Cambridge diet progress 5ft 1in, start weight 10st 8lb


Just thought I would share my Cambridge diet progress as I tried to research this info before I started in but didn't find anything.

I am 5ft 1in and started at 10st 8lb - this may not seem like someone with too much to loose however to get my BMI to the top end of the healthy range I need to loose 1st 8lb and them another 7lb to take me to my target weight of 8st 7lb which is still in the higher healthy BMI range of around 23.

Week 1 - 10st - lost 8lb
Week 2 - 10st 2lb - put on 2lb (I had a pre-wedding dinner plus the wedding breakfast which was unavoidable)
Week 3 - 9st 11lb - lost 5lb
Week 4 - weigh in on Monday (24th October) - finding this week really hard, I want to eat everything today! I just crave something savory)
My consultant said to expect a weightloss of about 2lb this week due to losing a lot last week and me not having a great deal to loose.

I tried the cambridge bars this week and OMG the chewy ones were certainly that - chewy and in my opinion YUK! Crunchy ones weren't so bad with a cuppa however I won't be buying them again

If anyone has any suggestions about curbing the cravings please let me know and good luck!


Well done so far!

WD on your loss so far. Your post was really useful for me as we are both around the same height (I'm an inch shorter) and weight and I started the diet today on SS.

Have you done any exercise at all during the weeks?

Keep going on it you have done so well so far!


Cambridge bars

Haha - the bars are an aquired taste I know that! Although strangely, I started to look forward to them as they were the only solid thing in my life

Last year I lost about 2 and a half stone on stage one of cambridge - I can honestly say I didnt cheat once in the 2 and a half months it took me to get down to 9 stone. However, as soon as I started reintroducing "real food" I started to creep back up - I have now managed to put about 10 pounds back on (and that was the last time I got on the scales, 2 weeks ago!!) as I seem to be like a bottomless pit of hunder at the minute!
I am 5ft 2 and want to be between 8.5 and 9 stone so I am having a detox for the next 2 weeks (just fruit, veg and non processed meat and fish ) and then starting again on cambridge.

The only way I got over the cravings was to give myself a good talking to and drink a massive amounnt of water - have you tried the "mix a mousse" stuff from your consultant that turns shakes in a moussey texture. Thats not bad for a change

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