Diet tablets - now slim day and night


Has anyone ever taken these and if so how did you get on




Hi need help

I've always been overweight from a young age, im 19 in University and I want to know how you take the now slim tablets, or if someone can give me some advice on eating what type of foods i would really really appreciate it !


Now slim

I used now slim after i had my 2nd child, i managed to lose over 3 stone with them, they are really good. They helped me to stop snacking all the time.

I got them in asda, but you can get them on their website too, www.nowslim.com

I would recommend them to everyone, dont think i could have shifted the weight without them x


Now slim


I've just bought some now slim. Are you still taking them?


Now slim tablets


.. hello,I have always been over weight even as a child and since the age of 14 or so
.i have tried in the past every diet known to man kind I think, loosing weight then putting it and more on after. i have just got heavier as each year came and went.

I started taking the day and the night now slim tablets on Wednesday night it is now Monday morning.... I cant believe it but I have lost a staggering 9 lbs yes nine pounds !!! I haven't had any adverse side effects at all other than I am more thirsty so am drinking more . I have to say the smell of the day tablets is more than a little off putting to me but I just get them down as quick as I can.

my eating habits haven't changed other than I now don't eat after 7pm as the night tablets are to be taken at 10 and no food is allowed for 3 hours either side of it... maybe this is why im loosing weight .. maybe not . but it is at the moment working for me and if it works that's more than fantastic as far as im concerned


Now slim


Are you still taking these? I've just bought some and I'm hoping to lose 2 1/2 stone! Xxx


My update !!!


hello again. its now thursday may6 2010 and my total weight loss is 11lbs since wednesday 28th april 2010. i can honestly say i havent been hungry at all and have eaten 3 meals a day.. still drinking loads though whisn is the only difference to my diet other than the now slim which i am taling as directed on the bottle. i will post more updates in time.




hello its sunday 9th may and weight loss total is now 13 lbs !!


Yes - amazing!

I just wanted to share with you my experience.
I have always been a pear shape and short and found it difficult to stay trim. After my kids and with a mid life spread creeping on me from the waist down, I tried excercising more and eating less - but I just felt like it was a constant uphill battle.
My friend introduced me to a product called Lida DaiDaihua because it's completely natural, and after she had tried all the usual ones with various side effects, so I decided to take her advice and try these.
In the first week I lost 3 lbs and the same again this week. You are only supposed to take them for 1 month, otherwise your metabolism will get used to them, so I will stick to that. I am a sensible woman and still excercise so I won't abuse the directions.
I feel so happy and so alive. The company doesn't look much on the web, but I received the product within 2 days, with no post and packing charge! And, it comes in fake proof packaging, which is good because apparently there are a lot of people trying to sell sub quality rip offs.
My feeling is that for just over £1 a day, it worth a try and I wanted to share it with you because it is natural and I haven't had any side effects except wanting to drink loads of water, which is brilliant.
Anyway, it's up to you but this is the website www.slimming123.com
Hope it works for you as well as it has for me!
Rach x


I'm using them just now

Just started using these on the weekend and lost 4pounds so far but I don't think that's really down to the pills. I'm using them in conjunction with the Atkins low-carb diet and have weight using that diet before so I've got a feeling that it's really down to the Atkins. Not sure to be honest. Will use them for a few weeks and see if I've lost more or the same amount of weight as Atkins.


'now slim day and night' diet tablets

I have been taking these tablets for two weeks now, with a healthy diet, and hav'nt lost any weight at all or inches! Has any one sucessfully lost weight with these, if so could you give me some tips on what you ate and drank!


Stick with them they do work!!


Hi, I tried now slim 3 years ago. I had no weight loss for 5 weeks..... then all of a sudden i started losing weight. I lost 3.5 stone over 4 months. I was sooooo thrilled. I have gradually put the weight back on and am now ordering more.. I would definitely recommend you use the night ones too as it was these that i am sure made the biggest difference.



hi just going to order some now. will let you know how they go. also just started drinking china oolong tea (2 cups a day). On monday going to change my eating plan-going to start scottish slimmers.

need to loose 21 pounds. Would love to have done it by 22nd June (in 23 days). if anyone knows how I can loose 21 pounds in 23 days let me know

wish me luck


Now slim tablets


I just wanted to say that I tried the three day trial now slim day and found it to be very successful. The trial offer is an inexpensive method of deciding whether or not the tablets will work for you. Previously, I had been taking Zotrim or liposinol as I gained a stone in weight within months of being advised to stop taking prescription medications for migraine. Before this I was very slim and ate whatever I wanted and thought diet pills were nonsense. Oh, how my views have changed!!!

Also, it is important to remember that these tablets are not a magic solution to weight loss but they will help you loose a few pounds. In addition to taking now slim day, I was also eating fruit instead of junk food.

I hope this information will help you!

All the best,



Diet tablets

By all means tell me to mind my own business but please don't take these pills!!

They may work short term but I'm sure you'd love to 'keep' the weight off.

there are some very helpful natural supplements out there that may 'assist' weight loss, ie. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which helps break down fat cells.
Phase 2, which is made from beans. Stops your cravings for hi-carb foods

Spurilina, which will surpress your apetite.

These will 'assist' your weight loss but the best way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle and your attitude to food.

I really hope this is of some help to you.

if you want to contact me direct, i'm at darryl888@hotmail.com


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