Maple syrup diet!!


hi there!! very new here!! need some honesty please!!! has anyone gone on the maple syrup diet/detox? apparently beyonce did it for two weeks and lost 20 pounds! thats amazing. apparently you gain half of it back anyway but losing something is anything at the moment!!!!
if there is good feedback about how people managed to get through this i want to go on it as well!!... id like to start it on friday 16th of feb!! it would also be fantastic if a few people joined in!!..mind over matter and all that!

marcia XXX


Detox failure :'( buddy?

Hey im new here, been attempting to try this mix for he past three days to no success, i have done it in the past with just lemon and water without the maple syrup or the lax tra and i have lost weight.

But this time round cnt even manage to lose a pound on the scale i do fine the whole day i drink two 1.5 litre bottles through the whole day and the juice of three lemons per bottle and then in the eveningg i tend to cave in and end up something small. Really disappointed in myself as have done it before and have lost weight successfully with out putting anything else in ma mouth. I am ashamed to say my weight is 11.9 when i am only 4'11. My 24th bday is coming up this month 26th april and curreny a size 12 when used to be a pettite size eight to ten last summer. Any tips or motivation would be very appreciated this forum seems quite supportive i just need to ggt to dy three to try and see any diff on the scales without putting anything else in my mouth. Going to attempt gym as well evryday cardio running and xcross trainer n try to burn four hundred calories per session. I am really desperate and a buddy wud also b great. Thank you for listening to my rant sori abt that....:$



Maple syrup diet

hi I ordered this online yesterday and arrived this morning, going to start on Monday morning as the kids are on half term, so will be at home, im hoping to do it for 5 days till Friday, but if I can do more then great............will let you know how i get on, so excited, but scared too!!!! in the leaflet it tells you how to have it, just lemon juice, the syrup and cayenne pepper, also to drink 2 litres of water a day!!! should be fine..............sarah.xx


Maple syrup starts tomorrow

Hello everyone!!after reading your stories on here they have given me huge inspiration to try the maple syrup diet for at least 10 days..longer if possible. I have the syrup and pepper just the lemons to get tonight oh and also the laxi tea. I will message tomorrow with measurements and keep a running diary of how I get on. Wish me Luck! xxx


Maple syrup diet!!"

Hi!! I just read your comment and am a bit curious about the results. Am about to go on it myself next week.


The night before

Sooooo.... I have decided to try this diet and am hoping for some great results. I'm a little bit nervous because I am a student and currently revising for finals and writing my dissertation and i don't want to end up being too tired to work but i figure its worth a try.

In the last 6 months I have put weight on and so my hope is that i will lose that weight and a bit more and then I will be ready for a balanced healthy diet at the end of the maple syrup detox.

Starting weight - 11 stone
Height - 5ft 6

I hoping that writing my progress on here will help to stay motivated to complete the diet.
Wish me luck




U seem to have doen reli welll i am new to this form and none of my replies seem to be coming up on this forum after my first post am i doing sumat rong :s


Day 1


Day 1 of the maple syrup diet -
I got up this morning already feeling hungry (probably pyschological!) and was dreading tasting the 'lemonade' for the first time. I actually forgot to buy the correct sea salt so i have had to forgoe that pleasure this morning!
I have the worst intolerence to all things hot and spicy so i decided to change cayenne pepper for ginger (i've read that this is has a similar effect - anyone know?) but apart from that the recipe is the same.

I have just had my first taste of the drink ...... and i was actually pleasantly suprised - its not too bad! I'm sure i will despise the taste in a few days though!!!!!

The excitement of starting this detox means i feel great but i'm sure there are some pretty big mood swings around the corner!


Day 2


It is the morning of day 2, last night i started to get hunger pans and stomach rumbling around 7pm, although it was easier to watch my family having food then i thought. I went to bed with a slight headache and hunger and couldnt get to sleep very easily.

I woke up at about 5am this morning because i was thirsty, i couldnt be bothered to get out of bed so fell back to sleep - i know have quite a banging headache and was eager to drink some of the lemonade, hoping that the suger from it will help to get rid of the headache.

Aside from all the bad stuff, i weighed myself this morning and i weigh 10st7 (and a quarter! ;p) - i can't quite believe it, i know that mostly its water weight - but 7lbs is just a ridiculous amount to lose in 24hrs - i guess after this diet i should make sure that i take action to combat water rention!!


Day 3


Last night i felt great and had a lot of energy but had started to get a lot of cravings and it was hard to avoid all the food around the house.
This morning i have woken feeling very tired and weak and my hands are shaking (the sort that you get after a night on the town).
I weighed myself this morning and i'm a pound lighter than yesterday - which is actually quite dissapointing considering the weight change in the first 24hrs but i guess that now my excess water is gone the weight will dissapear much slower.
Also starting to dread the taste of the lemonade now.............
But again on the plus side, i can definitely see that i look slimmer on my stomach and legs - but i know that this could all come back when i come off the diet


Day 4


I woke up quite late today because i really needed the extra sleep but when i did get up i felt great and it is definitely all getting easier!!
Did slightly slip up today by having a sip of homemade veggie soup - but i can live with that, so all is good! :p
I am 1lb lighter today and im starting to see a trend of losing 1lb a day which im happy with.
Tomorrow will be tough because ive arranged to meet up with an old friend for a drink, but i imagine food will be involved but i will persevere!!
Finding it more difficult to drink the recommended 6 drinks - have only managed 3 today.


Day 5


Felt great most of today although woke up at 5.30am with stomach cramps but for the rest of the day i have felt fine!
I am definitely starting to feel the benefits of this diet and am sad to be finishing (I have been recommended that for this first time, i only do it once, due to a problem with my sugar levels)
Today, I weighed in at 10st3, so in total i have lost 11lbs in 5 days - i can't believe it!! I'm sure alot of the water weight will come back as soon as i start on the orange juice tomorrow but i now feel ready to tackle a very healthy portion controlled diet.

From my experience of the diet, i would say that it is important to listen to your body and i have certainly learnt that im not always hungry when i think i am! I will write again to let people know what happens after the diet.

Good luck to anyone who is trying Xxx


Day 7


So i have now finished the detox, and i still feel great. I drank orange juice for all of one day (watered down) - the taste was suprisingly strong!!!
The following day i had orange juice (watered down again - i actually prefer it that way) until the late afternoon. I then made a yummy home made soup - i mainly had the broth with a few veggies.
Today i had orange juice for breakfast, soup for lunch and soup for supper and i also managed to go to the gym (felt great). I must admit i slightly cheated this evening by having a snack bar but its healthy and i don't think it will make much of a difference.

I am still 10st3 but i'm sure i will gain at least another 4lbs, but thats fine, i feel great and i have completely changed the inside of my fridge, i now have tasty but healthy options only. I'm excited for my new diet and fitness regime - i'm not going to deny myself anything but i honestly believe that after the maple syrup detox i will find it much easier to follow a healthy eating regime!!

Good luck to anyone who tries this detox, make sure you understand your reasons for doing it before you start. Treat it either as a full detox for a good priming regime before you start a healthy way of living.


The 4qts of water how?

how am i suppose to drink 4qts=1 gallon of water.


Maple syrup diet

How did it go Marcia? I've been searching the internet for some good source material and found a website called www.maple-syrup-diets.com which has a downloadable free ebook on the diet. which I just wanted to share with you all. Once i've finished it I am going to start it too! ( 40 pages !)

Bye for now



Maple syrup diet

Not a great diet - Beyonce was thin enough to begin with.

The maple syrup diet gives the impression its just maple syrup - but a there is weekly plan attached.

Not the healthiest diet as suggested here http://www.kentgarden.co.uk/category/maple-syrup-d-iet/

The best diet is to pick any of the bazillions diet available (with the exception of Atkins based diets) and stick to it

It is usually willpower that prevents a diet from working not the diet.



erm just wondering if you done it? I am due to start tomorrow.


Gettin ready

I'm starting the maple syrup diet tomorrow, see how I go, I need to drop down a bit for my ball in 2 weeks, so wish me luck, ill keep u posted about the agony and the weight loss!!!




I want to start this diet and just wondered what the regime is exactly????


The night before the maple syrup detox.

Hey Guys,

OK tommorow I will begin the Maple Syrup Detox for 10 days.

I am eagar to start as currently I feel sluggish and icky.. for anyother word couldnt better describe how I feel.

I had heared about this detox made famous by Beyonce on a televison show Supersize vs Superskinny. I have been interested in completing a detox for a long time and what better time to start than right now.

I have been at this computer for around 2 hours now researching to sideaffects, the bowel movements, the hunger pangs etc etc. Now I feel fully prepared and knowledgable to begin the 10 day slog. I actually went on a bit of a carb binge today, which from my research is not advisable, but its done now so Ill just have to fight through the carb hangover.

I want to point out I am doing this to detox my body and aim to flush my body of any toxins, to enable me to start from fresh with a healhty eating plan.

Currently my stats are:
Mood: ergh, moody, irritable, bloated and unhappy.
Weight: 9st 3lbs Hips: 37 1/2 inchs Waist: 28inchs Chest (small):33inchs Thighs: 21inch.

I will provide feedback throughout the 10 days and promise to be totally honest.

Wish me luck and I welcome any advise and motivation.

x x x




i want to strat marple diet too...... but some people are sayong buy marple bal which is expensives is this true or can by rom super market is hard to do i ned to lose weight summer is coming help

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