Growth scan at 36 weeks and breech check...


Hi all,

Just had to go in for a scan today to see if baby is still breech (36 weeks 3 days) and having seen the midwife the day before who thought it was still breech, it was a shock to find out babys head was now down??

Its been quite confusing as my last two appointments said its difficult to tell how my baby is lieing and said it was breech.....having said that baby is always on the move and still doing a few somersaults in there.

babes head is now bottom left of my abdomen and bum was central at the top? I think it moves around alot and i have no idea what body parts are poking out half the time!
I just hope it stays head down now!

Anyway they think baby is a little small at the moment so they are going to continue to monitor me (although everything else is fine, they even check the placental flow is ok on the scanner..clever!)

Anyway just thought i would get that off my chest as i feel a little better now (apart from the 'small baby comments!')

Lou xx



I am 35+3 wks now and I have an appointment next week to check if my baby is still breech. every time a midwife feels my bump they have a differing opinion as to how he/she is lying! I swear I can feel some movements right down low but they say I can't be as abby isn' that far down. They have talked about turning it but not sure how keen I am on the idea. Glad your little one has gone head down. fingers crossed that mine does too!!!!

Nikki x x x


Thanks :+)

I spoke to my sis and she was told the same about size of babies and both hers were around 6/7 pounds so that makes me feel better too.
Glad head is down, i had been fretting for weeks (!) baby is wriggling around lots so thats a good sign,
take care,

Lou xx


Fingers crossed...

the head stays down now for you Lou! Looking good!

Dont be worry about the small baby comments, am sure babs is fine!

tc Sharon 19+4wk bump xx


Good news!

Same happened to me. I got all worried for a couple of weeks then she turned and stayed head down! It would be unusual for baby to turn again now so looks like you can hope for a normal delivery!

Maybe baby will put on more weight now right way up!! There will be more room in there as head can start to make it's way into the pelvis. Anyway it'll be quite nice to have some extra monitoring, it's lovely to see/hear baby to know all is ok and it's always good to have plenty to do in the last few weeks!

Good luck babe.

Love Trace xxxx

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