Crying during pregnancy


Hi girls, i really don't know what happened to me yesterday but i went to work, i was feeling a little bit tired but nothing unusual, i felt my baby low and heavy. 1 hour after i arrived at my office, i surprised myself crying in the corridor and i could'nt stop or move, nothing! My manager arrived and asked of course what was happening, if i had any pain or whatever, nothing but i was just crying!
We went to see the nurse who said it is completely normal, the hormones are playing with me!! I stayed with her a little bit and lye down, when she came back, she only told me one word and hop, in tears again! so she called a taxi and i came back home. The taxi was quiet but as soon as he asked me why i was going back home so early i cried, he was so embarrassed and so was it!
Because i am on holidays from Monday, my manager told me to stay at home today. So here i am, relaxing while the others are working.
Crazy isn ... !


Being a cry baby

For these past few days I've been feeling a lil moody all I do is think about everything that's been going on in my pregnancy nd it makes me feel a lil down. I feel like I'm questioning a lot of things nd I get confused about some of the paths that I'm taking . I know it's jus the hormones but I feel like I I talk about to any1 even my boyfriend no one will really understand or they'll jus think I'm being a cry baby. So when I feel this way even tho I feel like bursting out in tears I try to hold them in and just move on with my day. Only because I'm not really sure how to deal with these feeling I got 6 weeks to go in my pregnancy and this is my first child and tho I'm trying to stay positive I found myself hiding in the bathroom crying a lot


Dont worry, just enjoy your extra time off.

I cried my eyes out last night after my oh spilt some orange juice

oh the joys of pregnancy

nic 35+2 xx


Feel so silly!!

Hi Girls, i know how your feeling and i am only 6 weeks pregnant but i feel a mess!! i dont know if im coming or going most days, and the most simple things are making me cry, (my dog, my fiancee and work) i have a little boy of 4 but never went threw this with him, i didnt even know i was pregnant with him till i was 2 and a half months lol!! i have also bled for a week but doctors said i had a threatened miscarrige, so this could be part of the reason i get so upset. But i still feel everything is gonna be ok, it can only get better from here lol!! I HOPE..


Crazy crying

I know how everyone feels, I seem to cry over everything and Im 13 weeks pregnant. Today my 3 year old daughter was watching a chidren's show on Nick Jr called Yo Gabba Gabba. They were decorating a Christmas tree and they put a star on the top. When I was a kid and my parents were still married we used to put the same star that would light up on the top of the tree and it made me start to cry. Then they passed out jingling bells to eachother and that made me think of Christmas time in general and how happy it made me when I was young, so I started crying more, and I was trying to eat while I was crying, which wasn't working. I hardly remember any of this from my first pregnancy, but I hardly knew I was pregnant with her the whole time. This one is completely different. You are not alone!


I'm glad i'm not alone!

Hi, everyone. I'm so pleased I'm not alone! I'm 18 weeks pregnant and for the last two days i've done nothing but cry at the silliest of things! I've cried at work, I've cried at home, I've cried on the train!.. (I'm even filling up while i'm typing this!) I even watched my favourite tv programme yesterday, which usually has my in stitches laughing, and I ended up crying buckets at that!!!! I know it's down to hormones and it's quite normal but I feel so silly!
It's my first pregnancy and I've been really lucky not to have any morning sickness or anything but i certainly wasn't prepared for this!
My fiance's been great though. He gives me a big hug and tries to make me laugh (and yes it is possible to laugh and cry at the same time!).
Can't wait till this has passed and i'm smiling again!!!


Nobody warns us!lol

Just reading through all the replys to your thread Charlotte has got me thinking...yes this hormonal bursting into tears is NORMAL! Thank god Im not going mad! We hear of baby blues but I didnt quite realise how emotional a time pregnancy can be! Our hormones are up the left all right! Some of us moreso than others. Its only when I look back on my previous pregnancy 8yrs ago that I realise...I had hardly a dry eye day the whole 8wks before I M/C. Some pregnancies are like that. This one isnt just quite on that scale, but I do have my moments...as my hubby says "Is the hormone back?" and gives me a hug. We do need to be able to show our feelings and talk to someone when we are down or just have some quite time to ourselves if we need it. Try to find a good girlfriend to talk to, who has gone through something similar, if hubby doesnt want to listen. And remember to laugh when we can and try and enjoy the good times in our pregnancies..so please god they will out number the sad times! Big hugs girlies xxxx tc Sharon 20wks


I cry a lot

Hi girls,

I am Priyanka. I am 18 weeks pregnant, and I dunno why but the smallest thing makes me cry these days. Everyone keeps telling me emotional stress is not good for the baby, but however may I try, I just can't stop it. I hope its not gonna affect my child. I have a very loving and patient husband, but still sometimes we have arguments, and I cry buckets even at the smallest and illogical reasons. Please help..!!


I always crying


i m worried about what will happen to my babe bcoz i m having a lot of stress and sometimes i feel like i ve done a wrong thing about being pregnant, i cry every second and i m praying i dont want anything to happen to my child coz every one keep telling me that to cry is not good for the baby and i m 15 weeks pregnant today


Ur not alone

i know how u feel i spent the last 3 days crying .its hard to sleep worrying about baby kids and partner.feeling worn out been snappy but all will be worth it in 7 weeks ,please god ,heres to all pregnant ladies getting their own bodies back,both mentally and physically


Crying during pregnancy

Hi. I'm Jen. Just wanted to reply to charlottes message. I was like that as well and was happend last night. I was just crying when my husband drinks, actually not much and he just stay at home. But i was really crying and I don't know why! I was actually worried if my baby got affected. And I'm 24 weeks pregnant. Please advice...


I think i'm going nuts


Hello Jen just wanted to reply to your comment. Just a few hours ago I was crying hysterically. I had a good day at work, I came home and took a shower and out of nowhere I started crying really hard and quiet to myself. I thought about how fat I was getting and how I hated my husband for not being comforting enough. Anyways I think I'm actually going crazy. I'm 33 weeks now so your probably about to pop any minute. Hopefully things are better with you. With my first son I was not only emotional during my pregnancy but I suffered post partum depression for the first 3 weeks. I would cry at the craziest things and took everything to heart.


Weepy + needy!!


Hi girls
i'm also very weepy and needy this week especially. i'm 9 weeks since yesterday & have been fine up until we told our families last weekend!! i started to feel overwhelmed by family members starting to fuss over me and felt as though my husband was being sidelined. I'm constanlt looking for reassurance off him and testing him!! it's very draining. we're married almost 3 years and together almost 11 years. he's the best husband ever but sometimes i'd like him to be a bit demonstrative and a little more sensitive to little things he might say, that i'd normally laugh off, but not now with the raging hormones.
please help


Thank you


I woke up this morning thinking everything was fine, normal day. By the time I was making breakfast I started crying and haven't stopped since. I thought I was truelly going crazy. One thing after the other breaks me down. I am 30 weeks and I don't remember this with my first one, but I guess looking back now i certainly had my moments. It imakes me feel better that I am not alone because it definitley feels that way sometimes. Good luck to all of you! Once our new bundles are here, hopefully we can get back to ourselves.


Don't worry


it won't affect yoru baby. It is normal for pregnant women to become emotional for anything. What is important is that you get support from your family or husband.

Don't forget to have some good time as well. It is not so much for the baby but more for you. You have to enjoy this great experience and have good memories of it.

I was as well crying like mad when I was pregnant. But a (big) piece of chocolat always cheered me up

Good luck to you




I am 2 months pregant and I feel like I am losing my mind. I have no one to talk to. My husband is the most impatient man I have ever met, and he has no time for me when I feel emotional. He screams at me, and says horrible horrible things. I cannot talk to him about anything. I don't know where to turn. I can't stop crying. I feel like I am losing my mind. What can I do to stop this b/c I feel crazy.




Omg I know exactly how u feel n wat ur going through bc I'm in the same situation and it sucks. Crap tho I see this was in 2007 tho.


Poor you!

It's perfectly normal though!
Don't worry, at least you have sympathetic people around you, I had a friend who was pregant and her boss (a woman) was extremely bad about the whole thing, made it very difficult for her to have time off for her appointments and had an awful attitude towards her. She was one of those women who didn't like people having time off, ill as well. I can't stand people like that!

Chin up, girls!


Me too

Don't worry I am the same since the beginning of my pregnancy but it is getting better!
have a nice holidays, enjoy and chill!!!!!



I feel so upset at times.


At certain times i feel really down and i just start crying. My babys dads is a horrible man and is on a mission 2 make my life hell which doesnt help my hormones 1 lil bit, plus im workin 52hours a week and im only 18!!!! im doin it all 4 my lil 1 though, as long as i can give my lil girl everything she needs thats all that matters! especially without my family or babies dad saying i told u, u wer 2 young and couldnt cope! so yep we all get down but it will b all worth it when we hold our lil angels in our arms...........good luck girls!!

amba xxx


Same here!


I'm 7 mos and I've been crying for the last 2. I don't remember this for my first child though. Maybe it's because I wasn't dealing with her father. Now I'm involved with the father of this one. At least I thought I was until about 1 and 1/2 months ago when he started these strange activities. Not being here at night, saying mean things an something like torture. The baby knows when he's not there, because for some reason, I can't sleep without him. SHe keeps me up, we both nap on and off, but most of the night is up crying and worrying.

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