Knicker fetish


i was wondering if you could help me with a particulally awkward problem i have at the moment.
Ever since i started seeing my current partner i have had a fetish for smelling her worn knickers..nothing too dirty i might add but just lightly worn..i really dont want to keep it a secret any longer but feel if i tell her she will think im a freak..what do u think? shall i tell her or not?


Hard one but this is how it was for me...

I never had this for panties but I have it for feet. I have had my share of stockings and tights out of wash baskets. And shoes. I love almost everything about feet, stockings and shoes. Its not the only thing I like but its big

Anyway, in the end I stopped the sneaking around and just got it out there. I found it was just about how it was approached. My partners have loved that I liked the things they wore, the way they smelled. They love that I will kneel and kiss their feet, and/or shoes. Sometimes my wife will ring if shes away and ask if Ive taken anything of hers to bed with me. She doesnt always do that, but if she does she likes to hear that I have. She likes a lot of other things about this fetish, too she likes to see my tongue on the bottom of her shoe

But earlier in my life I didnt get such a good reaction. I didnt make it a shared thing, I didnt make it personal, I didnt make it devotional or perhaps even fun. I didnt get on board with the fact that sometimes someone wants to play certain types of game, sometimes they dont All these things made a difference. THE difference, in my case.

If a girl likes to get down and dirty, then it seems to me?


Tell her

She'll probably enjoy knowing - after all, don't all girls want to know they taste and smell irrestible?


I sell my used, wet panties!

Hi guys,

I love stumbling across these sort of forums! They make me so wet and horny!

I do actually sell my wet panties and other worn garments. Each garment is worn specially for you and tailored to your requirements.


Look forward to pleasuring you soon!

Lots of love and wetness,
Holly xx


Knicker fetish

Iam 60yrs old and have had this amazing fetish since I was about 12 . I used to play wrestle with a friend of my mums she was about 28 at the time , we were in her house one evening I used to babysit for her she was single we started to tickle each other she had just brought the laundry down to wash and while we tickled each other Igot hard and she felt it out of nnowhere she pushed a pair of well worn stained black panties over my face! I couldn't believe the smell this started me on a long and pleasurable road of panties form my two wives and both of them used to bring their mothers panties to bed with us , My second wife of 35 yrs has bought her friends and sister in laws as well as her own she used to masturbate me or suck me or ... me while holding them over my nose sheer bliss much more to tell Bill


Have a look


at my panties - joannavanessa.co.uk x




I could sell you my pants.... I get a massive pleasure knowing someone somewhere is getting off on my odour.


Knicker fetish

Absolutely wait until you know for sure she cares enough about you to be open to it.

In the mean time check out:



Knicker fetish

Until you know her better keepit to yourself honey xxx

I run a pantie site if you need anything have a look drop me aan email xxx


love Alys x


Knickers for sale

I want to sell my used knickers and thongs. Email me at knickers25@outlook.com.


Yes tell her

My wife now knows i have a panty fetish and i even think she enjoys it when she finds ive cum into the crouch.
Kik rex1978


Used panties



Dirty chats.

looking for some dirty adult female chats 18-40 yrs of age cum on lets chat now.



Hiya. I'm selling my used panties and thongs I can provide feedback from previous buyers and I also have a depop account (selling website). I consider all offers and can also provide any special request photos of myself. Email me at checkmeout94@live.co.uk if interested x


Filthy fettish

If your wanting to buy some filthy panties to smell just give me a message
I do cheap prices and would love for you to smell my pants
I also sell my dirty pictures if you want to see me smell and taste my own!


Don't be shy


Looking for those special gentlemen whom may be interested in my personal panties

Young attractive 24 year old woman, looking to find men on a good personal level, who may be interested in purchasing my very own worn panties or other items which can be specified. Pictures will also be provided so give you a more visual and personal feel.

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Will cater to most needs and will not disappoint


Re, knickers.


hi there I have one hell of a fetish for freshly worn knickers, I would love to have a pair off you, any chance of photo of your good self. xx



Hi !
I am a 33 year old sexy women. I love sex! I like watch porno! I have big orgasm ! I sell my worn panties and panties after orgasm! If you are interested, you can email me sharmel14@outlook.com

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I also love to watch porn on my p.c. I do admit I masturbate quite a lot while I watch the porn, I love it trying to hold back from shooting my load long as I can the longer the better my orgasm is , fantastic feeling aint it when we cum.


Knicker fetish

I'd forget my head...honestly lol..


Miss Knickers xx


Knicker fetish


I'm a 45 year old hot MILF and I love to sell my worn panties, knickers and thongs!! The thought of you having them just makes me so horny...

Very reasonable prices and I can do a set of pics with me wearing your chosen panties just for you!!

Feel free to email me if you are interested..

Miss Knickers xx

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