Dropped 3 dress sizes in 6 weeks


Hi all just wanted to give hope to all those dieters out there. I've managed to go from a size 18 to a size 12 in 6 weeks and the weight is still coming off.

My BMI was 29.7 and is now 25.4 so I'm almost in the healthy sector of the BMI. I'm 5ft 4in and i'm 31 years old so guys don't give up it dieting does work!

Good luck all x x x


Please help

Hi just saw your post. I have been sponsored to lose 2.5 stone by 4 th July stated 4th April but only lost 4 lb please share what you did with me I got to gym and swimming 3 -4 days a week haven't really changed my diet as yet thought I would lose something but haven't I have 7 weeks left



Please can you share your diet plan?


How did you do it?

I want to lose 8 dress sizes in 3.5 months. Please tell me how you did it?


Oh. my. days!!!

I just read this like,
Are you serious? I hope you are!! You see I'm 15 and overweight and it is Oct 16th 2014 now. and sometime in December I'm going to my grandads in Devon, with a lot of my family. my cousin, she is like my twin. But she always get a the attention and its upsetting,but she also kinda puts me down. But she will be going Devon too with me my mom, my dad, my brother, my uncle, and my cousins mom (my auntie). and our dog and my cousins dog. But every time we go we end up going out for dinner somewhere fancy. and my cousin always looks skinny and pretty and she knows full well she does and I don't, I would just love to shock her and be slim when I go. I need to loose 4 dress sizes in the space between tommorow which will be the 17th Oct to sometime in December. ? is it poss? I Am doing a 10 day detox. which is extremely good for you. It flushes you out, I will only have water, lemon honey drinks or green or herbal tea for ten days. and now I see this. After the ten days I might do what you have done for the rest! xxx You are a star for posting this. it has lifted my happiness knowing its possible xxxxx And it seems like a mild diet you did! your so strong for doing it, congrats on loosing the weight babe. xxxxxx


Need to drop 4 dress sizes

Wow, how did you manage to lose so much in just a short period of time



hey, please can you tell me how you did this? I'm a 16 and I'd like to be a 12 in 6 weeks before I go to uni.



Well done

Well done. Congratulations !!!


What's your secret?

Just read your post, I'm amazed and after having my 2nd child am finding it uber difficult to shift the excess weight... How did you do it? Any advice or support would be much appreciated x


Dropped 3 dress sizes in 6 weeks

Please!! tell me how!



yeah i believe in dieting too . when ever I have to dress something really good I always go for dieting 3 to 4 weeks before.


Amazing! any more helpful advice?

Would you have anymore advice? Did you continue to lose weight and keep it off?
Anything you overcame?
Thanks x



what diet did you use? and exercise plan? x



I'm doing my diet now I'm a size 16 and I'm trying to get down to a 12 in six months.

I cut down my calorie intake to 600-700 a day
and I exercise everyday, and trying to do atleast 35-40 mins of cardio aday but also do strength exercise like Sit ups and pull ins and squats everyday.

Do you think I'll get to my target? did you do any exercise?

I'm on my 8th day and I feel lighter and less hungry, but I really want my belly to go down and my back fat that what irrates and upsets me the most about my body.

How did you measue your weight lose?

I hope I can lose the weight like you because I just want to be happier and feel better

Thank you, Kind Regards and once again amazing xx



amazing!! wot did you do to lose so much ? im 12 stone and im a zize 14_16 and i want to lose 3 dress sizes can you help me please to reach my goal thank you!



I will certainly try it!



Well done


Omg whats teh secret

hello sandra omg that is AMAZINGGGGG well done you , do you mind me asking how u did it ? i have exactly six weeks befre i have my engagement to my prince charming and i want to look stunning, atm i am a 16 top and 18 trousers in most stores and id love to be a twelve top and a twelve/14 bottom as i have seen the most beautiful dress i would love to wear . and so if i could go dwn three dress sizes everthing would be perfect


Metabolism boosters

Hi Sandra,1st of well done for losing weight,you've done very well.You mentioned something about metabolism boosters.Which ones do you recommend and where can you get them from??I think ive read somewhere green tea boosts metabolism, is that right??Thanks


Boots own herbal


I've got boots own herbal ones. You take them half an hour before food and one at bedtime.

I haven't tried green tea, I don't think I fancy it, not tasted it so a bit scared it'll be disgusting.

I'm stil loosing weight by calorie counting, I'm now a size 10 got half a stone to go to target.

Good Luck





Hi Sandra, thanx for replying,I'll definately try them out.Good luck with the half stone remaining.

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