Cant stick to a diet!!!


i need some help i CANT stick to a diet not even for a week!!

last year i managed to loose a stone and a half an last summer was in sze 12s an since last september i have put on 2 stone an cannot shift it, im bursting out a size 16 but refuse to by 18s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iv tried this year so far weight watchers, slimming world, detoxs and last week i brought Slendex pills to start an still CANT stick to it iv give up on them after 3 days an started eating again!!!

im really fed up of tryin every monday i decide to start my diet YET AGAIN an by friday iv failed so think that theres no point in carryin on an eat for englend over the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

i manage to balance out by bein so good for few days then terrible for few days so im sort of loosin 2 then puttin it bak on all in a week but im really fed up!

does anyone else have this problem, or anyone have any ideas how i can get out of this rut!!!!!!

i wanna be bak in my 'thin' clothes from last year


Weight loss

I had the same problem ive been laid off work for eight months now and when im at home i get an controllable urge to eat and i mean 24/7 eating i couldnt believe it i looked at myself in the mirror and saw a cow like ten lbs overweight. I tried various diet pills my friends recommended but didnt do ... If its the same for you and others you want to read up on them and you'll see that not all women's bodies react the same to these pills. In other words our bodies are immune to the effect. Sucks i know!

I was getting so depressed staying in bed in the mornings cuz i was so disgust to look at myself. My loving boyfriend got worried and bought me this advance women weight loss program thing. At first i literally threw it in the bin i as thinking it was just another stupid exercise crap that never works. But after 2 weeks of my bf constantly urging me to try it i decided to search up on the net i found this site http://paydotcom.net/r/5095/Jasmine401/27384383/ . Right away the comments were so appealing to me especially the part about losing weight at home and nothing about starving yourself.

Ive follow it for two weeks now for at least an hour per day and i already lost 4 lbs. i thought i was dreaming when i went on the scale. It involves a little exercise but on your own time, no diet i gave up eating chocolate everyday but i ate ordinary meals for the 2 weeks.:0 They even teach u how to maintain the weight loss which im now following. It may set u back $30 but cheaper than pills or registering for gym membership my darling bf bought mine since i spend most of my money on useless diet pills. He was so happy to see me getting my sexy body backMaybe you can convince yours to do the sameOops this reply is way too long sorry!


Lose weight

Hi Kezr. Even though there has been a couple of years since you asked this, I would add the fact that you aren't the only one who struggles with extra kg. Diets also didn't work for me so that's why I tried Reductil 15mg. In almost 3 months I lost all the fat that I gained during the pregnancy. I truly recommend it. I bought it from an online pharmacy - allgenericmedsnow.com It's a reliable drugstore



Hello !

For most of us, not beaing able to follow a died untill the finish line lies in our lack of motivation or, in our lack of knowledge of the harmfull effects. Please have a look at this ( anyone who is interested ). There is too much information to post here so I will just leave a link. Read it until the end. It pays off !!

Good luck with your objective and I'm sure you will make it in the end !

http://9be542totcrpezafm4o3n01kh5.hop .clickbank.net/

( PS : The link works if there is no space between hop and the next dot...sometimes it bugs out )


Cant stick to a diet!!!

I definitely know how you feel!! The exact same thing happened to me so I tried to find a diet that was more suited to me, rather than what my friends were on! I found The Lighter Life Diet was amazing. Have you tried that one? There are loads more around other than ww or slimming world - I came across this website the other day and it seemed okay to find some that you maybe hadn't thought about?? http://rankmydiet.co.uk/rankmydiet.php It is free so worth a shot! Good luck getting back in your think clothes


I cant loose weight

I have struggled with my weight now for 5 years i have had 4 children soooo close together and the fat has stuck to me like glue. I feel like everyday will be that fresh start and the day the diet will really start but it lasts until lunchtime and then i can't stop eating i am making myself miserable and driving anyone close to me insane as it is all i talk about. If you find that help or motivation let me in on it as i need all the help i can get!!!!!


You sound just like me!

i got online tonight to search for ANY kind of motivation to help me stay on a diet and i typed "i can't stick to a diet" into google. anyways...urs was the first link i clicked on and i just wanted to say that i COMPLETELY relate!! every single sunday night im always like "ok..im starting tomorrow. for REAL this time!" and its like ill go 3 or 4 days (which feel like 3 or 4 weeks to me!) and then by the weekend its always the same thing. i screwed up and now im like "well...no point in sticking to it NOW. ill just eat whatever this weekend and then start Monday...AGAIN!"

its so frustrating. ive gained 20 pounds in the last 6 months. last summer i was around 140pounds. now i weigh 172 its the biggest ive ever been and i hate it so much. i hate having to buy "fat" clothes but NONE of my clothes fit me anymore....

anyways....i see that u posted this back in august......have u had any luck since then?? and if so.....ANY TIPS??


Yep i sound just like u!

I was a size 10 last year, which I was happy with and then I got put on medication for something and the side effect was rapid weight gain!and when inactive for 6 months and it was outa my control and was eating hospital food that was provided( three meals a day), i put on threeee stone!
i came out, insisted the medication i was on was changed and then joined weight watchers.i lost 6lb in a week then became overcome by panic as i didn't feel like i knew what to eat on the meal plan so just ate normally again and then put the weight back on!so quit, dint go back again!
then joined slimming world, lost 6lb and then dint stick to it!
and joined weight watchers AGAIN and stuck to it 4 5 days then went on a night out, binge drank and thought iv ruined it now anyway so put on 2lb!
it feels like i cant stick to diets either, i dont know why, lacking in motivation,
i hate being fat but it dunt help when u have been the same weight a year, u get used to being that size!
i bought myself a size 10 top that love and dint wana buy in bigger size coz wud luk ... and thought THIS can be motivation!i always think weight watchers and slimming world cant work coz u can eat LOADS on them!and dont like the long haul of losing weight, it taking like 9 months, well it will me!
can anyone give me any help or motivation???
i probably jus sound pathetic!but i never struggled with my weight til the medication.


Cant stick to a diet either!!

i need some help too, i join weight watchers and on a couple of days after or even on the same day of joining i will give up! i am only 19 and have only started putting on weight in the last 6 months, im starting to burst out of a size 14!! i have always been a small 12!!

i am really fed up and dont know what to do, i am feeling really uncomfortable with the way i look and however hard i try i cant stick to it!

i also work night shifts which doesnt help the situation!

i want to be back in my thin clothes!!

any one have any ideas?? i just need real good motivation but ?? where from i cant motivate myself long enough!



I sooooo know where you are coming from....

I cant stick to the diets either, tried them all!!! If I could only find one that gives me some fast results my will power would do the rest but when you are only losing a mere 3 pounds a month you just think SOD IT!!! If anyone knows of something out there that I havn't discovered please let me know.


Golower diet


Hi I know how you feel, i've tried all the diets around and i've only recently found success with a diet called Golower. I have lost three stone in three months and i'm still losing.




Have never heard of it - what sort of diet is it to get those results - Im intrigued!!!




It's brilliant! You get real food delivered to your door that you order form their website, golower.co.uk. The food tastes great and all you have to do is heat it up and cook your veg. No weighing, no counting calories, sins or points!! I have lost three stones in three months and I feel great, people that I haven't seen in a while don't recognise me!


Checked out golower


Hi Chrissie791,

Wanted to let you know I have ordered from the golower website and been following for 6 days and have lost 5lb. I am really impressed so far, the meals are lovely (chicken curry a fav at moment)and I dont feel hungery at all. Thanks so much for the tip, I will keep you posted.


Are you serious?


Have you really lost 3 stone in 3 months - thats a stone a month - thats brilliant!
You have inspired me and given me fresh hope. Im going to check out their website now, thanks for your help.


It oke!

iv gone true the same thing it not easy but it not hard .you should try running and eating more fruits and vegebles that what i do and i lost 5 lb it very easy but you got to try sticken to the plan i onder stand that you wont to eat but dont eat more then 120 calories in you're snacks try eating less

ps:my name is
loly745 send me you're answer!!!!


Cant stick to a diet

I got ur point and every one is facing the same problem.Now-a-days so many Diet centers are providing the Food by doctors suggestion and may be it will be useful for u ...........

<a ="http://www.chefsdiet.com">Zone Diet</a>


Me neither!!!

I have the same problem. I have just come back from 3 weeks holiday in France and I have gained 9 pounds. I feel ashamed and don't really want to go out.

When I diet I manage to do it for a few days and then I get frustrated and I end up eating all I can find in the house. I love cooking too so if I don't have any cakes in the house I end up making some.

The only times I manage to not think about food constantly was when I was really busy at work. It's not happening a lot these days. Don't know what advice I could give you. Keep busy, drink loads of water and try to exercise. I am gonna register at the gym next week. Think it's my last chance really!

good luck


Thank god!


well im glad to here its not jus me then, an i no exactly wat u mean bout the keeping busy if im busy at work im fine tbh i dont tend to eat that much at work cus im embarrased people will be thinkin how greedy i am so im not that bad at work maybe 1bag crisps an some choc in the afternoon were as if i was on my own it wud be alot more!!

iv got perfect chance of exercise if i walked to work everyday nice walk ony takes 25 mins ( for the few days i did try ) an i still dont.

i drink 4pints water a day anyway im a big water fan dont drink pop, which is probably the ony thing i have healthy going on for me!!

why is it so hard to resist food, an why is it somethin i cant stop thiknin bout!!!

i need some sort of help soon else im gonna blow up



I hate diets


You are definitely NOT the only one who can't stick to a diet. LOL

I hate diets. They are restrictive, rule your life and generally make you feel like a failure and low about yourself.

They might work in the short term but most people generally put the weight back on within 6 months.

I don't bother with diets any more because they just made me obsessive about food.

Now I have a healthy approach. I eat what I want, but only if I REALLY want it and only if I am hungry, not eating just for the sake of it.

I also do some high intensity excercise which literally speeds up my metabolism and burns the fat all day long.

I feel much better for it.




your to right bout the feelin like a fialure i feel like it everytime i put somethin un healthy in my mouth an that tends to lead to me over eating!!

i wish i cud stop bein so obsessive over food but iv been this way for so long i cant seem to get out of it

i wake up think of food straight away, wether im havin a good or bad day an if i have 1 biscuit it always ends in the whole pack cus i think iv blown it now il start tomorow!

i need to take ur approach but its actually doing i try every monday i try again an by friday i can garantee iv been naughty so then go for it all weekend,

im stuck in a rut atm

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