Night time leg cramps...


Any one else suffering with these?

It was left leg last night and boy does it hurt..to point that I'm crying with the pain as I cant move.Its so painful its scary!
And in the morning I have to walk on the balls of my feet, for about 15 min until the blood gets going because the calve muscle is so tight and I cant put my heel to the ground.

I'm praying its a phase, because I really don't think I can cope with this and the SPD for the next 12wks.

An old Knackered
Mrs Moo xx


Tonic water

Off to buy tonic water. Have got 4 weeks to go and like jbaumont1 when I jumped (not easy at this stage) out of be and was pushing against the wall my hubby though I was in labour (poor sod). Bananas give me heartburn at the moment so trying to avoid those!



yeah ive been aving them.had 1 at 6.30am just came on before i had time to try and prevent it.i got tonic water today,wont eat any bananas at the mo tho as am badly constipated at the mo and they are supposed to cause constipation!!! xx


I've woken up a lot with threatening cramp, an have managed to stretch my heel forward to stop the dull pain!
One night I didn't wake until it was too late, and woke up screaming in agony! My poor hubby thought the baby was coming!! I've never seen him move so fast!!!
I've been eating bananas, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference!!!
Only 6 weeks (ish) to go!!


Painful cramps

Hello ladies,

Just joined the forum, so I am still a newbie around here

I believe all these tricks you mentioned can help relieve cramp pain: from eating a banana once a day, exercising your feet/toes , drinking tonic water, etc. These are great to try at home where you can monitor how you feel on a daily basis, although if the pain is too much Id probably go to my GP, just for peace of mind. But as I work for Viva Direct, I know there is a spray for cramps available in their catalogue. It could be a good way to go if you run out of other handy options. If you do want to give it a go, read about it here: http://www.vivadirect.co.uk/TheraCramps-Sprays/Product1_20052_-1_81311_11052

Its worked for me so thought Id share, as I also suffer from cramps and know how painful they are.

Hope it helps.


I had those


I experienced it yesterday morning when I woke up. My knees where bent and I couldn't undo them because it was so painfully. I nearly cried, for real I nearly bawled like a baby. I said to myself if that was tough how I am going to cope with labour.

P.S: I have been eating loads of bananas last week, this weekend and during this week!!
Also I still felt the pain a bit during the day yesterday and even as I'm typing now...

I'm gonna try that Indian tonic thingy..

Charlotte and ever moving 31 weeks blue bump ( ultra sound today yippie)



They are bloody painful an all!!

Ive only experienced it twice but my god i thought someone was stabbin me in my leg...

It felt like my calf muscle was being twisted round and locking behind another muscle. And it always seems to be in the middle of the night. It is scary tho...

Things we go thru hey!!!

Jodie 30+3 wk bump xxx


Tonic water!!!


With my first pregnancy I suffered with terrible leg cramps like someone was stabbing a pen into my leg!!! and someone recommened tonic water - it has a specific ingredient in it that helps!!!!
It was fantastic!!! Getting drinking it!!!!

12+4 wks xxx


I tried this...

I suffered with these in my first pregnancy. Physio at ante-natal classes taught us to move our feet in circles 20 times clockwise and 20 anti-clockwise, then bend our toes up towards our bodies 10 times and down the way 10 times. I did this every night before bed and thankfully it worked for me because up until then I'd been in agony!!



Try the bananas for the cramp...I take one most days at my 10am tea and I havent had cramps at night! Pottasium in the bananas keeps the cramps away.

Swollen Ankles/fluid retention - try 2 sticks of celery each day - it acts as a diuretic...I take mine with a wee bit of laughing cow cheese spread on it, helps it go down easier!lol

hugs....Sharon 27+4wk pink bump xx



Yep, Im with you on the leg cramps. Getting quite painful now and struggling to sleep at the best of times without the cramps. You could try eating a banana before going to bed, apparently its something to do with the potassium content and is good for your circulation? Not sure how it works but it has definately helped me. Hope you get some relief soon

Hugs Lisa n lively lady bump 28+4 x



told me to drink Milk and Indian Tonic Water to relieve the excruciating cramp, I did both, so not sure which worked but they did!



I still have it

and only got 3 weeks to go. Dont think its a phase, I had it bad with baby 3 as well. I jump out the bed and hop on it as makes the pain go quicker although brings tears to your eyes at the time.
I get it in my groins and hips but there s not much you can do to relieve that just wait till it passes

Are you still abroad

Jen 37 weeks today!!


Yep still in dismall..



23 days and counting.

MM x


Why are you there?


I wrote my name on a wall in Dortmund town centre. You could go down and see if it's still there, pass the time. Think it was Tony that I loved 4EVA back then in 1988



I get that tooo


booo hoo!!

i got my left leg then my right then night after both at the same time i thought i was going to die then thought if i cant even get through leg cramp what about labour haha im such a wimp my legs felt bruised for bout a week after haha!!

Sammie 21 wk 5 day pink little bump!

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