Really need a cigarette!!


I'm almost 6 weeks now and just quit smoking!! i'm munching on raw carrots as i type but really want a cigarette!!!i'm driving my man crazy with my short fuse, is there anyone going through the same?


Nicotine replacement

I am about 6 weeks pregnant too, and was a little surprised, already having two children of 9 and 7 and being 40 in march. I also smoked at least 20 roll ups a day! I gave up immediately my test said positive, but had already gotten a nicorette inhaler on presecription and am using that.

I am just using it minimally and its helped loads. I probably only use 2 capsules a day, rather than the 8-10 recommended.

I checked it out with my doctor, and although not idel, its better than smoking!


Smoking alternative


You can use Herbal vaporizers for your happy smoking session because it is a composition of herbs and decrease the problems that take place from smoking.
Every parts of herbal vaporizer contributes for your happy smoking session. Herbal vaporizers are very helpful to save your lungs from damage.
One of the best benefits is that youll have access to 95% pure active ingredients in these vapors. herbal vaporizer are used as a smoking alternative today.



Get help from your doc

There mut be help for you ..they keep on about it enough..go get it , you deserve it you are doing a fantastic thing. the least they can do is help you out here. and I am glad I didn't smoke when i had my daughter...she as born with a birthmark and asked me straight if i smoked...imagine how you'd feel if you felt you was to blame.H


I tried it!

hiya i know how u feel when i found out i was pregnant i quit the same day. i couldnt cope as i hadnt prepared myself to quit. when i spoke to my midwife she sed that just stopping all of a sudden could cause more damage than good because of the stress your putting your body through, and to just ween myself off them slowly. iv gone from smoking 20 a day to smoking just 1 or 2 a day eventually i will be able to go all day without them and it will be much easier. quitting smoking is hard as its an addiction you should do it in your own time xxx


Yes i know the feeling

hi im 6 weeks pregnant too and also stopped smoking, but finding it real difficult.
and today i just cant stop crying, its new years eve and all i want to do is cry, i feel so trapped, upset and so bloody alone, is this just my hormones???
anyway in my lost mood of impending doom and gloom i wish everyone the best for 2007.


I went through the same

hi, I'm a french mum (my girl is 3 months old)

I quit smoking the day I knew I was pregnant and it was so hard.
I understant what you are going through but DON'T SMOKE !!!
I know it s hard but when you feel you are going to break down put your hand on your belly and think about your baby to come ...

good luck !! be brave


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