Madal bal natural tree syrup


Hi to all

I am new round here and desperate to loose weight - the new me starts tomorrow! Sound familiar?
I would like to know if anyone has tried this Beyonce's fav way to loose weight and if so does it work?



Madal bal


this Syrup is great. You can loose weight very quickly and you feel wonderful. If you do it, do it seriously and you will have great results.


Madal bal syrup

Hi everyone,

I just want to remind you that madal bal is a detox aid rather than a weight loss aid... but it works really well if you have the will to fast! I work in a health shop and clinic and our customers love it! I did it myself before christmas and my skin is glowing (and i did lose a few pounds... nice added bonus )

If anyone is having trouble finding it you can get it at sloane health shop on the king's road in Chelsea London or you can call (0207 7301328) to get it sent to you as a mail order.

Good luck X


Good luck!


I found this diet v hard and did not manage to get past day one! I think that I had gone from binge eating straight into starve/detox... what was I thinking! In my opinion you have to have self control with your eating habbits before trying this diet! - Go for it if you feel that you have self control and do not mind feeling light headed/hungry. I'm going on the CD from tomorrow and hope that I can go back to the syrup when I have learnt the art of self control and have a smaller stomach which will (hopefully) complain less!

I shall look in from time to time and see if you are able to go the distance and give ME some insperation! xx M


Beyonce's natural tree syrup diet

Hi Marian,

I am also interested in trying the natural tree syrup and lemon diet, have you tried it yet? Would be good to know if it works or not before buying the syrup as its around £35 for a small bottle!

Cheers Halo85


Syrup diet support


hello im claire im 23 and am thinking of doing the maplesyrup diet also so please let me know if you are doing this as i would love to support each other rather than waist the money (how much!!!!) x


Go for it!!!!



I done this diet last year - and it was FAB!!!! Not only did I lose weight my hair was shiny - my skin was clear - I felt like I could have run a marathon!!
I'm doing it again this year on so far on day 2 - the first couple of days can be hard!! (esp when you have your b/f sitting around eating chocolate and crisps) you have to have the willpower not to eat - not that I feel hungry, it's just getting out of the habbit of eating! It's the putting food in my mouth and tasting it that I miss!
Last night had a headache - which they say is the toxins leaving your body so I just had an early night. Today I feel as if I dont have much energy but I'll just take it easy - it's all worth it because I know day 3/4 I'll feel better and the outcome is brilliant!!

I'd say go for it - as long as you have the willpower! But after day one I feel so pleased with myself that I managed a day that it spurrs me on to do another day ...and so on!

I prefer the drink hot and with ginger - I cant stand the taste of the pepper - and when it becomes a bit boring I just alter the amount of ginger/lemon I add so it tastes a bit different!

Good Luck and let me know how you get on x


Syrup diet


hi there, I bought the bottle online today and hopefully it will arrive by monday, plan to stick to it for 10 days - has anyone else done it/have any tips or warnings?


Syrup diet



I'm on day 9 of this diet. I plan to do just one more day. So far i have lost about a stone or just over. I usually find it so difficult to lose weight, but this stuff is amazing it totally supresses your appetite, although it tastes so gross.. if you do do it, i'd recommend using hot water.

It's really boring, but does completely work.... although i just hope i will be able to keep the weight off when i finish.. oh and you might feel a bit ill the first few days and you will have revolting breath... but i think it's worth it


Where to buy madal bal syrup


Hi does anyone know what shops in the uk sell this madal bal syrup? I can't buy it online at the moment and am desperate to try it!


Where to buy madal bal syrup


I been looking all over the internet last week some place where i could buy the syrup and i found this site.
Theres loads of places where you can buy it in London go and have a look maybe theres one near you...


I bought only the 500ml just to try and i lost 2 kilos...
I think thas really good and fast in 3 or 4 days and i dint feel dizzy or something like that.
Im buying more soon because im going in holiday in 3 weeks...
Good luck for every one and i think you all should try it.

P.S. Sorry about my english.Im learning... i think every one i'll understand me.

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