Pains in tummy- newly pregnant!!


Hello Everyone and Congrats to you all!

I have just found out im pregnant and very happy as i was told i may have problems due to endometriosis and only one ovary so with two months of tyring im very happy but very worried about every pain, cramp etc etc

im nearly 6 weeks which i know is early and have been experiencing ths usual period type pains whichi have been assured is normal however im getting like a full/heavy type feeling above my belly button its hard to describe but if i lean over it feels as though im squashing something or have been eating too much or eating too much? anyone had this??


Belly pains

i am going on my 8th week of pregnancy and have been experiencing abdominal pains just light ones... but enough to wonder about. also today i have been feeling about my bellybutton pains.. i asked my fiance to feel there and he said it feels hard. what is this?



congrats on your news ive just found out that im 6 n a alf weks pregnant and i am getting the same pains as you are. and i am also losing a yellow colored discharge are you losing any thing the same. in the past 2 years, i went for a scan and found my baby dead on the scan then i moved away and had a eptopic then i found out i was pregnant again and misscarried and have done 3 other times in 7 month. aswell as avin a go at IVF but hopefully only having 1 alf of tube i am pregnant now at 6 and a alf weeks and so far so good. if you ever need to tlk your always welcome to get in touch with me. take care and all the best for the future kelly


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Hi and congratulations

This is my second, and I tell you you dont get much less paranoid second time around. Your muscles are relaxing, and ligaments slowly softening, and this accounts for no end of aches, pains and squshy feelings I feel.

There is one other thing to think of when it comes to that squashed feeling, and that is constipation. Your tummy moves much more slowly right from day one, which causes both this and quite a lot more wind. Chances are it is a bit of growth, and all of the rest too I am afraid

Glamorous isn ...

Congratulations one and all




Hello I get this squashed feeling, this could be more than likely our wombs expanding also my belly button I woke up one day and It hurt for the day but ok now I keep having weird pains i suppose it is our bodies changing!!If you are worried then you should see your doctor. I am about eleven or twelve weeks its all very interesting.Are you ok today???




Ah congratulations!!

im ok today but as i sit here i still get that squashed feeling-strange but all very exciting!!

so have you had your first scan? when are you due then? october?? or late sept?





I am 10 weeks and have been getting cramp like pains like this too ..im not to worried as it is my second pregnancy and i felt the same with my first .......If you get really bad pains i would go get it checked out but if its just crampy pains just relax !!


Dont worry


this is baby no.3 for me and all the cramp like pains and stretching feelings are perfectly normal, at least they were for me. dont forget your body is adapting to a huge change and all your muscles are stretching and making room for baby.




i am about 6/7 weeks and i am huge already!! has anyone else just got big??? i look about 3 months already!!




hiya thinkerbell i am also 7 weeks pregnant and although this is baby no.3 for me i also look about 4 mnth pregnant and i did with my other two at this stage, a lot of it is down to water retention, i held a lot of water with mine and look like a balloon too, god help us in 6mnth time. lol

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