Cant stick to a diet!!!


i need some help i CANT stick to a diet not even for a week!!

last year i managed to loose a stone and a half an last summer was in sze 12s an since last september i have put on 2 stone an cannot shift it, im bursting out a size 16 but refuse to by 18s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iv tried this year so far weight watchers, slimming world, detoxs and last week i brought Slendex pills to start an still CANT stick to it iv give up on them after 3 days an started eating again!!!

im really fed up of tryin every monday i decide to start my diet YET AGAIN an by friday iv failed so think that theres no point in carryin on an eat for englend over the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

i manage to balance out by bein so good for few days then terrible for few days so im sort of loosin 2 then puttin it bak on all in a week but im really fed up!

does anyone else have this problem, or anyone have any ideas how i can get out of this rut!!!!!!

i wanna be bak in my 'thin' clothes from last year


Phentermine is better than dieting

I've tried different types of diet but none of them have ever worked for me. So, I switched to weight loss pills. I took Phentermine 37.5 mg from http://generic-meds-store.com a while back. It worked wonderfully for me...off 16 kg in three months of treatment. I'm grateful for this medication, it has allowed me to keep my weight to a healthy level and live life to the fullest. It's been a God send to me.
I recommend it to anyone who needs some assistance with their weight loss or weight maintenance.


Found a product that actually works

Hey lovely, I completely understand what youre experiencing! I was the same but then I found a product that completely worked for me and helped me lose 2 stone! If youd like further information just email me on kertuxkask@icloud.com

All the best


Because you tried the wrong way... i can help you

Hey, I wrote a book about weight loss, very useful informations, to start your new life by eating more instead of restrictions! Check it out http://amzn.com/B01F3O7ALE I hope it helps


Tips for weight loss

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Rafiq Shaban


How to lose belly fat how to lose belly fat fast

watch this it will help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVWVnYsMi6s



The main reason that most people can't stick to diets is that they see diets as a temporary change to make a permanent change. Consider the following points:

-- This has to be a lifestyle change.
The definition of diet needs to change from a modified or "non-preferred" way of eating to the food that you eat on a regular basis. Professional bodybuilders are on a diet, most of them just happen to be on a 5000+ calorie a day diet.

-- Set realistic goals.
If you look in the mirror after a week of dieting and working out and don't see a change, that's normal! Talk to someone who can walk you thru the process of what to expect and when to expect it with your current size.

-- Guage your progress with the right measurement tools.
First of all, don't use you BMI uder any circumstance. If you want to get serious about tracking your progress, use the following in the order of priority below:

1. Body fat percentage: Get a certified personal trainer in your area that is experienced with skinfold measurements (caliper pinch test) and have youe body fat test using at least 5 sites. Get this tested every 4 weeks.

2. Body measurements: Measure (or have some measure) the following parts of your body with a tape; neck, bicep, forearm, wrist, chest, waist, hips, thigh, calf, and ankle. Take these measurements once per week.

3. Use a scale at the same time every day when you body is in the same condition (ie: first thing in the morning when you wake up) and and keep track of the weigh just for trending purposes.

The body measurements are going to show you instant feedback on fat loss each week and the body fat percentage testing is going to show the actual amount of body fat that you have lost in pounds of fat and how much lean mass (everything other than fat) you have gained or maintained in pounds.

-- Start with a simple eating plan.
Go buy the book "Eating For Life" by Bill Phillips. It is a good starting point as it lays out complete meals for a 6 meal per day program. All the guess work is taken out and it will get you into a good habit of clean foods that are still very tasty as well as desserts that you can have.

-- Start a simple exercise program.
Go out and do some cardio in the morning before you eat breakfast. This will start burning fat first thing in the morning and get you metabolism jumpstarted for the day. Do this 3x per week minimum.

-- Start a moderate resistance training.
As you build muscle, your body has to feed that new muscle. You are going to burn more calories when you aren't doing anything now just due to the new muscle mass. Try to do this 3x per week on the days that you don't do your cardio.

(If you are already doing cardio and resistance training - great, stick with it!)

-- Lastly, find support personel.
Whether this be family, freinds, people in the gym, or people online. Find a support group that will help you stay focused. When starting out, the first several weeks can be tough and having someone there to help keep you focused, or even better, who is doing the same thing, can make it that much easier!

Once you begin to see results, the motivation will drive you to continue what you have started. Remember that it is all a lifestyle change.

Keep your head up and Good luck!!


Cant stick to a diet!!!

U want to be back to your skinny self? It's now possible.
Check this web site out! http://goo.gl/OM9EXz



Healthy dessert recipes

Discover The Secret To Eating Tasty Snacks And Still Eat Healthy.
You could try getting this recipe book on creating healthy desserts. It was really useful and helpful in helping me to continue enjoy my desserts but at the same time not having to worry about the weight i might gain.

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Dont take the pills that you dont know what's in it

I sell fat fighters at savoie.itworks.com. This stuff is all natural. Decent price. Go check it out. It actually works! Results can prove it



Why don't you try a pharmaceutical quality diet pill like Duromine or Relislim S6. Results on them are really amazing. They both suppress the appetite to help you get into a healthy lifestyle. You can contact me at " duromine911@gmail.com"


C 9 detox

This detox programme is working really well for loads of girls. Loads of positive reviews . You can get it on http://aah aloe.flp.com



Hi Hun
I completely understand where you are coming from, I was in the same position as you...never able to stick to a diet!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine introduced me to an amazing product that has helped me not just lose weight but also has helped me gain the confidence, I have had a complete lifestyle change and never felt better for it....so now I am on the journey to help other people like yourself to achieve their goals and guide you to who you want to be.

If you would like more info then please email me at Tracy_ThinkHealthy@aol.co.uk


Drastic changes

Drastic changes are difficult to follow. Follow 1 meal for week or 2 then include 1 more meal.



I have always been going on and off diets since I was in my teens. My OH is into weight lifting and keeping fit. And I'm not he hates diets with a passion. So when we first met and I said I was on a diet he said that is just a waste of time and all I needed to do was change my eating habits. So he showed me how to eat better. Carbs in the morning and afternoon with some protein then as much green veggies as I liked and protein for evening. At least 6 pints of water through the day and no eating after 8pm. I can still have my treats every other day but as long as I do it before 4pm. I lost around two and a half stone over 10 months but I also do at least 30 minutes a day walking. But I have never felt hungry or wanted to gorge out although we do ever second week when he has his cheat day as he is strictly toast and eggs in the morning and turkey or chicken and veg for the rest of the day every day of the week. Been doing it now for five years and never looked back


Don't 'diet'

Then don't diet, eat healthy, avoiding processed food, fast food and watch your portions. Eat more of what's good for you, fruits, vegetables and lean meats, and less of what's bad for you, processed sugar and the above mentions foods to avoid. Drink lots of water and get moving even if it's only to get out and walk. Good luck to you!


Try this!

Don't stick to a diet. Just do a really fast one that will help you develop better habits along the way. It's 100% guaranteed and can help you lose more than 20 pounds. Best thing? Only lasts 3 weeks!!! Follow the link and good luck! http://www.livelifestrong.net/?p=5


Hi there

Well, several years have passed since you posted this comment but this problem is still available nowadays. I was fighting with my weight for many years. I was on diet for a long period of time, but without any positive results. The only thing which really helped me lose weight were Reductil slimming pills which I bought on www.meridiareductil.com...26kg off in just four months. These pills really do wonders. It is worth to try if you are still looking for a safe and efficient method of losing unwanted pounds.


Weight loss

I had the same problem ive been laid off work for eight months now and when im at home i get an controllable urge to eat and i mean 24/7 eating i couldnt believe it i looked at myself in the mirror and saw a cow like ten lbs overweight. I tried various diet pills my friends recommended but didnt do ... If its the same for you and others you want to read up on them and you'll see that not all women's bodies react the same to these pills. In other words our bodies are immune to the effect. Sucks i know!

I was getting so depressed staying in bed in the mornings cuz i was so disgust to look at myself. My loving boyfriend got worried and bought me this advance women weight loss program thing. At first i literally threw it in the bin i as thinking it was just another stupid exercise crap that never works. But after 2 weeks of my bf constantly urging me to try it i decided to search up on the net i found this site http://paydotcom.net/r/5095/Jasmine401/27384383/ . Right away the comments were so appealing to me especially the part about losing weight at home and nothing about starving yourself.

Ive follow it for two weeks now for at least an hour per day and i already lost 4 lbs. i thought i was dreaming when i went on the scale. It involves a little exercise but on your own time, no diet i gave up eating chocolate everyday but i ate ordinary meals for the 2 weeks.:0 They even teach u how to maintain the weight loss which im now following. It may set u back $30 but cheaper than pills or registering for gym membership my darling bf bought mine since i spend most of my money on useless diet pills. He was so happy to see me getting my sexy body backMaybe you can convince yours to do the sameOops this reply is way too long sorry!



Hello !

For most of us, not beaing able to follow a died untill the finish line lies in our lack of motivation or, in our lack of knowledge of the harmfull effects. Please have a look at this ( anyone who is interested ). There is too much information to post here so I will just leave a link. Read it until the end. It pays off !!

Good luck with your objective and I'm sure you will make it in the end !

http://9be542totcrpezafm4o3n01kh5.hop .clickbank.net/

( PS : The link works if there is no space between hop and the next dot...sometimes it bugs out )


Cant stick to a diet!!!

I definitely know how you feel!! The exact same thing happened to me so I tried to find a diet that was more suited to me, rather than what my friends were on! I found The Lighter Life Diet was amazing. Have you tried that one? There are loads more around other than ww or slimming world - I came across this website the other day and it seemed okay to find some that you maybe hadn't thought about?? http://rankmydiet.co.uk/rankmydiet.php It is free so worth a shot! Good luck getting back in your think clothes

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