Brown discharge


Im 7 weeks. Has anyone else had this? Sorry for minging detail but its brown and stringy. CAuse for concern???


9 weeks and 3 days with same problem

i have the same problem and i'm 9 weeks and 3 days. the doctors told me that as long as i'm not passing clots the size of dimes, i dont have a fever, i'm not soaking a maxi pad an hour, and if i don't have really bad cramps then i'm fine. they also said that i should stay off my feet as much as possible. even though they say i'm fine i'm still worried. i hope i helped you.


Worth getting it seen to.

Hi hun,

I had brown discharge plus heavy gushes of red blood and large clots, for the first 16 weeks, and every time i had it seen to i wasnt happy with being told that if there isnt any pain then not much to worry about, i wanted to be scannned to see for my own eyes, contact your early pregnancy unit and ask for a scan, it is very scary and im not going to say try not to worry cos if your anything like me i couldnt rest constantly thinking i was losing my baby so give them a call then have some reassurance.

Good Luck hun

Emma and Daisy bump 20 weeks TOMORROW


Help !!


im 16 weeks pregnant and ive been having brown discharge for the past 2 weeks and period pain, i had a scan last week and baby was fine but i still dont understand why its still happening even the early pregnancy diddnt give me any answers ? can anyone help please !


Brown discharge

I am just over 8 weeks pregnant now. I had a bleed for three days when I was about 4-5 weeks pregnant and was very worried. I was rushed for blood tests, where I was found to be Rhesus Negative and they gave me the Anti D injection. I had a scan the following week and everything was fine. I have experienced a brown discharge since that time, so it has been going on for at least 4 weeks now. I have been told not to worry, as this is old blood. It does not usually last for so long, but as long as it does not turn to red, or I experience cramps, it should be fine. My symptoms have almost disappeared also and I am just feeling slightly nauseous and have gone off certain foods I liked before. My 12 week scan is on 12 November, so I have to hold tight until then. Hopefully everything should be fine. Seem to be so many women have this discharge, I would just worry if you have cramping or blood........


Brown discharge

hi im roughly around 6/8 weeks according to my docs nd i have been suffering with this too for just over a week on and off i rang the local hospital nd went through to the maternity unit nd spoke to someone i have been told not to worry bout this only if it becomes proper blood looking. But i have also had a friend who has also suffered with this too nd everything was fine. Yes i am a bit worried still but im due to see a midwife on the 8th of sept.But i have heard this can be common in some pregnancies so we could possibly be worrying for nothing i hope this is some help to u nd good luck we are not alone.


Brown discharge


Hi there I am 9/10 weeks pregnant and suffering from a dark brown discharge for the last 3 days not very heavy mainly when I go to the toilet I have also been experiencing cramping pains today similar to period cramps I phoned the hopsital last night and spoke to a midwife who reassured me that it is better that it is brown as this is old blood but I can't help but worry she did say that if it turns to bright red and if I get strong pains then to go to casualty. I also experienced some brown discharge in week 7 but it went away and was lighter than this time. I know everyone keeps saying that it is very common but I like you can't help but be concerned. Hope everything is Ok for you I am going to speak to my midwife tomorrow.



I've had this in all 3 of my pregnancies, 2 of which ended in miscarriage but I am now 23 weeks pregnant and everythin is fine so to me it seems to be a normal part of pregnancy whatever ends up happenin. Bright red fresh blood is the thing to get worried about, but I even had that at the start of this pregnancy so it doesn't always mean that there's a problem.


No worries

yesterday i was panicking because i had had brown discharge and i truly thought i was having a m/c i am 7 weeks preg with my 6th baby !!! must be mad !! today i got sent to the early pregnancy unit and they gave me a scan , there was the baby in the gestational sac with the heart beat flickering away, and they couldnt understand where the brown discharge came from, they suggested it could have been implantation bleeding. so really what im trying to say is, dont worry unles its red, fresh blood, lots of it, with clots, brown blood is old blood and does not affect the pregnancy.
good luck xx


Brown discharge

I am 7 weeks pregnant to & just got brown waterey discharge, I panicked & the doctor referred me for an early scan tomorrow (21st) I have no pain or stress, never had it in my last 2 pregnancies either what is it? Its a scary feeling. I do get the odd pain on my right side which I have had on & off for ages & it took me 5 months to conceive so I am really paranoid. Cant wait for my scan!!! Tracy



I am now 24 weeks pregnant after losing my 1st baby last year.
2 days after I found out I was pregnant this time I noticed a brown discharge and was getting cramps like mild period pains. In a panic (thinking I was losing the baby) I went to the doctors who reassured me that everything was fine. The cramps were the muscles stretching and getting ready for the pregnancy and the discharge was old womb lining that was just wasteage as it wasn't needed any more.
He really reassured me and made me feel better about the pregnancy.
Hope this has helped but if you do have any worries either speak to your midwife (she's heard it all before) or give NHS Direct a quick call. They'll get a nurse/midwife to call you back and explain everything.


Me too


Ive just posted a message, the one before yours saying "Early pregnancy scan at 6 weeks" Ive been getting brown discharge as well so im in the same boat as you, lets wait for some replies and take it from there.

Tiggy x


Me aswell


found out i was pregnant saturday 18th but on friday 17th started getting a tiny bit of light pink/red-ish blood then over the last couple of days if been getting brownish light discharge its been going on for 4 - 5 days now only on and off. Nothing on my pad just when i whip. Ive had a few pains just niggley pains, like period pains but not as painful and they last like a minute or so...is this normal? i have worked out im 6 weeks pregnant but seeing doctor tomorrow Wednesday 22nd oct see what she says... i dont have any history of miscariages in family but im very worried

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