Cambridge diet - how much have you lost?


Hi everyone
I am starting the diet today and i wanted to know how others have found it. My friend has been doing it for the last 2 weeks and so far she has lost 10lb. I gather that the more you weigh the quicker you lose, does that still apply with this diet?

I am 5'2 and weigh 13st 8lb. I need to lose 4st 8lb to get down to 9st.

Did any of you start at the same sort of weight as me? If so how much have you lost so far and how long has it taken you?


Im starting the cambridge diet after i failed last time

Hi everyone

I am starting the cambridge diet tomorrow i tryed it a few moths ago but couldn't stick to it but im off to turkey in 12 weeks and really need to get rid of my baby weight.
I need to loose about 3 stone do you think this is possible if i stick to the diet do you get really hungrey on this diet ???


3 weeks and 1 day in!

Hi all, I'm starting my 4th week on the Cambridge diet. I lost 10lbs in the first week and in the following two I've lost 4lbs. This is ok but I think its kinda my fault. Im 5ft 11 and so Im allowed 4 shakes. Recently the thought of them is making me feel sick so for about 4 days I didnt eat (drink!) all 4 a day and also I started mixing 2 packs together to make it easier to go down. So, my advice would be, dont do this!! I spoke to my counsellor and she told me to pack it in and make sure I take all the shakes at roughly the same time daily. I havent cheated on my diet thus far, well, I kinda did!

I scooped a little bit of philadelphia on a knife and licked it when preparing my partners food and I also slipped a little bit of boiled egg in my mouth in my 2nd week. Aside from that nothing but CD has passed my lips. Im struggling more at the moment and really craving a sausage with ketchup but Im determined. Any tips for when you feel literally desperate for some food but you're on sole source?!

My start weight was 23st 10lbs!
Im now 22st 6lbs
Target is dress size 16


Feeling great

Hi Everybody, Im 5ft 8 and weighed 15st 4lbs. I started the cambridge diet on the 29th Jan. This morning I have just been weighed and I have lost 10lb!!.
Yes the diet is difficult sometimes that there is no doubt, problem is if you even have a nibble of cucumber or carrott it can really effect your diet. I was losing at least 2lb a day but one night had 5 small slices of cucomber and the next day I never lost anything. Not a coincidence!!
Great diet that is a definate, sticking to it will no doubt change your life that is for sure.


Cambridge diet

Hiya Naomi

I started a week ago today. I have lost just over a stone so far. I think it is true the bigger you are the quicker you lose it in the first few weeks, but I think that goes with most diets.

I am on the sole source plan so just 3 shakes a day, its been hard but well worth it and its changing my attitude about food. Im actually looking forward to eating healthy.

Im 5"10 and I did weigh 14.2, I now weigh 13 stone. I have 2 to 2 and a half to go, I miss eating but cant wait to go and get some smaller sized clothes. I think its going to take me about another 8 weeks on the sole source to get to this goal.

How tall was your friend and how much did she way?

Good luck with it and post some updates on how your getting on. xx


How much i lost so far

I am similar size to you and so far have been doing the diet for 1 week and I have lost 6lbs. Its great!!!



hey i started a diet about 14 days ago and have lost 10lb im 5'0 and weighed 13 st 10 and am now 13 st so yes it is possible xxxx good luck


Cambridge weight loss

Hi I'm 5'1 and started Cambridge at 11st 3. It's just under 4 weeks later and I'm 10'4. The last couple of weeks I've only lost 3 lb a week but there is no other diet I'd have stuck to and also reliably lost even that much. So the weight loss has definitely slowed down, but is still really good, more than a stone in 4 weeks. I've heard the more you have to lose the quicker it is, my counsellor has warned me I may not even lose weight every single week, but the inches should still come off. Good luck with it! x


Cambridge diet!

Hi There,

I started the diet Mon 22nd Jan. I lost 13 pounds in the first week. I started out weighing 12st exactly and am 5"2. I have lost another 3 pounds so far and have stuck to the diet religously. I drink at least 3 litres of water a day and walk as much as possible. Now weigh 10st12lb.
Feeling quite good now and trying to get down to 9st. Having a baby has made me feel very self conscious but am starting to feel better as my clothes are getting looser!
Would love to hear from anyone on the Diet and how you are getting on. Thanks, Cristina


Weight loss

i started this diet on saturday and so far stuck to it i have not weighed my slef yet will weigh my self on saturday to see how much i have lost i am 5'4 and weigh 15st 4
i have gained an extra 2 stones on lipotrim wich i found really really hard as it only had 3 variety of shakes
so far i dnt like cappucino or the vegtabe soup
but fingers crossed i hope i will lose sum weight



Hi thanx 4 ur input, i am not confident that i 2 will lose my weight with this diet. I guess its just the keeping it off part. I am buying a treadmill at the end of next month so i plan on using that daily for at least 1hr and just try 2 eat more healthy when i reach my goal weight.

So far today i have found it extremly easy but i know it will probably get worse as these first few days go by. I have not cheated though so i am very happy about that.


Am confident


Sorry meant to say i am confident lol


It works!!

I have been on the CD for 2 weeks and 3 days and so far have lost 11lbs. I am delighted with the results. It really does work (even with a bit of cheating now and then!!). Stick with it and good luck!


Day 6


Hi! Can anyone give me some info pls...i am now on day 6 of the sole source cambridge diet and don't kniow if i am in ketosis yet? i have felt light headed some days in parts but not much else. Also i don't think i have lost much weight yet...i hope it comes off soon to motivate me to carry on
can anyone tell me about their experiences pls. Thanks . xxx





Im just abt to stat my diet tomorro!!! ive done it before a year ago and i know it really works however its such a HARD thing to go throug! Unfortunatelly everything what i have lost i have out on again! its so depressing!!! ive decided to try again and i hope this time it will last longer ( the results)
How do u all find socialising with friends? we are not allowed to drink even juice, not even thinking of catching up with friends for a dinner...
And what abt 'day???
my b'day are 16th Feb and i know it will be soooo hard to go through my b'day without A drink or a b'day dinner...HOW DO YOU COPE IN HARD TIMES? lol


Thank god!


Hello, I have just started the camberidge diet, like im on day 2 and i feel like i am at deaths door!! Your blog was the only blog i have read that has expressed how difficult it actually is! I am actually feeling really depressed, i have stayed away from family and friends for two days and dont even feel like going work!
I just had to weight myself this morning after just one day just to see whether this torture was worth it and i have to say i lost 1 pound 8ounces in 1 day so it does work but it is so so hard!! I hope it gets easier!


So far so good


Hi there,

I have been on the diet 3 days and so far have lost 3 pounds, but i have cheated! I ate a big slab of chocolate cake yesterday! My friend got me it for my birthday and i just couln't resist! and on my first day i ate a bar of chocolate, oops hehe but i've still lost 3 pounds somehow! My counsellor said in the first week you lose the most, mainly water and the bigger you are the more you are likely to lose and after the first couple of weeks the weight loss drops abit but on average people lose 1 stone a month. I have around the same weight to lose as you, I'm 5'4 and have 4 stones and 3 pounds to lose to get to 9 stone. It is hard for me (hence the cheating!) but it's getting easier and now i have half a shake and microwave the other half into a little cake like thing, it really helps me because it feels like i'm actually eating something, i missed being able to chew hehe Hope it all goes well for you and if you ever wanna have a chin wag add me on msn, oh that goes for everyone else too my addy is sunshine_and_rainbows@hotmail.co.uk

Good luck with it!





Thanks a lot for good words....
Good luck to you too!!! The Chewing tip is really usefull. Cant imagine not be able to chew for a month like...

I'll let ya know how im getting on tomorrow with my first day lol
( more likely i will miss chicken and roasted potatoes than chocolate but hopefully i will ba able to resist lol)




Microwave shake things


I put a little bit of water with half of a shake to make a really thick paste with it, pop a couple of blobs on a bit of baking paper and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and out comes a little cake like thing, they don't taste all that nice first of all but you get used to it hehe and and i have the other half as the normal shake, it helps me feel more fulfilled.




that is such a wickd idea! lol
u even get to cook on cambridge diet!!! lol

Thanks for that!!!



That's ok lol

You can make crisps out of the soups and shakes too by smearing some of it very thinly over some baking paper, but i only have chicken and mushroom soup at the moment, i tried making 'crisps' out of it but it tasted so stong and horrid! lol If you let it burn a little bit, well not burn just go like a golden colour they go crispy, or if you just put them in for a few seconds they go like chewyish kinda things lol I'm gonna try it with the oriental one next week though when i get some more soups and shakes.

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