Implanon removal


Hi i get my implant out next friday and i'm a bit worried. how long does it take? is it sore? and how long does it take for fertility to return? many thanks


Just got mine removed.

Having had my implanon in just over the three year mark I went in and got it removed today at my local GP (Aussie here), according to the woman who removed it though it was the longest they had ever taken to find and remove an implanon, only required one injection of anaesthetic but ended up with two stitches that'll leave a scar and a big bruise from all the poking around. In this case though it had been implanted fairly deep, or gone deeper over time more likely. If you can very easily feel your implanon chances are you won't need stitches though. Wasn't sore immediately after while still partially on the anaesthetic but now that it's been around 9 hours it's a little stingy if you move it the wrong way so I'm just keeping it straight, otherwise it's tolerable, not too uncomfortable, and I assume once I take off the bandage over the next few days it should start to feel more comfortable minus the bruise. Have to keep the dressing on for 24 hours and the bandage+stitches in for a week. The procedure itself doesn't hurt though, only the needle used to give the local anaesthetic will sting your arm for a minute but it's tolerable, though towards the end when she inserted a new rod it hit just a tiny bit outside of where the local anaesthetic was working and ow. Not bad though.


No worrys

Hello , I got went to get my implant removed on a Wednesday. the lady gave my the numbing shot which was more so uncomfortable than painful it took about a minute or a little less for her to give me the full dose of numbing stuff. she then began to make a small insertion and i honestly couldnt feel a thing! she pushed it out a little bit and grabed it with medical clamps and pulled it out . it took about 5 or 6 minutes total and it just felt like a jerking type of feeling no pain at all really!! she then put 2 butterfly stitches over the insertion then a piece of gauze then a band-aid then she rapped it with medical wrap. her instructions were that i could remove the medical wrap on Thursday,(the day after i got it removed),she said to remove the band-aid and gauze on Friday, and to remove the butterfly stitches on Saturday,but i decided to leave everything on it until Sunday and it is now perfectly healed!!!! now there is just a tiny little scar !(:


Implant removed and replaced

Had my implant removed and replaced straight away, took 10 mins! No pain at all just an odd sensation when the pulled it out as you can feel something but it doesn't hurt! I got very worked up beforehand over absolutely nothing so I would advise not to do that as I feel a right wolly! But of doesn't hurt at all and you'll be fine xx


No pain!

So I literally have just gotten my implant removed and I can tell you the removal is no problem. The only pain you feel is when you are being given anasthetic as it is injected under the implant. It will sting for about a minute then you will feel no pain. Goodluck getting your implant out and don't let your nerves get to you.


Implanon removal: is it okay to push back the date

Hi All-

Nearing the end of my first 3 year cycle with the implanon and I've had a recent job change and now have a 100 day lag in insurance.... wondering if it would be okay to push back the date of my removal?
Obviously I'll use other forms of natural birth control but just somewhat worried if it's unhealthy to leave it in past the end date....




I am not sure if you've recieved any info on this, but yes, I was told the 3 year is a save date. Based on most peoples metabolism they could go 5 years, but 3 years would be the fastest it would wear off. I had mine out today, and they said the same thing! Good luck!


Horrific removal

Hi I have had my implant for 2 years and it has affected my hormones terribly. Consequently my consultant as insisted that I get it removed. Easier said than done. I booked an appointment and it took over an hour, four injections to numb my arm and still the thing would not budge. I have been left with a hole in my arm the size of a ten pence piece and I have been referred to have it removed by the plastic surgery department at my local hospital, who will also have to repair the mess the nurse made of my arm. It has healed but looks like I have been stabbed and the skin does not lie flat anymore, I have a fold and a wave on my arm!!!


Same problem


I know this is old but iv had nexplanon 6months and want it removed. The doctor at a family planning center put it too deep. Iv had 5 doctors try to find it and had xray done. Its in there but too deep. I will need a general surgeon they said. My question is, did you sue?


I know, it happened to me


For the 2 years having implant, I gained 70 pounds. My hormones were horrible, and I was always nocuous. It took several doctors to try and get it out of my arm. Finally they made a bigger cut in my arm and they were able after awhile to get it out. Now my skin on one side of it sticks way out and it wont even heal. They didn't even tell me that with the strips that aren't exposed to come off until they come off themselves, that I wasn't aloud to pick anything heavy up and work. They came off the hole and so there was no point in keeping them on so they ripped my skin. So now I have 4 ripped skin areas and a big hole.
I would get into my doctor, but I have to make an appointment like 3 weeks in advanced. It has been I think almost weeks now and I havn't gotten my period either.


Implanon removed

Hi guys, thought id share my experience of the implanon removal. Today i got mine removed. i got 1 before, then replaced it with this one, and over the 6 years my body maintained all the symptoms. Now today it took 1 minute getting it out of my arm, tiny bit sore but over v fast. but within 2 hours, i bled, and tonite my hormones must be playin in overtime, im feeling happy one minute, then really down in the dumps the next. as i said its the first day of getting it out. but its a strange feeling. im usually a happy person. hope it doesnt last too long.


Just had my second one removed also!


I agree with you! I just got mines removed 3 days ago and my hormones are all over. This was my second one also. I loved having it in but I'm trying to get pregnant. Out of all the years I've had it with no problems but I've heard other stories so it just depends on the persons body. The removal was way better than the first one I had. This doctor only took maybe 5 mins and it was removed. I'm still a little sore but I know that will pass.



I had my implanon removed last week but I also had another one inserted, so it might be a bit different.

Mine was removed last Tuesday- they number your arm, make a little cut and squeeze it out. It's a weird sensation, because you can kind of feel what's happening but it doesn't hurt at all. Most peculiar! The re-inserting the second one was a bit painful (Although I see that you're not having another one put in, or at least not right away- wise!) because it couldn't fit into where the other one had come out of. It's now the following Monday, and to be honest, my arm is still a bit delicate. It's bruised. It was rather swollen when I first had it replaced, and at first, I couldn't lean my head on that arm properly (my favourite position to sleep in). I think most of this is because I had another one put in, but it included a lot of prodding around. I had a couple of painkillers later on though, and I was fine

So I think what I'm saying is, the removal doesn't hurt at all- it just feels weird, but it might be a bit tender later on.

Hope it went well!


Implanon removal

hi, i just got my implanon taken out today all i felt was the med they give you to numb you arm same as when they put it it. it didnt take me very long maybe ten minutes total, am sore though , i have heard that you should wait untill your first period after implanon to try and concieve, i think thats when it returns im not sure though everyone is differen


Hi bethsmum!

You shouldnt worry about getting the implant taken out, my sister has had hers taken out and she said it was a little uncomfortable but nothing to sore. it was done in less than 30 mins.

The nurse told her it could take a while for your fertility to return but as always everyones different.

Hope you get on alrite and good luck!


Implanon removel


I have been trying to get mine removed for 2 months now they have to contact the makers of implanon to remove mine i am so upset


How did this turn out?


On Friday just gone, I trotted along to my doctors to get my implanon removed, This is my second one so I thought I new the drill... After 35 minutes of the doctor tugging at the implanon, it wouldnt budge! I have had to go through all of that and the buggars still in there! I have been informed that possibly caused by my weight loss, the fat has shrunk around it... I now need to see a specialist to see whether she can remove, if not they are not sure where to take it, Im already at 3 years and 4 months!

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