Pregnant and cant eat!!


Im about 10 weeks gone with my first, i cant eat! ive totally lost my appitite, never feel hungry and ive lost weight..im abit worried really, on a good day i have toast for breakfast sandwich for lunch and nothing for dinner!! on a bad day its a packet of crisps! I really try to eat just im never hungry and when i do manage to eat its a few mouthfuls and im full..really frustrating as i usually love my food
Spoken to my mum and she said when she was pregnant with my younger brother she was the same and lost about a stone, she said il be back to normal in a few weeks...anyone else like this??

Bit worried so any advise would be great


Pregnant no appetite

am nine months through out my pregnancy ive had no appetite and just like with my first child i barely ate they say as long as the baby is healthy and at least getting some weight they dont really care my first child girl was only 5.78 pounds at birth and this one now is not yet three pounds yes am a tiny person but my kids our helthy and if you saw them now you couldn't even tell how tiny they were


No appetite

Hey, i am 8 weeks and i am exactly the same. This will be my first too. Cant stomach anything at the minute and everything i think of eating turns me right off. It is kind of worrying because at this stage i am guessing all food is important. I can eat something in a morning like toast or this morning i had porridge but then for the rest of the day...nothing is appetising



My friend has just been in hospital for the same thing. She couldn't even drink or eat so they kept her in over night - and gave her a scan today she only 6 weeks pregnant and 3 days but everything ok. I was worried about the same thing I am nearly 8 weeks and was feeling like this but I always just eat even if I puke it up.


Scared at 8 weeks!

im 8 weeks gone and have no signs of being pregnant. im 22 having my 1st child and im only a little 5ft 0 tall. very small indeed. i cannot eat a single thing! i would have toast and butter for breakfast. and then maybe tea or cuppa soup throughout the day! and thats it. also im finding it hard to hold down the foilc acid pills.! is my baby goin to be ok? very scared and worried for the little one


Me tooooooooooo

Bleughhhhhhhhh thats all I feel like every day !!! I am between 5-8 weeks still waiting to find out for sure. This is second pregnancy and had periods for first two monthsfor first pregnancy so a little unsure with this one. However i feel sick all day and was sick at work the other day. I have no appetite and only thing I seem to want is marmite on toast. I'm worried i'm doing myself harm eating all this bread but its only thing I can stomach !!!! When I can eat something its a baby portion and it is massive challenge to eat each mouthful !!!
Its reassuring that i'm not alone and really feel for you guys it's horrible !! I constantly have this bitter taste in my mouth which is worse after eating and everything gives me heartburn I didn't think this happened this early ????? Can't remember feeling this rough with my first and am sure I ate really well throughout ???? I had boy first time round and ate for England ???!!!

Any advice would really be appreciated, I teach and am finding it hell standing in front of the kids feeling like I need to be sick and faint because I can't eat. They must all wonder why I'm so shakey and pale !!!!!!



Im in the same boat


I cannot seem to know what i want to eat I'm hungry starving obviously because my stomach be growling specially at 3 in the morning. but dont know what to eat and if i taste something i cant finish makes me gag i just get 2 bites in and can't eat no more. is terrible is sucking my life out. i feel weak and don't know what to do. A question Jenstarblondie How did u know u was pregnant when u was on ur period?


Pregnant and cant eat!!

Im 6weeks gone with my first and the thought of food makes me gag. I am suffering badly from day sickness (morning sickness). I try to eat but nothing gets a chance to touch my tummy and it comes back up again, i am worryed about this as im never normaly one to get ill... anyone have any tips??

Any advice would be good


totally fel your pain , this is my second prgnancy i had a mc with my first but with my frst prgnancy i did not have many symptoms , i had morning sickness if i wok up to early and tender breasts but that was it where s with this pregnancy woahhhh i dont think there is anything else to tick off the symptoms list , morning sickness which should infact be called day sickness as i feel ill all day every day though luckily havent actually been sick yet with that , tender breasts, abdominal cramps, metalic taste -that was fun could literally eat nothing without being sick , yesterday brought around a new symptom prickly heat grrrrrrrrr but the thing thts been the most annoying has to be eating nothing tastes right so have no pleasure in eating anymore and some food ven makes me want to be sick main culprits is meat chicken,fish or red meat cant eat any of thm or even smell them yuck!!!.
i find that but sticking to plain or bitter tasting foods it helps like at the moment i eat plain crisps or thai chicken mcoys as they have really strong flavour am ok with them, noodles, chips , i try and eat pasta and bread as there slow burning carbs so are good when you cant eat much , i love ice poles the ciitrusy the better . but believe me i get what your going through every day is a struggle to eat and am really stressed but try not to think about it

hope your ok

love gayle and squishy 6 weeks and 1 day!!!!!!! xxx


Love food, hate food!

Hi, just wanted to let you know that for the first 4 months I completly went off food and actually lost 15lbs. Part of this was through morning sickness. I am a big girl anyways and was devestated that nothing tasted quite the same. I am now 17 weeks and starting to eat like a normal human being again but still can't eat some of my favourites from the past but I have started eating new foods which are even nicer. My advice would be to eat plain foods, ready salted crisps, toast nothing too greasy, spicy or strong. You should feel better in no time. I am now experiencing cronic tiredness and with my under active thyroid seems even harder but I know that when that baby comes all my worries will go.

Hope this helps and clears any problems up x


I had that

Hi Carly,

I had that with my last pregnancy. We got around it a little bit by having my husband just put food in front of me without talking about it first and then eating it quickly before I could get put off by the thought of eating (not even sure if that makes sense lol!). Snack little and often, that usually helps.

The other thing I did was drink vitamin supplement drinks like Complan to make sure that I was at least getting my vits and minerals. It comes in original (not sure what that's like), strawberry, chocolate (yum) and chicken soup flavour, so there's something for every mood.

Hope it gets better.



Hi carlry159

Im exactly the same, i have no appetite at all. On a good day i have toast and a few biscuits if im lucky, im 11 weeks gone and since i found out i was pregnant (which was 4 weeks ago) i have lost a stone in weight. I went to the doctor as i was really worried and she has assured me not to worry as this should pass around the time of 12 weeks in to the pregnancy, and that there will be plenty of time throughout the rest of the pregnancy to re gain the nutrition thats being lost. She advised me to snack instead of big meals and to try and keep sugar levels up. Dry cream crackers help all though not very tastey. Hope you start to feel better soon, i know how hard it is when you just dont want anything at all to eat (its very frustrating0



I know exactly what you are going through because I deal with it almost everyday. Trust me I LOVE FOOD but since I got pregnant my appitite had disappeared. My fiancee's grandma is a retired obgyn so she knows everything about being pregnant and mothers to be. She had said that it does happen and not to really worry about it. As long as you do eat through out the day it's ok. It is actually better for you and the baby to snack all day than eating 3 large meals a day. It may be hard to do at first but it will get better trust me. I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with this food problem since I was about 7 weeks pregnant. And one thing for me is that everytime I eat something I gag everytime I put it in my mouth or ever when i swallow. So don't worry about it, it happens to the best of us
Also about losing weight I lost about 6 pounds the first 2 and a half months I was pregnant and that is normal too.
I hope this will help you out.
Anytime you want to chat or aske questions just send me a message. Take Care.



Food ...yuck !!


Hi girls
you are definately not alone.I have been like this with all of my babies ...actually weighning less at full term than when I found out I was pregnant.I love having a nice figure for once and none of my babies have ever suffered for it ... they always take the best even if it leaves you feeling a little worse for not having stuffed yourself.My little tip I have found is helping me along the way at the moment is if you really can't face a dinner but feel you really need to have something is to have a glass of milk with or without a little nesquik for flavouring - its a least giving your tummy something soothing and giving your baby a nice dose of calcium.
take care care girls

kate xx




I'm just 4weeks pregnant and seems I cant eat anything . i go to bed hungry feeling very weak and shaky. Throughout the day I can hardly put anything in my mouth but my body needs to eat. I'm getting really worried and weak.

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