Positive test but bleeding


Hi girls. I'm new here.
My period was late in 3 days so I did the test on Saturday morning. Got a clear 2 bands. Was very happy but then started bleeding at night. doesn't seem like a regular period bleeding but its on for 3 days. I took another pregnancy test Sunday morning (a pack of 2) and it was clearly positive again.
My GP appointment is only on Friday.
Am I pregnant or not? Hardly had any other pregnancy symptoms


Thank you girls for your support

Thank you so much girls. I have a GP appointment on Friday so will take a few days to get the blood test results. I'm nervous and excited. Just want to know.
The bleeding was light and now it stopped.
I hope you're right.
Will keep you posted. Goodluck for all the pregnant ladies..



Hey. Congratulations! The week after i found out i was pregnant i bled on and of for about a week. Went for several scans and the baby was fine. The midwife said some bleeding is normal and usually happens around the time your period is due. As long as there are no clots and its not massive amounts, all should be fine.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

Kate & 11w peanut



* Congratulations * Girl. . . you're pregnant!
No matter if you're bleeding or not, that pregnancy test can detect the slightest "pregnancy horomone", believe me, I have 2 kids! You can definatley be "on your period" and be pregnant at the same time though. What you NEED to do though, is call your nurse and talk to her about the bleeding though. When you're further along- 2nd trimester or 3rd, bleeding is not a good thing. I'm not though, sure about being "newly pregnant". But definatley call your nurse & make sure you go to your doctor's appointment.



hi hun, some people do experience implantation bleeding at the beginning of the pregnancy. make sure you tell you're gp when you see him and he will probably send you for an early scan. if the bleeding gets heavy or you are in a lot of pain go to casualty although they dont tend to scan before 6 weeks as they cant see much but will examine you to see where the bleeding is coming from. you are pregnant though hun a test wont show positive otherwise. take care, hope things go well for you x x x



Only your doctor wil be able to confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

As you are so early they might not be able to scan you and you may have to wait until your 6 weeks to have a scan.

If you have lost the baby it is still possible to have a positive result as the hcg stays around for several days.

Hope eveything works out for you.




Bleeding is very common in early pregnancy. On my first 2 pregnancies I bleed from the first day my period was due, it wasnt a proper af, more pink and brown but it went on for about 3 weks the first time and 2 the second. Unfortunately the bleeding became heavy on both and I started have very painful cramps. Both resulted in a miscarriage. The only thing was the hospital couldnt tell me anything for the first 2 weeks because it was so early.

My friend had the same but the bleeding stayed light an she is doing fine, 26 weeks now.

It is really worrying and the waiting is a nightmare but bleeding doesnt automatically mean you're miscarrying. Make sure you call your doctor and get yourself checked out.

Good luck hun and congratulaions.

Sarah & 6+6 week bump to be. xx

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