Membrane sweep - does it work??


Hi all,

I am hoping you can give me some advice about the success (or otherwise!) of membrane sweeps.

I'm currently 37 weeks and 3 days, due on 11th May. I have been really uncomfortable for weeks now with pain under my ribs where my little angel has lodged himself. Because of my ongoing discomfort, my midwife has agreed to do a membrane sweep on my next visit in 2 weeks time 4 days before my due date(if I haven't delivered already by then!).

Midwife says it can be rather uncomfortable but it kick starts labour in 50% of cases but I just wondered if any one could advise me of their experiences. Was it painful? Did it work for you and if so how long after the sweep was baby born?

Any info/experiences you can share with me would be really welcome. Thanks so much

Sharon and 37 + 3 uncomfy bump!


Hey girlies this was posted in 2008!!

Oh and it does work in my opinion xxx


Still here at mo


Morning,Just wanted to wish you Sez good luck for your sweep today,really hope it works for you,let us know how you get on.
Midwife said it should work within 24 hrs which will be about 11am this morning so will have to see but nothing up to now-aagghhh
Really dont want to be induced on Sunday,seems ages away!!

Becky 40+8 today!!!



I'M 7 days overdue and going to have one tomorrow so i will let you know how i feel when i have been.
my friend had one and her baby was born the day after.


Will let you know!!!



Im 1 week over today and have just come back from having a sweep,It didnt hurt,not even uncomfortable really but im hoping im one of the 50% as getting desperate now!!
Midwife said if anything is going to happen it should be within next 24 hrs so heres hoping!!
Becky 41 weeks today aagghhhhhhh!!!!!


Membrane sweeping

i had a membrane sweep with my third child while it was a little uncomfortable it worked a treat she was out that afternoon and i am booked in for another one on my due date next month so good luck.


Membrane sweep


When I was working with a midwife as a student before Christmas a young girl who was already over due had two membrane sweeps and they didnt work for her but I would think it will be completely different for everyone.

Not to put you off just telling you from an experience I had.

Hope you feel better soon and fingers crossed you'll be in the 50% that it does work for.



Membrane sweep does work!!!

i am pleased to inform you i had a membrane sweep twice and it worked both times.I didnt think it hurt it was just like getting a smear test done.After i got it done i went home with what felt like i had my period (i felt this straight away)then i started to have contractions.I just kept myself really busy (doing house work and stuff) and the time flew by.Please dont worry it really isnt bad getting it done if anything it quickens up your labor iwish you the best of luck im actually 34 weeks pregnant and i would love another membrane sweep when im nearly due as it really does work and its not painfull good luck and hope you have an easy labor


It worked for me!

I had 3 and the 3rd sent me straight into labour and I delivered my beautiful daughter the next day - about 36 hours later! Althogh the first 12 hours I was able to carry on as normal. The sweep is not painful just a bit uncomfortable.

Hang on til May 11th - as people born on that day are special - I know coz I am one!

Good luck.
Donna. x



Have had four sweeps in the past. If the cervix is not "ripe" its a waste of time. Its not so much painful more uncomfortable, 10 seconds and its done, is this your first baby? If so the head could engage quite rapidly in the time in between and that makes a huge difference, do a bit of walking. My girls were so high they felt like they were in my throat and never actually engaged. I had 2 sweeps with each as they went so far over dates and each time I went into labour not long after the 2nd sweep. When the cervix is favourable it really can help.

Good luck. You'll be fine

Girlchippy 5yrs, 3yrs and 18mths




hi i was reading your comments i had a membrane sweep this morning my mw said my cervix isnt ripe what does this mean? she gave my cervix a score out ov 10 which was a 6 i dont get any ov it and she didnt explain much can u help :



I had a membrane sweep and went into labour hours later!! To be fair I had also had acupuncture treatment and when the MW did the sweep I was 1-2cm dilated and my cervicx had thinned already
I think that if you're 'ripe' then chances are a sweep will kick things off. Sometimes it's impossible to do a sweep as the cervix is too closed.
I honestly believe the acupuncture helped with me. The acupuncture and sweep combined definitely did the trick......have you any indication as to whether labour is imminent? Periodtype pains or anything? I was 10 days past my EDD when I had my sweep and went into labour but had had period like pains off and on for about a week
good luck!!

ps the sweep didnt hurt at all....just a bit uncomfortable


Thanks mumbutton..


Thanks for your reply. How did you go about finding an acupuncturist?

I haven't had any signs at all that baby might be getting ready to appear! I'm nearly 38 weeks and haven't had any braxton hicks, period pains or anything yet.

My notes show 4/5 which I belive means only 1/5 of baby's head is engaged. The only reason MW suggested the sweep is because I'm in constant discomfort with pain under my ribs, but I understand she may not be able to do it if my body's not ready.

I guess I'm just hoping for him to take us all by surprise and I'll suddenly go in to labour, but as long as he's ok I'll just have to be patient!!



I had a membrane sweep as i was overdue my last 2 pregnancies, unfortunately they didnt work for me, i stll had to go into hosp to be induced.
Everyone is differant though and i think that if you are ready for baby to come and your body is ready then it will prob work.

Jan n 27+6 day girl bump.xxx


Hi stacey...


I have been reading rather than posting for the last couple of months, and was really glad to hear you and Olivia are doing so well. I can't believe I'm now nearly due after all of my dramas early on!

I'm trying not to raise my hopes too much that the MW can do the sweep and then it works but I'm so sore under the ribs every day it's difficult to do much at all. I'm also really impatient to meet my wee man and see what he looks like - we just can't choose a name so we are waiting to see what name he suits when he comes out!!

Thanks for your reply
Sharon xx


Hi all xx


im 38+5 days an have been in labour for 3 days now an only dilated 1cm.. am getting no sleep at all my midwife calles yesturday an gave me the sweep an can honestly say its not painful at all all though im not feeling any different yet i've tried doin alot of walking, house work, pineapple an also have been on my maternity ball when ever i get the chance but it seems like he will come whenever hes ready an not when i feel ready xxx

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