effect because progestin makes the walls of your cervix swell) I am doing well, so far, no mood swings or bloating/ weight gain.
Reading those reviews offered ENOUGH STRESS to probably induce all those symptoms I was reading about. So, I want to offer my experience and my theory on this matter.
Taking contraceptive pills should be taken as serious as any other medication. It isnt just a little pill to be taken in step with your current lifestyle. Hormone manipulation is serious business and can have detrimental side effects. Therefore, I THINK, while taking the pill you SHOULD TRY taking other extra steps to help balance the changes in your body (not as a cure-all!).
I do not want to get pregnant and I do not want to be celibate, as bad as it is, I guess this is all medicine has to offer for nowunless there is something I really dont know about. Medicine always has its side effects, be it from pills or surgery.. science and medicine arent magic. THIS IS JUST MY THEORY, I AM NOT A MEDICAL PHYSISIAN AT ALL!
I have started taking extra vitamins to help amp up my entire system. For example, I am worried about the acne side effect of this pill, so I am taking certain vitamins that promote healthy skin, hair and nail. Also, I am worried about mood swings i.e. mental functions, so I have found a vitamin high in Folic acid, iron, zinc. I did some research to find out with kind of vitamins help support different systems in my body.
Like I said.. THESE ARE JUST MY THEORIES, I AM NOT A MEDICAL PHYSISIAN AT ALL! And you should check with your own Physician before taking any of these vitamins I have listed.
You need to be aware of your body, how it works, and what deficiencies, if any, that you, might have.
A side note: Maybe something worth trying.. Regarding Mood swings: if you feel yourself tending toward more negative thoughts, try not to allow yourself to continue that train of thought. Stop and switch to more pleasant thoughts or ideas you might have. Mood levels rise and fall and generally most people experience this. Therefore, accept it as normal, dont fight it or get stuck on wondering why you feel down. Dont give up! Try to bring yourself up! THIS IS JUST MY THEORY, I AM NOT A MEDICAL/ PSYCOLOGICAL PHYSISIAN AT ALL!
I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts on this matter and support my fellow women.


The worst...

Absolutely the worst experience with a pill I have ever had. I've been on them for 5 months (take them same time every day). I have a period every other week. Just finished one last Sunday, it's Sunday again and guess what's back? Not just spotting either, I have a full blown period every other week. I can't take estrogen so that's why I am on these. I was told that spotting could happen for the first few months so be patient, only seems to be getting worse instead of better. They do not help with cramping what so ever and I find that I am hungry all the time. I'm getting an IUD (Mirena) put in in two weeks and it can't come fast enough. Would never recommend this.


Not so good

I started Micronor about 6 months ago due to my history with headaches on combo pills. First couple of months seemed okay, even though I experienced a lot of cramping during period, but after that it was all down hill. Didn't realize it was the pill until i did a lot of research. I've had the worst stomach issues the past 4-5 months, including indigestion, nausea, bloating, etc. This pill has also diminished my sex drive. Also, I've experienced extreme fatigue, especially in the morning and afternoon and have trouble getting to sleep at night. I'm a very healthy active person and none of these symptoms are normal for me. I decided to stop taking this pill 2 weeks into my 6th pack and I'm already beginning to feel better.


Mixed results

I have been suffering from chronic hormonal migraines for about two years, and every other pill I tried made them worse but also made me feel completely crazy and depressed and fatigued beyond belief--I couldn't exercise for a minute without getting winded and I'm usually very physically fit and active. I'm happy to report that since having started Micronor a month ago, I haven't had a single migraine and the debilitating cramps I suffered from are now non-existent and I actually have more energy and a higher sex drive than before.

For the first month I thought I'd found a miracle pill, but now I'm not so sure. Migraines are still absent, which is a big relief, and having no cramps is great. But I have had breakthrough bleeding on and off for weeks. Not sexy.

I have gained a few pounds and my breasts are swollen and really sore, and I'm bloated and sometimes get really gassy, whereas before I never had that problem at all.

I'm also suddenly noticing the depression sinking in. In addition, for the last month, I have also been extremely short-tempered and snap easily, whereas I'm normally very easygoing, loving, patient and peaceful.

Skin is also clear, though, so I think everyone's hormone levels are different and for me, this pill has caused no problems in that area.

I'm also a little bit concerned about the pregnancy issue, though--I take the pill at exactly the same time every day and I'm 40 years old and we do use the withdrawal method also, but the stories of people getting pregnant on this pill do make me nervous. I'll stay on it only because it's the only thing that's stopped my migraines but only if the breakthrough bleeding eases up over time.


Just in case

This post and most of its comments are older but in case someone comes here looking for answers like I did. Give the mini pill a try I cannot take combo pills because I get sick I am estrogen excess so the progestin only pill helps balance my hormones. People complain of nausea, I take the pill at night before bed so I sleep of any side effects. The only side effect I've noticed is extreme breast tenderness and soreness even my nipples are sore. But I've also read some women have had increased breath growth so that's truthfully a small price to pay. I set an alarm on my phone every night to take it, and my sex drive has improved greatly over when I had my paragard( never ever get this IUD, story for another time.) Overall I really am happy with the mini pill



I have been on micronor for just over two weeks after bleeding loads on cerazette. Bleeding has stopped which is great but I have started feeling very dizzy and sick and actually vomitted this morning. Read the side effects and there is it in black and white. Think Im going to bite the pillow and get the injection! Think that would be a better pain in the arse!



I'm thinking of coming off this one! Was on Yasmin for 2 years but had to change due to terrible migraines Since being on micronor no headaches but awful sickness. Constant nausea every morning without fail since taking the first pill. My skin has also exploded I was very lucky and never had an acne problem now my skins awful as soon as one spot goes another appears I'm also hating not knowing when a period is going to appear my first month was fine period arrived like clockwork and stayed for 2 weeks much longer than I usually have and since then havent had another. Combined with the nausea its very worrying. Not a pill I'd recommend.



Due to suffering from migraines, I had to come off Microgynon which I'd been on for years and had always agreed with me.
I was put on Cerazette and stayed on that for about a year, but stopped taking it as I found my mood swings were terrible and that it made my skin awful.
He moved me over to Micronor and straight away, I was reluctant. I always research the medication that the doctor is going to give me and what I read about it horrified me. Regardless, the doctor had prescribed it to me, so I felt like
the doctor knows best.
For a month, I took it at the same time, every day without fail and noticed no symptoms at all. What a relief. Then, all of a sudden, my boobs started getting bigger and hurting, this being one of the symptoms I'd read about (I was already a big D so moving up to an E was not what I really wanted). Then I started urinating more frequently and become stupidly tired. On a whim, I took a pregnancy test, more to settle any doubt. The shock I had when 2 lines came up!!
Sadly, I miscarried at 9 weeks about 3 weeks ago and am now going through the recovery of it all.
Went back to the doctor who has now put me back on Cerazette. Fingers crossed I don't get the same symptoms, but I feel like being a bit spotty and moody is a far better outcome than getting pregnant again!! I would rather steer clear of the mini-pill, but the thought of having the injection or the implant scare me!

So warning to all taking Micronor, pregnancy does happen! I ignored the stories about it and really wish I hadn't!


Micronor: for and against

I have been on Micronor mini pill for a year. It has not affected my periods like some women. It has increases my bra size by two cup sizes! I am now a 32F, which is great, as I've always wanted bigger boobs and men love it...

However, it has given me terrible acne, which has gradually got worse in the time I've been taking Micronor.
I am 34 and have never had spots before, even as a teenager. This pill has ruined my skin! It started as big spots on my chin and round my mouth - as soon as one went away, new ones sprouted in their place - but now there are smaller spots on my cheeks and forehead and the ones by my mouth are huge painful boils. It's disgusting and has ruined my self-confidence. I can cover them with make-up but it means having to really trowel it on and keep reapplying the make-up. I hate being plastered with make-up and
sometimes the spots still show through.

I've been reluctant to come off this pill because I don't want to lose my big boobs! However, the state of my skin is so bad I've decided to come off this pill for a while to see if it clears up. I haven't had a regular boyfriend in the time I've been on this pill but I'm dating and have had several flings. I am looking for a long-term relationship but the spots now make me feel so self-
conscious that I am losing my confidence with dating and meeting new men. If my skin clears up after a while I will then see if I can get a different pill from the GP, and if I meet a man in the meantime we'll just have to use condoms.

I don't know why my GP put me on the mini-pill, perhaps my age? Previous to this pill I was trying for a baby for 3 years in my last relationship, so wasn't using any contraception, and before that I was on Logynon ED which is a combined pill that never gave me any problems. I'd prefer to just go back onto that one
but as I'm nearly 35 maybe the GP will say no? I don't smoke and am not overweight so I hope I can persuade them to put me back on Logynon. I want my clear complexion back!


Micronor and acne or spots ok


I never usually go on forums and things but wanted to comment on your post. I am 22 and have been on micronor a few months never suffered with spots not even a pimple. Now I have massive break out after a bleeding patch of 13 days. Since I been on it and had no periods. Originally on cetrazette but after having a few spots I asked to try another mini pill. All in all I am sure the mini pill has caused all my problems with my skin. I am just anxious to know how long until my skin is ok again ? Proper upset me and made me really sad and made me really conscious and stopping my whole social life. Maybe I am vain! I just now understand how horrible it must he having bad skin. I pray my good skin returns and I will always appreciate it
My last comment is however that all girls are different so really the only thing we can do is trial and error and equally our bodies and hormones Change
For me the next step is visiting gynaecology!

Good luck to all ladies

Hormones and female system sucks

I tell my loving bf I want to come back as a man if there is another life ha ha !!

Final point is every one is different


Hair loss?

I noticed a couple of replies mentioned hair loss with Micronor, which is why I'm searching the net today. Have been taking it for 2months, had dreadfully exagerrated emotions in 1st month which has mostly settled down now, but I still have an over-sensitive undercurrent that is definitely from this pill. I think that's manageable though, since I've run out of contraceptive choices. No weight gain, no acne, one false period, but then a normal one. Mostly all fine, except...

In last few weeks I've noticed my hair shedding more often than normal. That is, what for most of my life I've lost twice a week when I wash it, is now happening almost every day. I'm very worried I'll lose my hair!

Any women who've used it for longer and had some hair fall out - is this a passing adjustment or a scary reaction I should deal with. If you lost hair & got off micronor, did it grow back okay afterwards?? Doctors just don't know enough about side effects.


Hair loss


I've had other really bad issues with Micronor but it didn't clue in to me that this was causing my hair loss! I was wondering why in the last few months I was shedding twice as much.. ugh...



hi i was given miconor two years ago and i put on nearly 2 stone in a ver short while. my breasts felt like they were going to burst off my cgest it was horrible. i really wouldnt go on this pill. try the coil then your not putting hormones into your body xx


Micronor mini pill

I started taking this on 14th october, 1st day of my period. By the 28th I had another period? in addition to this I could feel the pounds piling on & it took me a few days to realise it but I was very moody & sensitive to everything! I decided on the 30th to stop taking it & continued bleeding until the 4th of Nov. My mood picked up very quickly after stopping but the problem now is that i've had no period since. My partner & i have been using condoms mostly but i'm really worried that something could've sneaked in & i could be pregnant. I feel as if i'm about to have a period but it just aint here yet I don't think i'll take any other form of contraceptive that is hormone based.


Got off micronor


I have been on Micronor for 4 years and just got off it around November 4th. It is now the 10th of December...I am a 44 year old women. Does anyone know if this is normal and how long it takes for normality to settle in after getting off this pill?




Time some of you girls made your partners take the lead in contraception?

I know it is an outrageous stance from a 58 year old male - but they must take more responsibility in sex. So many of these drugs are new and little is known about the long term outcome?



Hi im replying to your question.... i am on my second blister of this what i think is a pain of a pill !!! i have put on so much weight and havent changed my eating patters even tho im starving all the time!!! i think this is due to micronor, i am going to stop taking it as from now as im sick of being hungry all the time and starving myself due to being so scared of putting anymore weight on!!!
The only good pill i have ever been on is the combined pill but my age and smoking has made it not possible to go back on it,so im just going to use condoms i think from now on...


Micronor mini pill - fine for me

I originally took microgynon which i experienced terrible depression & hair loss on. Since i have been on and off micronor I have never experienced such problems. Never had a problem with weight or acne; my periods are quite regular and only last about 3 / 4 days. Contraceptive pills can strip your body of vital vitamins & minerals particulary zinc; zinc deficiency can cause acne, so maybe supplementing with a good vitamin & mineral supplement in combination with the pill may help if your worried about acne. In any case everyone is different and i guess you'll never know until you try.


Dont trust micronor!!!!

Don't want to scare you, but i was taking micronor for a year or so, and i've just had to have an abortion because i got pregnant while on it. When i went for my scan they said micronor isnt good for women under 40 unless they are using other contraception too. Not knowing when your periods are going to come can be really scary, so i was alert for changes in my body and luckily guessed quite early. But it scares me that i could have carried on for another couple of months unaware.

Other than it's lack of effectiveness, it didnt cause many probs, tho my sex drive seemed to drop.

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